☀ Some Past & Present Band Members ☀

As famously there have been more members in The Waterboys than in The Fall (perhaps over 80 musicians at this stage), I have only listed a small gathering of former Waterboys (and Girls) who have been part of the recording sessions and touring band over the years.

And my full respect goes to all of those members not listed here, as they have all made wonderful individual contributions to the recording sessions and to the incendiary live shows and played a vital role in the Waterboys sound. So I thank you all!

  1. ☄ Anthony Thistlethwaite ☄

  2. anto.jpg

    Anthony Thistlethwaite is one of the original members of the band. He has co-written several Waterboys songs with Mike and was a mainstay of the band on the road. And of course, he played on all of the albums up until the band parted ways in 1991. He has also featured on the 'A Rock In A Weary Land' album.

    For many years after the Waterboys, 'Anto' was a member of The Saw Doctors, recording and touring consistantly, and when they split he hooked up with Leo Moran, and the dynamic duo continue to tour to this day, most recently in Russia, and they regularly play dates around Europe and the USA.

    Anthony has also released several solo albums and has recorded with such luminaries as Bob Dylan, Ronnie Wood, Mick Taylor, Donovan, Johnny Thunders, Snowy White, Ralph McTell and Kirsty Mac Coll, and a great many more besides.

    In 2012 he rejoined Mike and Steve for two very special shows in Spiddal. And 2013 saw Anthony take to the stage with The Waterboys once again for the hugely successful 'Fisherman's Revisited Tour'.

  3. ☄ Trevor Hutchinson ☄

  4. trevor.jpg

    Trevor was a Waterboy for five years after he joined in 1986. And over those years, he was the tall man with the pounding bass line that would have us all jigging at the gigs and when listening to the albums. Post-Waterboys he went on to record several albums and tour with Sharon Shannon.

    He also featured on many other artists' albums , such as Eric Bibb and Maire Breatnach amongst others. And he also recently toured with Chicago fiddle player Lizz Carroll.

    Trevor is also a full-time member of Lunasa and like Anthony, he rejoined The Waterboys in 2013 to tour their legendary Fisherman's Blues album and the newly issued box set.

    'The (FBR 2013) Tour with the old band was one of the greatest musical experiences I've ever had. So, I love going back to that music. Perhaps on the album after the next one I'll bring back Anto and Trevor and we'll make another album like that.' - Mike Scott - 2015

  5. ☄ Karl Wallinger ☄

  6. karl.jpg

    Karl was a Waterboy for three years,from 1983 to 1985 where he made significant contributions to the first three studio albums and he actually wrote the original music for 'Don't Bang The Drum'.

    After his departure from the Waterboys he had huge success with his band 'World Party' who went on to release five acclaimed albums. And his song 'She's the one became a huge hit for Robbie Williams.

    He has also recorded with Sinead O Connor and written several film scores.

    In 2001 Karl was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, following surgery and a lengthy five year convalescence, he is now back recording and touring.

  7. ☄ Roddy Lorimer ☄

  8. roddy.jpg

    Roddy was a member of The Waterboys for seven years from 1983 to 1990, where he was a major presence on stage with Anthony and his very distinctive trumpet can be heard to great effect on the hugely popular 'The Whole Of The Moon'.

    He also rejoined Mike & Co. in the studio in 2006/07 and played on the 'Book Of Lightning' album adding his distinctive sound.

    Roddy has also played and toured with a huge and very impressive list of musicians over the years including The Rolling Stones, The Who, Eric Clapton, Dave Gilmour, Dr John, Blur, Suede, Beyonce, Jamiriquai and many more.

  9. ☄ Vinnie Kilduff ☄

  10. vinnie.jpg

    Vinnie Kilduff is a multi-instrumentalist who has worked with U2 in their early years, and formed his previous band (along with Steve) 'In Tua Nua' in 1982 who garnered a huge following in Ireland which led to them opening for Bob Dylan at Slane Castle in 1984. Vinnie then left in 1986.

    Mike invited Vinnie to join in the recording sessions for Fisherman's Blues in 1988. And Vinnie remained a Waterboy, in the studio and being part of the live shows until 1990.

    He then went on to release a hugely succesful solo album (The Boys From The Blue Hill) and then became a full time member of 'Clannad' recording several albums and touring up until 2005. Vinnie has also played with Sinead O Connor and has contributed music to many film scores.

  11. ☄ Steve Wickham ☄

  12. steveo.jpg

    Steve 'The Wick' Wickham first came to my attention with the band 'In Tua Nua' who I saw live a few times and for playing on the U2 'War' album. I recall Steve joining U2 on stage for 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' at their Dublin show back 1983. Steve also joined Bob Dylan on stage for the encores (along with Leslie Dowdall, Van Morrison and Bono), at Slane Castle in 1984.

    Steve became a Waterboy sometime in 1985, and The Waterboys played with Simple Minds, Lloyd Cole and The Commotions and The Alarm in Croke Park in June of 1986.

    After leaving The Waterboys Steve played with a band called 'The Texas Kellys' who were a regular on the live circuit here in Ireland. He also played on albums by Sinead O Connor, Elvis Costello and Karl's World Party amongst others.

    Steve rejoined the Waterboys on stage at that (now legendary) first relaunched Waterboys gig (of two) in the Olympia Theatre Dublin in December 2000. And he continues to be a major presence on stage and in studio with The Waterboys to this day.

    He has also released two excellent solo albums called 'Geronimo' in 2004 and 'Beekeeper' in 2017. Quite recently wrote the score for the no dialogue play 'Pidgeon'. His compositions have appeared in the films 'Waking Ned' and Goodwill Hunting' among others. Steve is also a member of the excellent 'No Crows' sextet, who have released five fabulous albums to date and whose live shows are an absolute joy to behold.

  13. ☄ Sharon Shannon ☄

  14. sharon.jpg

    Sharon became a member of the band in the late 1980s and subsequently left for a massively successful solo career when The Waterboys parted ways in 1991. Her debut self-titled solo album was a roaring success and she has released about twelve studio and live albums to date.

    Sharon has also collaborated with a host of well known musicians such as Donal Lunny, Steve Earle, John Prine, Moya Brennan, Kirsty MacColl, Christy Moore, Sinead O'Connor, Liam O'Maonlai, Frankie Gavin, Jackson Browne, Nigel Kennedy and many more besides.

    She regularly plays to packed houses here in Ireland and around the world and has a huge following. She also very passionate about animals and their wellbeing and regularly plays benefit shows for Animal Welfare groups and organisations.

  15. ☄ Charlie Lennon ☄

  16. charlie.jpg

    Charlie Lennon is an incredible musician who is at the pinnacle of Irish traditional music. He has recorded a huge number of albums and collaborated with an enormous number of Irish musicians too.

    His distintive fiddle playing can be heard on Fisherman's Blues, notably 'When Ye Go Away' and he was a part of the touring band in 1988 and 1989. In 2012 he famously joined The Waterboys on stage for those two special shows in Spiddal.

    Charlie continues to record in his studio in Spiddal and plays gigs regularly in the area.

  17. ☄ Tomas Mac Eoin ☄

  18. tomas1.jpg

    Tomas Mac Eoin is a fine sean-nos singer and he was voted the best sean-nos singer in Ireland in 1967. He has also a very well renowned songwriter and poet.

    Tomas famously features on 'The Stolen Child' on Fishermans Blues (laying down a powerful vocal that will never be surpassed in my opinion), and like Charlie Lennon, he was a member of the touring band in 1988 and 1989 and sang at the Top Hat 1988 shows and at the Olympia Theatre shows in 1989.

    Although he did not join The Waterboys on stage, Tomas was among the spectators at the Spiddal shows in 2012.

  19. ☄ Geoff Dugmore ☄

  20. geoff.jpg

    Geoff is a very well known drummer and was a Waterboy for about two years from 2001 to 2003. I can recall him wearing and drumming on a silver metal apron type of thing, and dancing wildly during 'Dunsfords Fancy' and 'The Kings Of Kerry' at the Galway shows in 2003!

    Geoff has played on albums by (and toured with) a plethora of artists including Tina Turner, Lou Reed, Johnny Hallyday, Iggy Pop, Ray Davies, Stevie Nicks, Debbie Harry, Robert Palmer, the Fine Young Cannibals and Killing Joke. And many many more besides. Today Geoff is still touring and recording with major acts.

  21. ☄ Jo Wadeson ☄

  22. jo.jpg

    Joe was a 'Watergirl' for two years during the relaunch shows in 2000 and throughout the extensive worldwide tour dates in 2001.

    She played bass guitar, sang lovely backing vocals and she was not adverse to joining Steve and Mike in a spontaneous dance centre stage.

    The last time I saw Jo on stage with The Waterboys was at the Olympia Theatre shows in 2001.

    Jo toured with Thea Gilmore in 2006 but I am unsure what she is doing these days. But I hope she is still playing bass guitar and performing.

  23. ☄ Richard Naiff ☄

  24. richard.jpg

    Richard was a member of 'The Mike Scott Band' in 1999 and duly became a Waterboy in 2000 and remained as a full time member until his amicable departure in 2008.

    He was a force of nature on the keyboards at the live shows and he is also an excellent flautist. For me, his 'Phantom Of The Opera' intro to Savage Earth Heart at the live shows has never been surpassed. And the various acoustic tours with just himself, Mike and Steve were simply sublime! Richard rejoined The Waterboys on stage for a handful of shows in 2014 and again for a Brian Jones tribute show in 2019.

  25. ☄ Carlos Hercules ☄

  26. carlos.jpg

    Drumming Maestro Carlos Hercules joined The Waterboys in 2003 and stayed until 2006. He then returned to the band in 2009 for a full European and USA tour. His skillful playing really added extra 'ooomph' to the live shows

    He has toured with a huge list of artists including reggae legend Jimmy Cliffe, The Eurythmics, Lulu, and most recently George Michael. And he has being drumming for Beverly Knight for more than fifteen years.

    Today Carlos is still in great demand and he has been part of the touring band for the likes of Take That and Westlife. In 2012 he drummed at the closing Olympics Ceremony in London.

  27. ☄ Steve Walters ☄

  28. stevew.jpg

    Steve Walters was the other half of the mighty rhythm section (along with Carlos) from 2003 to 2006. His powerful bass playing was the perfect foil for Carlos, and when the mood took them, they could kick a thunderous racket! I remember several gigs where the walls of the venue almost shook with the power emanating from the stage.

    Steve's vast C.V. includes such names as ABC, Amy Winehouse, Angie Stone, Belinda Carlisle, Bond, Chaka Khan, Everything But the Girl, James Taylor Quartet, Jimmy Cliff, Lighthouse Family, M. People, Mica Paris, Mike Garson, Omar, Pet Shop Boys, Rod Stewart, Roni Size, Sophie B. Hawkins and of course, The Waterboys.

  29. ☄ Ralph Salmins ☄

  30. ralph.jpg

    Ralph Salmins is actually a professor at the Royal College of Music in Kensington, London. He recorded three albums and toured with Van Morrison over a four year period.

    And the list of luminaries he has played with would choke a shire horse. He has performed with Gloria Gaynor, Lulu, Paul McCartney, George Martin, Elton John, Madonna, James Brown, Tom Jones, Mike Oldfield, Chaka Khan, Dionne Warwick, Quincy Jones, Diana Ross, Burt Bacharach, Alison Krauss, Sheryl Crow, Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, Paloma Faith, the Bee Gees, Elvis Costello, Jeff Beck, Alice Cooper, Michael Buble, Wynton Marsalis plus many more.

    Ralph joined the Waterboys in 2009 for the Mr Yeats recordings and he is still with the band, who are currently on a World Tour.

  31. ☄ Joe Chester ☄

  32. joec.jpg

    Joe Chester is a very talented guitarist, keyboard player singer-songwriter and producer. He released his first album 'A Murder Of Crows' in 2005 and it was nominated in the Irish Music Awards and hailed by all who heard it as a 'masterpiece'. He has since gone on to release three more highly acclaimed solo albums.

    As a producer he has worked with Ryan Sheridan, Finbar Furey, Gemma Hayes, Mundy, Shane McGowan and latest sensation Hozier.

    Like Ralph, Joe joined The Waterboys for the Mr Yeats recordings and toured with the band for three years.

  33. ☄ Sarah Allen ☄

  34. sarah.jpg

    Sarah Allen is an extremely accomplished and quite wonderful Flute, alto flute, tin whistle and piano accordion player. She is probably most well known for being a long time member of 'Flook' with whom she played and toured with for thirteen years.

    Sarah beacame a 'Watergirl' in 2010 and she was an essential part of the 'Appointment with Mr Yeats' live shows (along with Oboe player Ruby Ashley who alas, was in the band only for that wonderful year 2010).

    Today, Sarah is teaching flute to aspiring students in public schools and at many workshops around London.

  35. ☄ Katie Kim ☄

  36. katie.jpg

    Katie Kim was also recruited by Mike for the Mr Yeats recordings after he heard her soulful voice at one of her Dublin shows. Katie has released two solo albums and composed a film score.

    She was also an integral part of the live Mr Yeats themed shows singing lovely vocals and joining in on guitar for the 'Don't Bang The Drum' finale at the later shows.

    Katie Kim has performed with The Waterboys at many shows here in Ireland and elsewhere between 2009 and 2012. And she has also performed with David Kitt and Ed Harcourt.

  37. ☄ Marc 'Archie' Arciero ☄

  38. marc.jpg

    Marc 'Archie' Arciero joined The Waterboys in 2009 and was a regular presence on stage, pounding away on his bass guitar at the live shows for five years until 2013.

    He was also heavily involved during the recording sessions for the 'Appointment With Mr Yeats' album and earning a co-producer credit for 'An Irish Airman Forsees His Death'.

    Marc has played bass guitar, been Musical Director, and written and produced with James Morrison, Annie Lennox, Beyonce, KT Tunstall, Ronnie Wood plus a host of other artists.

  39. ☄ Brother Paul Brown ☄

  40. bropaul.jpg

    Brother Paul Brown hailing from Memphis, is a Nashville based musician who is steeped up to his gills in soul and funk music. He owns his own studio called 'Ocean Soul' and has written for, produced and played with many Gospel-Blues and Soul-Funk singers including the Reverand Al Green.

    Paul first played some shows with Mike and Steve in the USA in 2014 (very notably at a Woodsongs special celebrating W.B.Yeats), playing some wonderful music on a Hammond B-3 organ.

    He was very involved in the Nashville recordings for the 'Modern Blues' album and after a small number of shows with The Waterboys at the end of December 2014, he is now a full time and fully fledged Waterboy.

  41. ☄ David Hood ☄

  42. dave.jpg

    The term 'music legend' is often bandied about, but David Hood can indeed be truly classed by that moniker! David plays bass guitar and trombone and hails from Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

    David began his career playing with The Mystics and as a back-up musician at FAME Studios, then he went on to found Muscle Shoals Sound Studio where he produced songs for Willie Nelson, and Cher along with a great many others.

    He has also played bass on albums by Cat Stevens, Paul Simon, Bob Seger, Boz Scaggs, Traffic, The Staple Singers, Frank Black, Odetta, John Hiatt, Etta James, and Percy Sledge, and toured with many of these artists too.

    Like Brother Paul, he recorded with the rest of the band in Nashville in 2014 for 'Modern Blues'. And after a few shows at the end of 2014, including that amazing show in Limerick, he toured the world with the band in 2015. In 2016, he played on the European summer festival circuit but hurt his arm and longtime roadie Neil Mahony was fantastic on bass for the four remaining shows.

  43. ☄ Zach Ernst ☄

  44. zach.jpg

    Zach Ernst joined The Waterboys in 2014.

    Zach sharpened his chops playing with bands such as Black Joe Lewis and The Honey Bears from Austin, Texas and the legendary gospel group The Relatives who hail from Dallas Texas.

    Like David and Brother Paul, Zach played a full part in the Nashville recording sessions for the 'Modern Blues' album. And he also participated in the live shows at the end of 2014. like Mr Hood, Zach played on the full Modern Blues World Tour and also the summer shows of 2016.

  45. ☄ Aongus Ralston ☄

  46. aonghus.jpg

    Aongus Ralston joined The Waterboys playing on the European summer festival tour in 2017.

    Aongus is one of Ireland’s best known and sought after Bass Players sharing the stage with some of Ireland's greatest songwriters and performers including The Sharon Shannon Big Band, Imelda May, Pete Fagan, Shane McGowan, Paul Brady, Mundy, Picture House, Declan O’Rourke, Michael Flattely and now The Waterboys.

  47. ☄ Jess Kav ☄

  48. jess.jpg

    Jess Kav, who is also from Dublin, is a backing singer who appears on the Out Of All This Blue Album. And like Zeenie (below), she made her live debut with the band in Bristol on October 18th 2017.

    Jess has previously toured with Hozier and Kodaline and has also played in various bands, most recently in 'agrosoul' four-piece band 'Barq'.

  49. ☄ Zeenie Summers ☄

  50. zeenie.jpg

    Like Jess, Zeenie is also a backing singer on the Out Of All This Blue Album and Tour and she made her live debut with the band in Bristol on October 18th 2017.

    Zeenie who hails from Nigeria, came to Ireland in 2010 and she also sings in a Choir.

  51. ☄ Jon Green ☄

  52. jon.jpg

    Jon Green was a long term Drum Tech with the band and now he is a fully fledged member playing Drums, along with Ralph on the Out Of All This Blue Tour.

    Mike refers to Jon as a 'Wizard' and says 'Jon takes care of our technical soul and gives us extra ballast when we need it'.

  53. ☄ Bart Walker ☄

  54. bart.jpg

    Bart Walker made his first appearance on the Out Of All This Blue European Tour in Bristol on October 18th 2017 playing virtuoso Guitar, Banjo, some percussion and backing vocals.

    And he is also a Soul Brother from Nashville, playing in the Royal southern Brotherhood' Band.

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