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This is a page of photos taken from the road on The Waterboys 2016 Tour dates.

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☄ First Public Appearance by Mike of 2016: ☄

☀ Bob Dylan Birthday Bash - May 24th - New York ☀

Mike Scott made his first public appearance of 2016 at a 75th Birthday celebration for Bob Dylan in NYC on May 24th. He guested for two Dylan songs with the house band, including Rob Stoner, on vocals and guitar. The songs were Lonesome Day Blues and All Along The Watchtower. He then joined the ensemble for the encore, where he sang the second verse of Forever Young and played the piano throughout.

(Thank you Andy Goldstein)

    ☄ Mike with Rob Stoner & Co. ☄

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☄ First Waterboys Show of 2016 ☄

☀ Tunes In The Dunes - Perranporth, Cornwall ☀

    The Waterboys played at the 'Tunes In The Dunes' festival in Cornwall on May 28th.

    The set list was a great cross section of songs and included a new song 'Nashville Tennessee'. This song was debuted by Mike on the Modern Blues Tour in 2015 in.... Nashville.

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☄ Brother Paul & Zach backstage ☄

(Thank you Pat McHugh)

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  3. ☄ The Band in The Signing Tent ☄

    (Thank you Crispin Thomas)

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☄ Mr Hood signs a Sketch book in Cornwall ☄

(Thank you Pat McHugh)

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☄ Retropop Festival Emmen, The Netherlands ☄

(Thank you Henk Tiekstra)

To see more Gig photos go to the Retropop photo gallery Here.

    A nine song 'big hitters' set at the Retropop Festival on June 4th including Mike opening the show with a humorous song about the eighties and new song Nashville Tennessee.

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☄ Radio Session at PolskieRadio Warsaw ☄

The Waterboys trio of Mike, Steve and Brother Paul played a wonderful 50 minute radio session in PolskieRadio studios on June 5th in front of a specially invited audience. The set list included a rare outing of the classic song This is the Sea and an epic 14 minute The Pan Within..

To watch the video of the complete (incredible) performance Please Click Here.

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☄ Progresja Music Zone, Warsaw ☄

The Waterboys played their first official Polish date on June 6th in Warsaw. And what a legendary show it was! A very long set...A magical atmosphere...The wonderful (mainly) Polish crowd, and a whirling dervish of energy from the band on stage combined with the sheer happiness and joy that just emanated from all the band members throughout the concert. Along with an absolutely perfect set list that featured old and new songs, including a rarely played epic outing of The Pan Within...New song Nashville Tennessee was included..and we were also treated to another one-off song not on the set list called 'Warsaw Barrowlands'. All in all, this was a sublime gig from start to finish! An unforgettable evening and I look forward to their next visit to Poland.

  1. (Thank you Erwin Rademaker)

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☄ Some Professional Photos of the Warsaw Gig ☄

  1. (Thank You Wojtek Dobrogojski)

  2. To see more of these excellent photos please check out his Facebook Photos Page Here.

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