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Brand New Album! - April 2022

New Album All Souls Hill coming on 22nd April 2022. Click on Header.

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    You will find all the latest news, photos, videos, memorabilia, Exclusive Group Competitions and much more besides. The Group is already laden with unseen treasures that will not be found anywhere else online, with much more to come.

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    ☄ The Waterboys Acoustic: USA / UK / Ireland 2022 ☄

    Mike and Brother Paul are playing a short acoustic US tour in May with five dates already confirmed from May 12th to 18th in: The Franklin Theatre, Nashville Tennessee, Woodstock NY, Brooklyn NY, Wilmington Delaware and the Gramercy Theatre, New York City.

    An acoustic show in the Sub Rooms, Stroud, England on June 16th has also been announced!

    * A new acoustic show date in Liberty Hall, Dublin Ireland announced for June 28th!
    [See you there!]

    Tickets are on sale now and full booking details are on the Tour page....

    Click Here for Ticket Info!

  1. mike_and_bp_usa_may_2022

  2. ☄ Info Regarding Rollout of All Souls Hill ☄

    Statement from Cooking Vinyl Records:

    The Waterboys album 'All Souls Hill' will be released on worldwide streaming & download services on 6th May 2022.

    Unfortunately due to ongoing global vinyl supply issues the Vinyl LP will not be available on this date and has the following retail release dates based on the time it takes to ship LPs around the world:

    UK & Europe: LP release date 24th June.

    USA: LP release date 19th August.

    Additionally, due to a manufacturing error CD release everywhere EXCEPT UK & Ireland will see a delayed retail release date as follows:

    Europe (except UK & Ireland): 20th May.

    USA: 17th June.

    Your patience and understanding of this situation is much appreciated and we apologise for the delays.

    For orders via The Official Waterboys Store:

    Release date for CD and exclusive cassette remains 6th May. LP will be shipped based on UK & Europe release date of 24th June. (both Colour LP with bonus 7" and Black LP)

    For bundle orders including an LP format placed before today's date (Wed 13th April) CD and cassette will be shipped based on 6th May release date at no additional cost.

    For bundle orders placed from today, customers will be offered the choice of shipping everything with the LP based on the UK & Europe release date of 24th June OR to have CD or cassette sent earlier for the 6th May release date.

    ☄ Steve & Joe Chester: UK August 2022 ☄

  3. steve_and_joe_june_2022
  4. * These concerts will now take place in August. All tickets bought are valid for new dates. *

    Steve writes:

    "More dates in for the tour of England with Joe Chester. I'm looking forward to this. I'll be sharing songs and tunes with Joe. We have a lot of history together on each others records and of course, fellow band mates for the WB Yeats shows with the Waterboys.

    We'll be looking for the magic.... Our tour will bring us from North to South, East and West. Come along."

    Tickets are on sale for all dates in August now!

    ☄ Lucia: Bloomsday, Dublin June 16th 2022 ☄

  5. lucia_june_16_2022
  6. Announcing a very special world premiere performance for Bloomsday 2022 in Axis Ballymun in Dublin of...

    Lucia: A Suite for Guitar and Strings.

    A brand new work by Joe Chester, inspired by the life of Lucia Joyce.

    This premiere will be performed by The Sound Of Bells quartet which includes: Joe Chester, Trevor Hutchinson, Vyvienne Long and Steve Wickham.

    Tickets for this special event are on sale now!....

    Please Click Here

    The Waterboys - New Album - May 2022!

    ☄ The Waterboys - 'All Souls Hill' - Various Formats ☄

  7. wbs_all_souls_hill_formats

  8. The new album 'All Souls Hill' will be released on May 6th 2022!

    The album will be released on CD and on two different vinyl LP editions, on Black vinyl and with a very special Blue vinyl wax version available.

    There will also be an exclusive 7-inch single with two bonus tracks only available with some bundles.

    The album will also be available on Cassette tape.

    You can order all of the various formats and special bundles of the new album here... - Click Here To Pre- Order*


    Attention Waterboys aficionados!

    On 3 December 2021 Chrysalis will release 'The Magnificent Seven: The Waterboys' Fisherman's Blues/Room To Roam Band, 1989-1990' - a 5CD + 1DVD box set chronicling the incredibly creative 15-month period for the band; the days of the legendary seven-piece line-up that included Sharon Shannon, Colin Blakey and the late Noel Bridgeman.

    Published simultaneously is an incredible 240 page book of the same name, in large size hardback format, written by Mike Scott including contributions from all the band members and with a vast collection of photos, lore and artefacts.

  9. The Magnificent Seven is available in the following editions:
  10. 5CDs + 1DVD + Hardback Book - Super Deluxe Edition.
  11. 5CDs + 1DVD + 54 page booklet of track-by-track notes - Clamshell Box Edition.
  12. The Magnificent Seven - Hardback Book.
  13. 2LP - Room To Roam 2021 half-speed master of the original album.
  14. You can pre-order all of the various formats of the new box set here...*The Waterboys - 'The Magnificent Seven: The Waterboys' Fisherman's Blues/Room To Roam Band, 1989-1990' - Click Here To Pre-Order*

  15. wbs_mag_7

  16. wbs_mag_7_1

  17. wbs_mag_7_2

  18. wbs_mag_7_3

  19. You can pre-order all of the various formats of the new box set here...*The Waterboys - 'The Magnificent Seven: The Waterboys' Fisherman's Blues/Room To Roam Band, 1989-1990' - Click Here To Pre-Order*

    ☄ 'How Long Will I Love You 2021 - Room To Roam Sessions EP' ☄

  20. wbs_how_long_rsd_12

  21. A special Record Store Day release on July 17th 2021. This 12-inch, limited to 3000 copies worldwide, contains a new 2021 recording of How Long Will I Love You and three exclusive tracks that do NOT appear on the Room To Roam box set.

  22. Tracklisting:
  23. 01. How Long Will I Love You (2021 Remix)
  24. 02. * Something That Is Gone (Backing Track)
  25. 03. * A Life Of Sundays (Early Take)
  26. 04. * Bluejeans & Moonbeams (Portugese Hotel Room)
  27. * These tracks are exclusive to this release and do not appear elsewhere.

    ☄ The Waterboys - 'Good Luck, Seeker' - Album Art ☄

  28. good_luck_seeker_album_art

  29. The new album 'Good Luck, Seeker' will be released on August 21st!

    The album will be a single CD with a Limited Edition Double CD version available only with the initial release.

    The album will also be released in two different vinyl LP editions, in Black and a very special Blue Splatter vinyl wax version available.

    There will also be a very limited numbered and signed test-press vinyl available. (only 50 copies).

    The album will also be available on Cassette tape, the first official cassette tape release in 20 years!

    Lastly, there will also be two different Digital Downloads available.

    You can order all of the various formats and special bundles of the new album here...*The Waterboys - 'Good Luck, Seeker' - Click Here To Order*

    'Good Luck, Seeker' Formats ☄

    'Good Luck, Seeker' - Standard CD (14 Tracks)

  30. seeker_standard.jpg

  31. Single CD Tracklisting:
  32. 01. The Soul Singer
  33. 02. (You've Got To) Kiss A Frog Or Two
  34. 03. Low Down In The Broom
  35. 04. Dennis Hopper
  36. 05. Freak Street
  37. 06. Sticky Fingers
  38. 07. Why Should I Love You?
  39. 08. The Golden Work
  40. 09. My Wanderings In The Weary Land
  41. 10. Postcard From The Celtic Dreamtime
  42. 11. Good Luck, Seeker
  43. 12. Beauty In Repetition
  44. 13. Everchanging
  45. 14. The Land Of Sunset

  46. 'Good Luck, Seeker' - Limited Edition Double Deluxe CD (24 Tracks)

  47. seeker_deluxe.jpg
  48. Double Deluxe CD Tracklisting:
  49. CD #1:
  50. 01. The Soul Singer
  51. 02. (You've Got To) Kiss A Frog Or Two
  52. 03. Low Down In The Broom
  53. 04. Dennis Hopper
  54. 05. Freak Street
  55. 06. Sticky Fingers
  56. 07. Why Should I Love You?
  57. 08. The Golden Work
  58. 09. My Wanderings In The Weary Land
  59. 10. Postcard From The Celtic Dreamtime
  60. 11. Good Luck, Seeker
  61. 12. Beauty In Repetition
  62. 13. Everchanging
  63. 14. The Land Of Sunset

  64. seeker_deluxe.jpg

  65. Bonus Disc #2 (Alt. Versions):
  66. 01. The Soul Singer (inst)
  67. 02. (You've Got To) Kiss A Frog Or Two (inst)
  68. 03. Low Down In The Broom (gtr/vocal)
  69. 04. Dennis Hopper (Demo)
  70. 05. Why Should I Love You? (inst)
  71. 06. My Wanderings In The Weary Land (vocal)
  72. 07. Postcard From The Celtic Dreamtime (inst)
  73. 08. Beauty In Repetition (inst)
  74. 09. The Soul Singer (demo)
  75. 10. The Land Of Sunset (inst)

  76. 'Good Luck, Seeker' Vinyl Tracklisting:

  77. Black Vinyl LP (14 Tracks)
  78. Blue Splatter Vinyl LP (14 Tracks)

  79. seeker_blue_splatter.jpg

  80. Side A
  81. 01. The Soul Singer
  82. 02. (You've Got To) Kiss A Frog Or Two
  83. 03. Low Down In The Broom
  84. 04. Dennis Hopper
  85. 05. Freak Street
  86. 06. Sticky Fingers
  87. 07. Why Should I Love You?
  88. Side B
  89. 08. The Golden Work
  90. 09. My Wanderings In The Weary Land
  91. 10. Postcard From The Celtic Dreamtime
  92. 11. Good Luck, Seeker
  93. 12. Beauty In Repetition
  94. 13. Everchanging
  95. 14. The Land Of Sunset

  96. 'Good Luck, Seeker' Cassette Tracklisting:

  97. * First official Cassette release in 20 years!*

  98. seeker_cassette.jpg

  99. 01. The Soul Singer
  100. 02. (You've Got To) Kiss A Frog Or Two
  101. 03. Low Down In The Broom
  102. 04. Dennis Hopper
  103. 05. Freak Street
  104. 06. Sticky Fingers
  105. 07. Why Should I Love You?
  106. 08. The Golden Work
  107. 09. My Wanderings In The Weary Land
  108. 10. Postcard From The Celtic Dreamtime
  109. 11. Good Luck, Seeker
  110. 12. Beauty In Repetition
  111. 13. Everchanging
  112. 14. The Land Of Sunset

  113. There will also be two different Digital Downloads available.

  114. ☄ Instagram Message from Mike: ☄

    Mike posted a rather special message on instagram on Sunday April 12th 2020.

    To view it please hit the link below.

    Special message from Mike - Click Here!

  115. mike_message_instagram.jpg

  116. ☄ South Africa 2022 ☄

    The band are set to play their FIRST-EVER shows in South Africa with shows (now rescheduled for November 2022), in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

    Full details and ticket information are now on the Tour page.

    Click Here for Ticket Info!

  117. south_africa_2020.jpg

  118. ☀ 'London Mick' - Video Premiere: ☀

    The Waterboys new video for London Mick was premiered on July 23rd 2019.

    To read what Mike has to say about it please click below...
    Mike Scott and The Waterboys Official

    ☄ USA and Canada Tour 2019 ☄

    The long-awaited return of the band to North America has been announced.

    Full details and ticket information are now on the Tour page.

    Click Here for Ticket Info!

  119. wbs_usa_canada_2019_tour.jpg

  120. new_logo_waterboys_2019

    The Waterboys - 'Where The Action Is' - Album Art ☄

  121. blue

  122. The new album 'Where The Action Is' will be released on May 24th!

    The album will be a single CD and will also be released in two different vinyl LP editions, with a Black and Marble vinyl wax version available, in a gatefold sleeve.

    There will also be a Limited Edition Double CD version available only with the initial release. The album also be available as a digital download.

    You can order various formats and special bundles of the new album here...*The Waterboys - 'Where The Action Is' - Click Here To Order*

    'Where The Action Is' Formats ☄

  123. 'Where The Action Is' - Single CD (10 Tracks)

  124. Single CD Tracklisting:
  125. 1. Where The Action Is
  126. 2. London Mick
  127. 3. Out Of All This Blue
  128. 4. Right Side Of Heartbreak (Wrong Side of Love)
  129. 5. In My Time On Earth
  130. 6. Ladbroke Grove Symphony
  131. 7. Take Me There I Will Follow You
  132. 8. And There's Love
  133. 9. Then She Made The Lasses-O
  134. 10. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

  135. 'Where The Action Is' - Limited Edition Double CD (21 Tracks)

  136. Double CD Tracklisting:
  137. CD #1:
  138. 1. Where The Action Is
  139. 2. London Mick
  140. 3. Out Of All This Blue
  141. 4. Right Side Of Heartbreak (Wrong Side of Love)
  142. 5. In My Time On Earth
  143. 6. Ladbroke Grove Symphony
  144. 7. Take Me There I Will Follow You
  145. 8. And There's Love
  146. 9. Then She Made The Lasses-O
  147. 10. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

  148. CD #2 - Where The Action Is - Mashed:
  149. 1. Where The Action Is (Mash)
  150. 2. London Mick (Jess'n'Zeenie Mix)
  151. 3. Out Of All This Blue (Soul Choir)
  152. 4. Right Side Of Heartbreak (Box & Vox)
  153. 5. In My Time On Earth (Scott & Wickham Mix)
  154. 6. Ladbroke Grove Coda
  155. 7. I Will Follow You Take Me There
  156. 8. And There's Love (Mashtrumental)
  157. 9. Then She Made The Lasses (Mash)
  158. 10. Where The Action Is (Reprise)
  159. 11. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Instrumental)

  160. Black Vinyl LP (10 Tracks)
  161. Marble Vinyl LP (10 Tracks)

  162. 'Where The Action Is' Vinyl Tracklisting:

  163. Side A
  164. 1. Where The Action Is
  165. 2. London Mick
  166. 3. Out Of All This Blue
  167. 4. Right Side Of Heartbreak (Wrong Side of Love)
  168. 5. In My Time On Earth
  169. Side B
  170. 6. Ladbroke Grove Symphony
  171. 7. Take Me There I Will Follow You
  172. 8. And There's Love
  173. 9. Then She Made The Lasses-O
  174. 10. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

  175. There will also be a Digital Download available.

  176. ☄ A Very Special One-Off Show Announced ☄

    A special one-off show for Gavin 'Fingers' Ralston has been announced for the 1st of April 2019 in Vicar St, Dublin.

    The Gig For Gav show will feature The Waterboys and a host of special guests including Sharon Shannon, Picture House, Mary Black, Mundy, the Begleys with many more to be announced.

    This is bound to be a very unique and memorable show so don't you dare miss it!

    This gig is now completely SOLD OUT!

  177. arena_farewell

  178. ☄ Scottish Shows for September 2019 Announced ☄

    The Band have announced a trio of new dates for Scotland with concerts in Portree on the Isle of Skye, Aberdeen and a return to the Barrowland, Glasgow.

    See the Tour Page for Ticket links... Here!

    ☄ New Date in Wales Announced ☄

    The Band have announced a new show in Wales at the Hay-on-Wye Festival on 23rd May.

    See the Tour Page for Ticket links... Here!

    ☄ A Joyful and Peaceful Christmas 2018 to Everyone ☄

    Thank you to everyone for visiting this Fan Site.

  179. happy_christmas_2018

  180. ☄ The Band and Crew December 2018 ☄

    "Thank you to everyone who came out to see The Waterboys in 2018."

    Thank you Zeenie Summers.

  181. band_and_crew_2018

  182. ☄ More UK and Spanish Shows Announced ☄

    The Band have announced several UK dates for May and a Spanish date in late June.

    See the Tour Page for Ticket links... Here!

    ☄ First 2019 Show Announced ☄

    The Waterboys will headline the Fairport Convention Cropredy Festival on Thursday the 8th of August 2019.

    Three Day Tickets are available... Here!

    ☄ The Waterboys on Dublin City FM ☄

    THE WATERBOYS were played extensively throughout the week of the 20th -24th August on the 'Morning Live Drive' show on Dublin City FM after winning the listeners vote.

    The 'Morning Live Drive' Programme has a massive listenership in the Dublin area.

    Thank you Pam Duggan and Paul Murnock.

    The Waterboys Playlist 20th -24th August 2018:

    1. - Do We Choose Who We Love
    2. - A Man Is In Love
    3. - A Girl Called Johnny
    4. - Sweet Thing
    5. - Fisherman's Blues
    6. - The Pan Within
    7. - The Whole Of The Moon
    8. - We Will Not Be Lovers
    9. - Glastonbury Song
    10. - All The Things She Gave Me
    11. - And a Bang on the Ear
    12. - December

    ☄ Irish Christmas Tour 2018 Announced ☄

    The Waterboys will revive an old band tradition this December when they embark on a Christmas Tour of Ireland.

    This ran in 1988, 1989 and 1990 and many fans remember the wild celebratory shows of that time.

    The first date confirmed is the Cork Opera House on 10th December with more dates due to be announced soon.

    Full details and ticket links can be found on the Tour Page..Here!

    ☄ Spanish Summer 2018 Tour Dates Announced ☄

    A number of Spanish summer shows have been announced and tickets are on sale. Check out the Tour Page for more information.. Here!

    ☄ Important Spring Tour Information ☄

    Mike writes: 'All shows on THE WATERBOYS spring tour will be in two halves with intermission. No opening act. Band onstage at 8pm sharp.'

    So be sure to get to each venue early folks!

    ☄ Many More Summer Tour Dates Added ☄

    Many Summer Tour dates have been added. Check out the Tour Page for more information.. Here!

    For full booking details see the Tour Page.

  183. bed

  184. ☄ Arena Radio Show Farewell October 27th ☄

    A phenomenal performance in front of a very small audience on the 'Arena' radio show with Sean Rocks in the RTE Radio 1 studios (Irish National Broadcaster) in Donnybrook, County Dublin on October 27th with a seven song set, including a specially 'Funked Up' version of 'How Long Will I Love You'.

    Full details on the Set Lists Page.

  185. arena_farewell

  186. ☄ Live Radio Interview and Full Band Performance October 27th ☄

    For anyone traveling to the Dublin October 26th show:

    There will be a Live Interview and Full Band Performance on the 'Arena' radio show with Sean Rocks in the RTE Radio 1 studios (Irish National Broadcaster) in Donnybrook, County Dublin on...

    Friday October 27th at 7 pm. (audience to be seated by 6.30 pm.)

    This one-off event will take place in front of an invited audience.

    To request tickets for this very Special Event please email the address below with your name and contact details...

    ☄ Mike & The Wbs Facebook Group Page Giveaway 30th Sept. 2017 ☄

  187. 10_album

  188. In a first time Competition EXCLUSIVE for the 'Mike Scott and The Waterboys' Facebook Group, Mike and Steve very kindly signed and uniquely decorated 10 copies of the 'Out Of All This Blue' Album to be given away by this Fan Site via the Facebook Group Page by answering a very simple request.


    * HUGE THANKS to Paige O'Neill for listening to this idea with a warm heart and to Mike and Steve who were beyond happy and very keen to make this happen. *

    ALL Ten of these unique treasures were safely dispatched to the 10 lucky recipients on 2nd October.

    Photos of each of the recipients and their prize have been added below...

    Thank you to all who took part.

    To view this Facebook Post please... Click Here

    *Update* - Almost seven months ago the 10 specially signed albums were posted off to the 10 competition winners, some as far away as Canada and Australia. And all reached their new homes but one. Unfortunately this one got lost in transit to Italy so the mission now was to try and replace it.

    The replacement album was signed by three Waterboys and it was only missing Mike's signature. This album for Donato is extremely well traveled, it has been to shows in England, Scotland and Belgium and to two Dublin shows.

    So, enlisting the help of a great friend, the album was sent to Norway where the last signature of the man himself was obtained in Oslo.(Thank you Dag Reinert Johansen and Thank you Mike). And after receiving it by return post, it was sent on to Italy by registered mail.

    Donato received his personalised signed album on 24th May 2018. (See photo below).

    Thank you to all who entered or have read this piece.

    ☄ Signed Albums Recipients Gallery ☄

    Congratulations to the following Water People: Sven-Erik Andersen, Andy Pritchatt, Tony Thompson, David Lappin, Evelyn Keyser, Michael Macken, Ali Wilson, Donato Morganella, Kevin O'Reilly and Roz Monger.

  189. 1_michael
  190. 2_ali
  191. a_r
  192. 3_evelyn
  193. sven
  194. david
  195. tony
  196. 9_kev
  197. 10_donato


    ☄ The Album Plaudits Roll In...And Rightly So! ☄

  199. blue_poster

  200. ☄ First New Date of 2018 Announced ☄

  201. logo_2017

  202. Due to phenomenal demand and as a result of the October show in the London Palladium selling out, a second concert in the same venue has been confirmed for Friday 27th April 2018.

    To book tickets for this new show please Click Here

    ☄ Mike: Meet & Greet and new Album Signings ☄

    Mike will doing a meet and greet and signing copies of the new album at the following loctations:

    1. HMV Belfast - September 11th at 5.30 pm.
    2. FOPP Edinburgh - 13th September at 1:00pm.
    3. FOPP Glasgow Union - 13th September at 5:30pm.
    4. HMV Liverpool - 14th September at 5:30pm.

    For more information for these events please click on the link


    Thank you Mandy MacLeod.

    ☄ 'Remastered' Autobiography - November 4th ☄

  203. adventure

  204. A new revised and updated version of the Autobiography 'Adventures Of A Waterboy' will be released this Autumn by Jawbone Press.

    The book includes many more stories from Mike which brings it up to 2002 and also features a plethora of new and rare photographs.

    Mike writes: 'Think of them as extra scenes on a Director's cut DVD reissue.'

    This 'Remastered' Edition hits the shelves on November 4th.

    ☄ First Steve and The Beekeepers show of 2018 confirmed ☄

  205. michan

  206. Steve will play a solo show with the mighty Beekeepers as part of the always excellent Temple Bar Tradfest 2018 in St Michan's Church, Church St. Dublin on Friday January 26th 2018.

    To book tickets for this unmissable event please click on the link below...

    Buy Tickets!

    ☄ Chris Evans Show BBC R2 4th Aug 2017 ☄

    Before flying out to Spain to play a free show on the same day ('Like A Rolling Stone' was added to the set in Cambados that evening and played!), the band appeared on the Chris Evans breakfast show on BBC R2 where they played the following songs: 'The Whole of The Moon', followed by a live debut of 'If The Answer is Yeah', 'How Long Will I Love You' and then they closed the show with the first public performance in many a long year of the Bob Dylan classic 'Like a Rolling Stone!'

    You can watch the performance of Like a Rolling Stone ...Here!.

  207. ce_show

  208. ☄ 'Out Of All This Blue' - Album Art ☄

  209. blue

  210. The new album 'Out Of All This Blue' will be released on September 8th. It will be a double album on double CD and double vinyl and as a digital download.

    There will also be a Limited Edition Triple CD version available only with the initial release. And there will also be a Deluxe triple vinyl available.

    ☄ 'Out of all This Blue' Formats ☄

    1. Double CD (23 Tracks)
    2. Limited Edition Triple CD (34 Tracks)
    3. Double Vinyl (23 Tracks)
    4. Deluxe Triple Vinyl (with Bonus Tracks)
    5. Digital Download

    You can order various formats below...

    Order 'Out Of All This Blue' Here

    ☄ Oslo: First Show of 2017 ☄

  211. farewell_oslo1

  212. The Band kicked off with their first show of 2017 in Oslo. It was a five piece line up with new face Aongus Ralston on Bass.

    A strong set with the addition of two extra nuggets..'Stopping by Woods' (which features on Steve's solo album) and 'My Soul is in Memphis' (a new song that was debuted in Vicar St last November albeit with different lyrics.)

    At the end when the band were taking their bows Mike insisted each band member show off their footwear while he gave a running commentary!

    ☄ Oslo Set List - June 23 2017 ☄

  213. Still a Freak
  214. Medicine Bow
  215. A Girl called Johnny
  216. Fishermans Blues
  217. Stopping by Woods
  218. Glastonbury Song
  219. Rosalind
  220. We will not be Lovers
  221. My Soul is in Memphis
  222. The Whole of the Moon
  223. * Set may not be exact running order.

    (Thanks to Pat McHugh, Ann Kristin Tharaldson and Dag Reinert Johansen)

    ☄ Surprise Irish Summer Show Announced! ☄

    June 3rd: A very special Irish show has just been confirmed for the Carrick Water Music Festival in Carrick-On-Shannon, County Leitrim on Sunday July 16th 2017.

    The venue is the picturesque Landmark Hotel overlooking the mighty Shannon.

    Thank you John Trautt.

    Tickets are on sale Here!

  224. wbs_carrick4.jpg     

  225. ☄ 'Out Of All This Blue' - New Album September 2017 ☄

    Some details about the new album have just emerged, including some song titles.

    There will be twenty three songs on the 2 CD release plus the option of a third 'Limited Edition' disc of alternate mixes, hip-hop instrumentals and mash-ups which is only available with the initial release.

    Check out the piece in the new issue of Mojo...

  226. 'Out of All This Blue' - Double CD plus a Limited Edition third CD.album_wbs.jpg      Thank you Jack Vervoort

  227. ☄ New Album 'Beekeeper' by Steve on May 12th 2017 ☄

    Steve Wickham will release his long awaited follow up to 'Geronimo' titled 'Beekeeper' on May 12th. It will be released on vinyl and CD format as well as a digital download.

    Steve writes:"In 2012 I was sitting (being painted) for my friend the painter Nick Miller and I started writing tunes as he was painting. The sittings went on over a couple of weeks by that time I'd recorded several hours of improvised music, thus began the seeds of this album."

  228. ste_trip1.jpg
  229. Steve sits for portraits in Oil on Linen and Watercolour on Paper by the Artist Nick Miller.

    In 2012, while Steve Wickham sat for a portrait by the Artist Nick Miller in his County Sligo studio, he began working on new musical compositions while Nick painted. The artist photographed both the musician and the painting to make a time-lapse 2 channel HD video. Steve edited out-takes recorded on an iPhone from the week's work to make a sound track for the 3 minute video. The week long session became part of the process of starting Steve Wickham's new album 'Beekeeper'.

    To see the video please check out the Artist's dedicated page on his web site here :

    There are a plethora of musical guests (and good friends of Steve) appearing on the album including Camille O'Sullivan, Katie Kim, Mike Scott, The Lost Brothers, Joe Chester, David Hood, Ger Wolfe, Bruno Caliciuri and Oleg Ponomarev.

    The Track Listing is as follows:

    • 01. And The Band Played On (vocals from Irish singer Katie Kim)
    • 02. Two Thousand Years
    • 03. Song of Lost Things (vocals from acclaimed singer Ger Wolfe)
    • 04. The Hare
    • 05. Fractured (with The Lost Brothers and Muscle Shoals (The Waterboys) bass guitarist David Hood)
    • 06. The Bohemian
    • 07. Stopping by Woods (featuring Mike Scott on vocals)
    • 08. Silence of a Sunday (feat. acclaimed Irish singer/actress Camille O'Sullivan)
    • 09. Cells of the Heart which Nature Built for Joy (duet with No Crows violinist Oleg Ponomarev)
    • 10. Love's Dark Sisters (Sombres Soeurs de l'amour) (vocals from Bruno Caliciuri)
    • 11. Song of the River (vocal from legendary Irish producer and song writer Joe Chester)
    • 12. Cockcrow


    Steve's new album is one that conjures up wonderful imagery throughout the twelve perfectly tailored songs. The opener 'And The Band Played On' is the only song on which Steve takes lead vocal and he delivers it in a softly spoken style with Katie Kim supplying a haunting backing vocal on the chorus and verses.

    The next song is a short instrumental titled 'Two Thousand Years' which is brimming with eastern promise. Think of minarets, hot sun, the smell of spices, pyramids or a packed and boisterous open-air souk.

    What follows couldn't be in a more contrasting style. 'Song of Lost Things' is a merry jaunt (in an ass and cart along a quiet coastal boreen) of a song with a lovely lilting vocal by Corkonian folk singer Ger Wolfe.

    'The Hare' is another timeless instrumental, again an uplifting tune with fiddle and acoustic guitar to the fore. And it is reminiscent of Zoe Conway and John McIntyre or Martin Hayes and Denis Cahill in full flight. It is nigh on impossible to remain still while listening to this hardcore trad tune.

    'Fractured' is a very powerful song that Steve wrote in response to proposed fracking in the West, and which he sang while guesting at a recent Lost Brothers show. Here, Oisin and Mark of the Lost Brothers take on lead vocal duties and Oisin's unusually forlorn execution on this particular song only adds emphasis to the biting lyrics. Mr Hood also appears on this song on bass.

    'The Bohemian' and the closing track 'Cockcrow' are two short stirring instrumentals that sound like two movements of the same piece of music and are ideal closers to side one and two of the vinyl.

    'Stopping by Woods' by Robert Frost is up next and it features an exquisite vocal by Mike Scott with a driving pulsating backing. Mike wraps his voice around and articulates each word as only he can do.

    'Silence of a Sunday' is another song that Steve sang at one his solo shows recently and he sang it in a heartfelt Waitsian growl. Here Camille O'Sullivan interprets it in a beautifully wistful and tender style accompanied mid-song by some gorgeous clarinet. A real heartstopper and just stunning!

    'Cells of the Heart which Nature Built for Joy' is a fiddle two-hander instrumental that features Oleg Ponomarev of No Crows, a classical sounding piece that could easily be 'song of the week' on Lyric FM (An Irish Classical music radio station). In a nutshell, think Bach!

    'Love's Dark Sisters (Sombres Soeurs de l'amour)' is an up-tempo all French number with a great melody with French singer Cali singing lead. A song of regret for a lost love and of love's dark sisters; jealousy, anguish and rage.

    'Song of the River' with Joe Chester, is a slow poignant love song with some lovely backing from the house band.

    Beekeeper has such a live and really warm sound; it feels as if the artists are in the room with you. One can only imagine the sheer enjoyment the musicians had when they were in the studio. And make no mistake, although there are many heavyweights guesting here, it is clearly Mr Wickham's opus.

    This is an album destined to become a long- term resident in the various listening devices of music lovers across this fair land and far beyond. It is an absolute Gem!

    For more info and all things Steve Wickham, check out his new site:

  230. beekeeper.jpg

  231. Steve has confirmed the following Album Launch Shows:

    1. The Sugar Club, Dublin May 11th

      Tickets are on sale Here!

    2. The Model, Sligo May 12th

      Tickets are on sale Here!

    3. St Luke's, Cork May 27th

      Tickets are on sale Here!

    * Steve will also be guesting at Joe Chester's own Album Launch gig in the Unitarian Church, Dublin on April 28th 2017. * Tickets can be purchased Here!

      ☄ Waterboys in the 3 Arena, Dublin - October 26th 2017 ☄

      The Waterboys have announced a string of autumn European dates in support of the forthcoming new album including a show in the 3 Arena in Dublin. This will be an all seated show. (at least that is, until they arrive on stage!)

      Tickets are on sale here!

    1. 3arena1a.jpg

    2. ☄ New Autumn 2017 Shows Announced! ☄

      New dates of the new Album Tour beginning to seep out. Glasgow, Oslo and.. Dublin!!

      See Tour page for details. Here.

      ☄ New Summer 2017 Shows Announced! ☄

      See Tour page for details. Here.

      ☄ Steve Wickham - Hawk's Well, Sligo - November 25th ☄

      Steve Wickham's musical career spans over three decades right back to his early 80's debut as fiddler with U2 playing on Sunday Bloody Sunday and touring with the Irish Rockers. Steve was a founder member of 80s Irish band InTuaNua, signed to the legendary Island records. As a session violinist Wickham has recorded with Elvis Costello and Sinead O'Connor and many others as well as guesting live with REM, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith etc. Steve Wickham is best known as the fiddler with The Waterboys and among Sligo residents as one of the group, No Crows. This November will see Steve's return to the Hawk's Well with previews from a forthcoming new solo album and will have some surprise and very special guests. The evening is a celebration of Steve Wickham's musical journey... This is bound to be a wonderful evening!

      Click Here for Ticket Info!

    3. sthawk1.jpg

    4. ☄ Mike Scott - Bangor Interview - August 24th 2016 ☄

    5. A very relaxed and happy Mike Scott with Gavin Martin.


    6. Mike Scott gave a very warm, honest and open in Bangor as part of the 'Open House Festival' on August 24th. He talked about a whole range of subjects from the new Waterboys album that he is currently working on, his song writing process, his musical influences, and his family life, and the possibility of writing another book and a lot more besides.

      Lasting over two hours in duration, Mike chatted openly with Gavin Martin and these chats were interspersed with edited video clips of various musical artists that Mike admires. So we got The Stones, Beatles, Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, British Sea Power, Midlake and Amy Winehouse. He also had high praise for Van, Bowie, Leonard, Iggy Pop and Mathew E White.

      So here are a few bullet points jotted down while on the bus journey back to Dublin.

      - The New Album:

    7. The new (as yet untitled) Album to be released in September 2017:
    8. Mike is currently working on a double album - two dozen songs, 'I think they are my best, better lyrics and better songs'.
    9. There is a Big Hip Hop influence; in the sound not in the songs, with loops and Hip Hop drum grooves.
    10. He is playing a lot of keyboards and playing a lot of lead guitar himself, and funk guitar.
    11. There are no demos. On the new record he recorded the vocals on the night he wrote the song, in every case and then where necessary added vocals to the original for the masters.
    12. 'There is an authenticity to that because as a songwriter I know that the night I wrote the song is when the balloon is at its ripest'.
    13. He also mentioned adding several Scottish voices to some of the songs which he said was 'great fun' to do.
    14. He has written several songs about his wife-to-be and about their love affair and these will be on the new album.
    15. Five songs have been worked on by Trey Pollard who is the string arranger for Mathew E White.

    16. - On his Songwriting:

    17. He sends emails to himself of a line of a lyric that he has thought of, or a chord sequence or he records a vocal melody on his phone and then mails it to himself.
    18. He also said his songwriting has really gone into overdrive.
    19. When it comes to song co-writing he described himself as a 'lone wolf'. He likes co-writing but by email, if someone sends him a lyric then he will work on it on his own.

    20. - Asked about his Ambition:

    21. 'I am making a new record and my ambition is that it will be an absolute f@#king killer record and that everyone realises it is and that it turns people on, that is my ambition'.

    22. Lastly, he took some questions from the audience. Mike seemed to be incredibly happy and content and as a good friend said 'It's great to see him blessed when he has given so much to others'. And this is a sentiment that we all feel. It was a very special evening indeed...

      Now...Roll on September 2017!

      ☄ Mike Scott Interview - Bangor, Co. Down - August 24th ☄

      Mike Scott will give a public interview with Gavin Martin the the Space Theatre in Bangor, County Down as part of the 'Open House' festival. Titled 'Talking Musical Revolutions' this is bound to be a fascinating evening.

      Click Here for Ticket Info!

    23. mike_bangor1.jpg

    24. ☄ Progresja Music Zone, Warsaw ☄

      The Waterboys played their first official Polish date on June 6th in Warsaw. And what a legendary show it was! A very long set...A magical atmosphere...The wonderful (mainly) Polish crowd, and a whirling dervish of energy from the band on stage...and the sheer happiness and joy just emanated from all the band members...with an absolutely perfect set list that featured old and new songs, including a rarely played epic outing of The Pan Within...New song Nashville Tennessee was included..and we were also treated to another one-off song not on the set list called 'Warsaw Barrowlands'...all in all, a sublime gig from start to finish!.

    25. war9.jpg

    26. ☄ Radio Session at PolskieRadio Warsaw ☄

      The Waterboys trio of Mike, Steve and Brother Paul played a wonderful 50 minute radio session in PolskieRadio studios on June 5th in front of a specially invited audience. Songs included a rare outing of the classic song This is the Sea and an epic 14 minute The Pan Within..

      To watch the video of the complete (incredible) performance Please Click Here.

    27. pols.jpg

    28. ☄ First Public Appearance by Mike of 2016: ☄

      Bob Dylan Birthday Bash - May 24th - New York

      Mike Scott made his first public appearance of 2016 at a 75th Birthday celebration for Bob Dylan in NYC on May 24th. He guested for two Dylan songs with the house band, including Rob Stoner, on vocals and guitar. The songs were Lonesome Day Blues and All Along The Watchtower. He then joined the ensemble for the encore, where he sang the second verse of Forever Young and played the piano throughout.

      ☄ Mike with Rob Stoner & Co. ☄

    29. mny2.jpg
    30. (Thank you Andy Goldstein)

      ☄ New England date announced for May 28th! ☄

      The Waterboys are set to headline the 'Tunes in the Dunes' Festival on the Saturday evening at Perranporth Beach in Cornwall on May 28th!

      Tickets are on sale on Now!

      Click Here for Ticket Info!

    31. corn.jpg

    32. ☄ New Scottish date announced for August 8th! ☄

      The Waterboys are set to headline a 'Summer Nights' concert in Glasgow at the Kelvingrove Bandstand on August 8th!

      Tickets on sale on Friday April 29th!

      Click Here for Ticket Info!

    33. kel_summer.jpg

    34. ☄ First-ever Date Announced in Poland on June 6th! ☄

      The Waterboys are set to play in Poland for the very first time, at Progresja Music Zone in Warsaw, Poland on June 6th!

      This is sure to be a cracker of a show!

      Tickets are on sale now!

      Click Here for Ticket Info!

    35. warsaw.jpg

    36. ☄ Dates for The Netherlands -June 4th and Norway - Aug 4th! ☄

      The Waterboys are set to play the Retropop Festival in Emmen, The Netherlands on June 4th and at the Notodden Blues Festival in Notodden, Norway on August 4th.

      Tickets are on sale now!

      Click Here for Ticket Info!

      ☄ New UK Date Added for Wychwood Festival on June 3rd! ☄

      The Waterboys are scheduled to play the Wychwood Festival on June 3rd in Cheltenham, England. Tickets are on sale now!

      Click Here For Ticket Info!

    37. wychwood.jpg


      ☄ New Dates Added In Norway and Netherlands! ☄

      The Waterboys set to play Troll Rock Festival on July 28th in Norway and Bospop Festival in The Netherlands on July 09th.

      Click Here For Ticket Info!

      ☄ New 2016 Irish Date Announced! ☄

      The Waterboys set to Headline the Folkfest on July 10th in Killarney!

      Click Here For Ticket Info!

    39. ff.jpg


      1. ☄ .. A Letter To Mr Scott - by Erwin Rademaker. - Web author Review.. ☄

      2. aletter.jpg

      A Letter To Mr Scott is a Waterboys related book that is not a biography in itself. It is a deeply personal view of what The Waterboys songs mean to the author and that is what makes it a truly original opus. The author has managed to put his heart and soul into it as it has been written to express his intense love of the Waterboys music. The book takes the form of an open letter to Mike Scott, though it deals solely with the music' and it begins with a whole list of songs that have had a profound meaning to the author, and long-time Waterboys fan, Mr Rademaker.

      In order to prepare himself to write what turns out to be a captivating and quite magical book, the author secreted himself away in Newgrange, County Meath, and over a number of days in seclusion, he listened to every single Waterboys song and jotted down notes and drawings. The opening section of the book makes for enchanting reading as with each song we are taken on a journey through the author's life, his memories and the imagery and emotions that each song evokes for him.

      Interspersed throughout the book is a fable written by the author with beautiful artwork especially created for the book by the artist Veronique Castellanos. There are also a number of other breath-taking artworks by the artist Sven Roumen that are printed on colour plates within.

      The middle section of this meticulously crafted book is made up of pieces of prose written by a number of Waterfolk who were asked by the author to answer in writing the simple question 'What Does Music Mean To You?' (And this web author also made a small contribution and was very honoured to do so). These pieces of writing are of varying length and are also wonderfully unique in their style and give great insight into each contributor's individual perspective on what having music in their day-to-day lives means to them.

      It is a testament to the author's generosity that he wished to include input from other fans in what can only be described as a labour of love.

      There then follows an extensive photo section containing colour and mono images of song lyrics with the author's handwritten notes and drawings alongside. There are also several photos of the Waterboys on stage and many other photos of various scenes that are described in the first part of the book, as well as family shots and more that relate to specific Waterboys songs in the author's perception.

      Lastly, there is a full discography and complete song listing, up to and including the latest Waterboys LP Modern Blues. Also included is a full band members list to date in alphabetical order, which incredibly (if I have counted correctly) adds up to 79 past and present members!

      In closing, this is an exquisitely produced opus that is a spellbinding read and a thing of profound beauty.

      The book will be available to buy, with all profits going to the Strange Boat Foundation at the end of January 2016 from the

    41. A Letter To Mr Scott site: To Order Please Click Here
    42. **There will also be a very special Limited Edition of the A Letter To Mr Scott book containing an expanded Three Volume version all housed in a beautifully designed wooden presentation box.**

      ☄ First Date of 2016 announced! ☄

      Click Here For Info!

      Thank You Noemi Martinez Turrillas

    43. mundaka.jpg

    44. ☄ ..Fan Site Added To The Waterboys Official Site ☄

      This Fan Site has been added to The Waterboys Links Page on the Official Web Site!

      So a heartfelt THANK YOU! to all of you who have contributed or visited the site to date as the creation of the Fan Site would not have been possible without your input and support.

    45. margeansanm1.jpg

    46. ☄ Web Site Thumbs Up From The Man Himself! ☄

      Mike's Tweet and Steve's and more kind words. - 11th April 2015

      Thank You Mike and Steve! (and Everyone else.)

    47. mtweet.jpg

    48. ☄Great Report From The Opening Show On The U.S. Tour 2015 ☄

      ☄ A Return to Glastonbury Festival! ☄

      The Waterboys are set to make another return to Glastonbury in June. Alas, the Festival tickets are all sold out.

    49. glasto15.jpg

    50. ☄ Cynthia Lennon Song at Sydney Opera House Show ☄

      'Song For Cynthia' ( A brief song for the late Cynthia Lennon) and 'Song of Wandering Aengus' both debuts at the Sydney Opera House gig.(Thank You Tony Thompson)

      ☄ Tour Debut in Auckland NZ - March 31 2015☄

      'When Will We Be Married?' was a tour debut at the Modern Blues show in Auckland, New Zealand with just Mike and Steve performing the song on stage. (Don't Bang The Drum was also performed by the duo).

      (Thank you Dayle Abbott)

      ☄ Great new Waterboys-related Twitter Account ☄

      An excellent new Waterboys Twitter account featuring random Waterboys Lyrics has appeared. You really should check it out!

      Waterboys Lyrics on Twitter: Here

      ☄ Tour Debut in Auckland NZ - March 31 2015☄

      'When Will We Be Married?' was a tour debut at the Modern Blues show in Auckland, New Zealand with just Mike and Steve performing the song on stage. (Don't Bang The Drum was also performed).

      (Thanks Dayle Abbott)

      ☄ Melbourne Show Set List - March 27 2015 ☄

    51. Destinies Entwined
    52. Still A Freak
    53. Girl Called Johnny
    54. November Tale
    55. Glastonbury Song
    56. Rosalind
    57. Time, Space And The Bride's Bed Burning.(fragment)
    58. Girl Who Slept For Scotland
    59. Three Day Man!!!!!!!!!!
    60. Nearest Thing To Hip
    61. I Can See Elvis
    62. The Whole Of The Moon
    63. Don't Bang The Drum (Mike and Steve)
    64. Fisherman's Blues
    65. Long Strange Golden Road
    66. Purple Rain (encore)
    67. (Thanks Tony Thompson!)


    68. pucks
    69. To coincide with Record Store Day, The Waterboys will release a strictly limited edition four-track EP called 'Puck's Blues' on 10 inch vinyl on April 18.

      Puck's Blues Track Titles:

      1. I Can See Elvis
      2. Destinies Entwined
      3. November Tale
      4. The Girl Who Slept For Scotland

      The EP will also include a sleevenote by Mike.

      The four tracks are Mike's home demo versions of songs from the new Modern Blues album. So check with your local music shop for availability.


      An new Scottish summer concert date has been added as part of The Waterboys 2015 European tour.

      Friday 28 August Princes Street Gardens Edinburgh

      Ticket Info on Tour page. Here


      Three shows in Norway have been added as part of The Waterboys 2015 European tour.

      More European dates will be announced as they are confirmed.

      The Norwegian dates are:

      Thurs 15 October Grieghallen, BERGEN

      Ticket Info on Tour page. Here

      Fri 16 October Konserthus - Kuppelhallen, STAVANGER

      Ticket Info on Tour page. Here

      Sat 17 October Sentrum Scene, OSLO

      Ticket Info on Tour page. Here

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