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  4. Welcome to the Findhorn Page. This Page contains a collection of photos from a few of the many concerts Mike has performed in Universal Hall in various guises, as a solo artist, as part of an ensemble and with the Waterboys.

    Many of these photos are previously unseen and are published here for the first time.

    Thank you to Peter Vallance of the Findhorn Foundation for sending the photos and to all the photographers who took the individual shots. And thank you Marion Black.

    The Findhorn Foundation and Community (co-founded by the late Eileen Caddy pictured above) 'aims to inspire and encourage transformation in human consciousness, to help create a positive future for humanity and our planet. We are a holistic learning centre at the heart of a wider community that includes a local ecovillage and a worldwide spiritual fellowship'.

    You can read about the Findhorn Foundation Here

    Mike has spent many extended periods in Findhorn, both as a resident and as a visitor. He wrote and recorded there, he played live in Universal Hall many times and became an integral part of the Findhorn Community. He has written extensively about these times in his Adventures of a Waterboy autobiography.

    The Universal Hall venue continues to put on concerts by major Scottish and international artists. To read more please Click Here

    *To read about the recording of the Universal Hall album and the resulting live album and see various memorabilia from the tours, please click the link below to take you to the Page on this Fan Site....

    ~Universal Hall- Karma To Burn~

    ☄ Stained Glass - Universal Hall, Findhorn ☄

    A stained glass panel within Universal Hall. Thank you Marion Black.

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  6. ☄ Display of Posters and more - Universal Hall ☄

    A framed selection of various posters, a tour programme and setlist on display in Universal Hall. Thank you Marion Black.

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  8. ☄ Mike with Richard and David Hammond - Findhorn 2002 ☄

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    ☄ Caduceus Magazine ☄

    A selection of Caduceus Magazines to which Mike has contributed articles as well as given various interviews. A special CD with the Universal Hall title track was also given away with one issue.

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  14. ☄ Findhorn Concert Posters 2004 and 2006 ☄

    Two original posters for two sets of Waterboys shows in Findhorn in June 2004 and June 2006.

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  16. ☄ The Waterboys - Findhorn June 2003 ☄

    The Waterboys played two electric shows in Findhorn in June 2003. Along with Mike, Steve and Richard were Geoff Dugmore on Drums and Brad Weissman on Bass.

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    ☄ Universal Voices Concert 2005 ☄

    Peace of Iona at the 'Universal Voices' concert in Universal Hall.

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  30. To watch this wonderful performance of 'Peace of Iona' from Universal Hall, Findhorn please Click Here

    ☄ ...with Julie and David Spangler at Universal Hall 2005 ☄

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