☀ Book Of Lightning ☀

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  2. Welcome to the Book Of Lightning Page. This Page contains some background to the creation of the album, a round-up of various CD pressings, promos, tour merchandise and memorabilia relating to the Book Of Lightning album and tour.

    Book Of Lightning was released released in Ireland on March 16th 2007 and on April 2nd elsewhere.

    Thank you to Andy Pritchatt, David Newman, Cor Radix, Dag Reinert Johansen and Stephen Charlton for contributing items to this web page.

    * If you happen to have a piece of Book Of Lightning memorabilia that is not shown here, please send a photo on and it shall be added. *

    This extensive Page is split into several sections for quick and easy access.

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    Album Origins

    A brief overview on the creation of the album.

    CD Albums

    Here you will find various worldwide releases and promo CD's.

    Book of Lightning Vinyl LP

    Released for the first time on vinyl on 28th July 2023.

    CD Singles

    A varied selection of worldwide releases and promos.

    7-Inch Single

    The only release on vinyl from the original album.


    A selection of Book Of Lightning tour merchandise.

    Book Of Lightning - Origins and Tour

    Most of the album was recorded in various locations in London in 2006 with Sarm West being the main studio used due to its having a large floor space which could easily accommodate the full band playing as an ensemble. Two additional songs were recorded in Vancouver, Canada and at Findhorn in Scotland.

    The principal band members in the studio with Mike for the recording sessions were Steve Wickham, Richard Naiff, Mark Smith on bass, Brady Blade and Jeremy Stacey on drums, Leo Abrahams and Chris Bruce on lead guitar and the mighty Roddy Lorimer on trumpet.

    The song Everybody Takes A Tumble got its first live performance many years earlier, in 2001 while the 7-inch b-side Ain't Doin' Too Bad got its live debut in the US in 2003.

    ☄ Irish Press Promotion ☄

    An Irish press advert for the Irish album release on March 16th and Irish tour in March 2007.

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  4. The Book Of Lightning touring band consisted of Mike, Steve, Richard, Mark Smith on bass and Damon Wilson on drums.

    The band kicked off a European tour in March 2007 which included eight shows in Ireland. They continued touring the UK and extensively around Europe until the end of August. They then paid a brief visit to the US playing three shows before returning to mainland Europe for another extensive tour through October. In November they returned to the US for a two-week tour which started in Boston and finished in The Fillmore in San Francisco.

    ☄ Mike Promotional Photo 2007 ☄

    One of a series of Book Of Lightning photos for the various music magazine features and interviews.

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  6. ☄ Book Of lightning UK Tour Press Promotion ☄

    Press advert for the UK Book of Lightning tour dates. The album got a UK release on April 2nd 2007.

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  8. You can check out each and every one of these individual setlists from 2007 on the official Mike Scott and The Waterboys site...mikescottwaterboys/archive/setlists/2007

    ☄ Cornbury Festival July 2007 ☄

    The band on stage at the Cornbury Festival in July 2007. Thank you Andy.

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  10. ☄ Irish Hot Press Magazine - March 2007 ☄

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  12. Cover of Irish music magazine Hot Press from the March 22nd 2007 issue.

    ☄ Signed Promo Photo 2007 ☄

    A promo photo signed by the touring band in 2007. Thank you Andy.

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  14. ☄ Book Of Lightning - Display Flat ☄

    A 12 x 12-inch Book Of Lightning display flat used for promotion in music shops.

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  16. CD Albums

    ☄ Limited Edition Release with DVD ☄

    Limited edition issue of Book Of Lightning with bonus The Travels Of The Waterboys DVD. This DVD features live footage and home movies from the road. An absolutely essential purchase!

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  19. ☄ Irish Promo CD ☄

    An Irish promo album of Book Of Lightning in a clear sleeve. The disc has 'Ireland 47' printed on it.

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  21. ☄ Sweden - Promo CD ☄

    A scarce promo of Book Of Lightning from Sweden in a wraparound pvc sleeve. The disc has '6 Sweden' printed on it.

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  23. ☄ The Travels Of the Waterboys DVD Promo ☄

    A promo DVD of The Travels Of the Waterboys in a paper sleeve.

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  25. ☄ The Travels Of the Waterboys DVD Test Pressing ☄

    A Test Pressing DVD of The Travels Of the Waterboys dated 19.02.2007 in a clear sleeve.

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  27. ☄ USA Promo CD Album ☄

    A USA promo album of Book Of Lightning CD in a jewel case with modified artwork.

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  29. ☄ Europe Promo CD ☄

    A European promo album of Book Of Lightning in a green jewel case.

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  31. ☄ Promo Numbered CD Album in a Booklet ☄

    A numbered album housed in a corresponding numbered 12-page booklet. Only 600 copies were produced for journalists and press. The booklet contains album details, tour dates and some colourful cartoon images drawn by Steve. This is a lovely thing.

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  34. ☄ Promo Numbered Booklet Signed ☄

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  36. The cover of the promo Numbered Booklet which is signed by Mike, Richard Naiff and the late Mark Smith.

    Thank you Andy.

    Book of Lightning Vinyl LP

    Book of Lightning on Sunrise Yellow wax, for the very first time on vinyl! Released on 28th July 2023.

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  38. ☄ Book Of Lightning Flyer ☄

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  40. A Book Of Lightning promo flyer.

    ☄ Mike Promotional Photo 2007 ☄

    One of a series of photos for the Book Of Lightning magazine publications..

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  42. CD Singles

    ☄ 'Everbody Takes A Tumble' ☄

    This three-track CD release is a wonderful companion to the 'Book Of Lightning' album.

    Apart from the title track this disc contains two bonus and unreleased tracks of 'Killing My Heart'(Live) and 'All Things Must Pass' the George Harrison song.

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  45. ☄ 'Everybody Takes A Tumble' - Survey Insert ☄

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  47. A Everybody Takes A Tumble survey questionnaire for radio stations from Anglo Plugging which was inserted into some copies of the CD single. Thank you Andy.

    ☄ 'Everybody Takes A Tumble' - One-Track Promo ☄

  48. wbs_tumble_1_trk_promo_uk_ap
  49. A UK one-track promo of Everybody Takes A Tumble with a wraparound paper sleeve and a Anglo Plugging hype sticker.

    ☄ 'Everbody Takes A Tumble'- One-Track Promo ☄

    A one-track promo CD of Everbody Takes A Tumble.

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  51. wbs_tumble_promo_back.jpg

  52. ☄ 'Everybody Takes A Tumble' - Irish One-Track Promo ☄

  53. wbs_tumble_irish_dates_1_trk_promo
  54. An Irish promo of Everybody Takes A Tumble with Irish tour dates listed on reverse of sleeve. Thank you Andy.

    ☄ 'Everybody Takes A Tumble' - UK One-Track Promo ☄

  55. wbs_tumble_1_trk_promo_uk
  56. A UK one-track promo of Everybody Takes A Tumble with a wraparound paper sleeve.

    ☄ 'Everybody Takes A Tumble' - US One-Track Promo ☄

    A US promo of Everybody Takes A Tumble with full colour artwork. Thank you Andy.

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  58. ☄ Mike Promo Photo 2007 ☄

  59. wbs_mike_signed_promo_bol_photo.jpg
  60. A signed promo photo from 2007. Thank you Andy.

    ☄ 'Strange Arrangement' (Live) - Reference CD ☄

  61. wbs_strange_arr_live_ref_cd.jpg
  62. This is an extremely rare reference CD of Strange Arrangement (Live). The disc is marked 'For Approval' and it is dated 20/02/2007. This track was not commercially released.

    ☄ 'Crash Of Angel Wings' (Remix) - One-Track Promo ☄

    A one-track promo CD of Crash Of Angel Wings (Remix) with unique artwork.

  63. wbs_angel_wings_promo_cover.jpg
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  65. ☄ 'She Tried To Hold Me'- One-Track Promo ☄

    A one-track promo CD of She Tried To Hold Me with unique artwork.

  66. wbs_hold_me_promo_cover.jpg
  67. wbs_hold_me_promo_back.jpg

  68. ☄ 'She Tried To Hold Me' - Reference CD ☄

  69. wbs_she_tried_to_hold_me_ref_cd.jpg
  70. This is an extremely rare reference CD of She Tried To Hold Me This CD is dated 19/04/2007. Thank you Andy.

    ☄ Mike Promotional Photo 2007 ☄

  71. wbs_mike_promo_photo_4_2007
  72. One of a series of photos for the Book Of Lightning magazine publications.

    7-Inch Single

    ☄ Everybody Take A Tumble 7-Inch Single ☄

    A vinyl release of Everybody Take A Tumble b/w an exclusive b-side Ain't Doin' Too Bad. This song is unavailable elsewhere.

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  74. wbs_tumble_7_b

  75. ☄ Mike Promotional Photo 2007 ☄

    One of a series of photos for the Book Of Lightning magazine publications..

  76. wbs_mike_promo_photo_1_2007

  77. Book Of Lightning Tour Merchandise

    ☄ Book Of Lightning Tour Tee 2007 ☄

    A black Book Of Lightning tour t-shirt with album logo to front and European tour dates in red on reverse.

  78. wbs_bol_tee_black_europe_2007

  79. ☄ Steve & Mike T-Shirt 2007 ☄

    A distinctive Book Of Lightning t-shirt featuring a striking image of the dynamic duo with the band logo and tour dates on reverse. Thank you Stephen.

  80. wbs_steve_mike_bol_tee_2007

  81. ☄ Grey Tour T-Shirt - Europe 2007 ☄

    A much-loved grey Book Of Lightning tour t-shirt with album logo to front and European tour dates on reverse.

  82. wbs_bol_tee_grey_europe_2007

  83. ☄ Polo Shirt - 2007 ☄

  84. wbs_bol_polo_shirt
  85. A black Book Of Lightning polo shirt with embroidered band logo. Thank you Andy.

    ☄ Book Of Lightning Keyring ☄

    A pewter Book Of Lightning keyring that was available at some of the Irish shows in 2007.

  86. wbs_bol_keyring

  87. ☄ Book Of Lightning Mouse Mat ☄

    A Book Of Lightning mouse mat from the merch stall in April 2007. Thank you David.

  88. wbs_bol_mouse_mat

  89. ☄ Book Of Lightning Cap 2007 ☄

  90. wbs_bol_cap
  91. An embroidered green corduroy Book Of Lightning cap with band name logo and year. Thank you Cor.

    ☄ Book Of Lightning Beanie Hat 2007 ☄

    A black Book Of Lightning beanie hat with band name logo and year. Thank you Andy.

  92. wbs_bol_beanie