☀The Waterboys: Memorabilia ☀

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  • This page contains various items of Waterboys Memorabilia for you to peruse at your leisure. These items will not be found on the other pages within the Fan Site.

    *Check back here regularly as the Memorabilia page shall be continually updated with various bits and pieces.*

    If YOU have something that you would like to see added on this Memorabilia Page, then please get in touch. Thanks.

        This Memorabilia Page is split into sections for quick and easy access.

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    Early Items

        These pieces will generally predate the A Pagan Place era.

    Out Of All This Blue

        Various items surrounding the Out Of All This Blue album and tour.

    Where The Action Is

        The pieces surrounding the Where The Action Is album and tour.

    Good Luck, Seeker

        Items promoting the Good Luck, Seeker album.

    All Souls Hill

        Various items promoting the All Souls Hill album and tour.

    Fan Magazines

        There have been many Waterboys fan magazines and here you will find examples of them all.

    Various Memorabilia Items

        Here you will find a miscellaneous selection of Waterboys memorabilia pieces.

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    • Early Items

      ☄ Debut Album - Two One-Sided Test Pressings ☄

      An extremely scarce The Waterboys UK debut album pressed on two one-sided LPs. Thank you Hugh MacPherson.

    • wbs_debut_double_test_pressing

    • ☄ Canada - USA Mini-Album Test Pressing ☄

      Like the above test press, this a very rare test pressing of the Canada and USA only five-track Mini-Album dated January 23rd 1984.

    • wbs_mini_album_test_pressing

    • ☄ December 12-Inch One-sided Test Pressing ☄

      Another rare test pressing, this is a one-sided 12-Inch of December.

    • wbs_december_12_one_sided_test_pressing

    • ☄ December white label 12-inch Promo ☄

      A USA white label promotional 12-inch single of December from 1983. It features full / edited versions and plays at 33 1/3 RPM.

    • december_12_promo

    • ☄ Selection of Debut Album Cassettes ☄

      Here is a selection of Debut Album Cassettes, from Ireland with unique artwork and Waves logo, Australia on a chrome BASF, Greece with it's own stylish artwork, South Africa and the USA.

    • wbs_debut_album_cassettes_various

    • ☄ Canada - USA Mini-Album Cassettes ☄

      The two Mini-Album Cassettes from Canada and the USA, with a slight variation in the artwork.

    • wbs_mini_album_cassette_canada_usa

    • ☄ Complete Early Mike Scott Collection ☄

      This is a complete collection of the early releases from Mikes' early bands.

      Treasures shown are the Another Pretty Face singles of 'All The Boys Love Carrie' first pressing (1000 copies) in a green poster sleeve and the second issue (5000 copies) in a red sleeve.

      The DNV 'Death in Venice - Mafia' single in a poster sleeve.

      The APF 'Whatever Happened To The West' single.

      And the APF singles 'Only Heroes Live Forever' and 'Soul to Soul' both of which are in poster sleeves.

      The Funhouse 7-inch and 12-inch of 'Out of Control'.

      And lastly, the very rare 'I'm Sorry That I Beat You' APF cassette and booklet in a pink sleeve.

      Thank you Ali Wilson.

    • ali_complete_collection

    • ☄ Another Pretty Face Tape and booklet ☄

      A very scarce APF cassette and booklet of 'I'm Sorry That I Beat You' which is housed in a pink sleeve. This is a rare item. Thank you Ali.

    • ali_cassette

    • ☄ Another Pretty Face Badges ☄

      A pair of very scarce Another Pretty Face badges. Thank you Simon Clegg.

    • apf_badges

    • ☄ Collection of Jungleland Magazines ☄

      A very rare collection of Jungleland Magazines created by Mike. Thank you Allan McConnell. Allan was a member of Mike's early band The Bootlegs.

    • jungleland_mags

    • Out Of All This Blue

      ☄ 'Out Of All This Blue' Collection ☄

      A selection of most of the various formats, singles and paraphernalia from the Out Of All This Blue Album.

      This selection contains the following: a 2 CD Acetate with release sheets, a promo 5 Track E.P., 2 X promo singles, Triple CD, signed Double CD, Triple Vinyl, signed Photo, Song Folio's are in a signed folder and the Japanese 2 CD with exclusive extra song 'Cuddle Up' and a Song Lyrics Booklet.

    • wbs_blue_bonanza.jpg

    • ☄ 'Out Of All This Blue' 2 CD Acetate ☄

      A 2 CD Acetate of Out Of All This Blue Album which is housed in a gatefold card sleeve with cover image and song titles on reverse but with a plain blue inner.

      It also includes two release sheets with a short piece on the album and lists some autumn 2017 tour dates.

    • ace_cov.jpg

    • ☄ French Display, Tour Programme & Sticker Set ☄

      A French Record Shop PVC display, a Tour Programme and a set of six stickers.

    • wbs_french_display_tour_prog_stickers.jpg

    • ☄ Love Walks In Promo CD ☄

      A lovely promo of Love Walks In in a striking colour card sleeve.

    • wbs_love_walks_in_promo_cd.jpg

    • ☄ The Waterboys Mugs ☄

      A pair of official ceramic mugs from two recent tours, in 2017 and 2023.

    • wbs_mugs.jpg

    • Where The Action Is

      ☄ Fully Signed Test Pressing and LP Cover ☄

      A fully signed and numbered test pressing and a signed LP cover of Where The Action Is.

    • wbs_action_signed_test_pressing
    • wbs_action_signed_lp_sleeve

    • ☄ Signed Cartoon Strip and Marble Vinyl ☄

      A limited and signed cartoon strip and a red marble vinyl pressing of Where The Action Is, both of which were only available from the Official Waterboys Web Store.

    • wbs_action_signed_cartoon
    • wbs_action_marble_vinyl

    • ☄ Signed CD Sleeve and Inner ☄

      A CD cover and inner of Where The Action Is signed by the whole band.

    • wbs_action_signed_cd_sleeve
    • wbs_action_signed_cd_inner

    • Good Luck, Seeker

      ☄ Test Pressing ☄

      A signed and numbered test pressing of Good Luck, Seeker that was only available through the Waterboys Official Web Store.

    • wbs_seeker_test_pressing.jpg

    • ☄ Blue Splatter Vinyl ☄

      A blue splatter vinyl pressing of Good Luck, Seeker that was only available through the Waterboys Official Web Store.

    • wbs_seeker_blue_splatter_lp.jpg

    • ☄ Signed Print and Lyric Sheet ☄

      A limited and signed print and lyric sheet from Good Luck, Seeker both of which were only available from the Official Waterboys Web Store.

    • wbs_signed_seeker_print_and_lyric_sheet

    • ☄ Promo Only CD & Signed CD ☄

      A promotional one-track CD of (You've Got To) Kiss A Frog Or Two featuring Zeenie on the disc. Also shown is a signed CD album sleeve.

    • wbs_kiss_a_frog_promo_cd.jpg
    • wbs_seeker_signed_cd_sleeve.jpg

    • All Souls Hill

      ☄ Double A-Side 7-Inch Single ☄

      A very special double A-side of Painting America White and Jumpin' Jack Flash. The back sleeve has some made up solo albums for each of the band members. This very limited single was only available through the Waterboys Official Web Store.

    • wbs_double_a_side_paw_7.jpg
    • wbs_double_a_side_jjf_7.jpg

    • ☄ Electric Blue Vinyl ☄

      A limited blue vinyl pressing of All Souls Hill, again, this was only available from the Official Waterboys Web Store.

    • wbs_all_souls_hill_blue_lp

    • ☄ Red Vinyl ☄

      A limited red vinyl pressing of All Souls Hill. This was an exclusive release through a UK chain store.

    • wbs_all_souls_hill_red_lp

    • Fan Magazines

      ☄ Waterline and Under The Skin Fan Magazines ☄

      The Waterline pocket-sized magazine only lasted one issue. It came in two variations, with either a buff or blue cover. Both variations are shown. The rather excellent Under The Skin magazine only lasted for two issues and these were a few years apart.

    • wbs_waterline_under_the_skin_fan_mags.jpg

    • ☄ Full Set of Saints & Angels Fan Magazines ☄

      A lovely set of all six Saints & Angels fan magazine issues. Thank you Javi Morant.

    • wbs_saints_and_angels_fan_mags.jpg

    • ☄ Gala and Saints & Angels Fan Magazines ☄

      The Gala magazine came from the USA. Five issues shown along with a single issue of the excellent Saints & Angels magazine from the north of Ireland.

    • wbs_gala_fan_mags.jpg

    • ☄ A Selection of 1980's Fan Magazines ☄

      Here are a selection of some more of the quarterly issues of the various Fan Magazines that could be found in circulation in the 1980's. These Fan Mags are now particularly difficult to find.

      Thank you John Trautt.

    • jt_1.jpg
    • jt_2.jpg

    • Various Memorabilia Pieces

      ☄ South Africa Cassettes ☄

      A full 'set' of South African album cassettes: The Waterboys debut, A Pagan Place, This Is the Sea, Fisherman's Blues, Room To Roam and The Best Of '81 to '90. All of the cassettes have their own unique artwork.

    • wbs_south_africa_tapes

    • ☄ The Glór, Ennis - Promotional Fridge Magnet 2009 ☄

      A promotional fridge magnet from the Glór venue in Ennis County Clare that measures about 11cm X 5cm. Thank you David Newman.

    • wbs_glor_fridge_magnet_2009.jpg

    • ☄ Signed 'Moon' Compilation CD ☄

      A 1998 compilation issue of The Whole Of The Moon (The Music Of Mike Scott And The Waterboys). This copy is signed by Mike, Karl and Anto.

    • wbs_signed_moon_compilation_1998

    • ☄ Hot Press Covers 1986 - 2017☄

      Mike has graced the cover and given some wonderful interviews to Irish music magazine Hot press over the years.

      Cover Issues from left: 1986, 1989, 1990, 2000, 2007 and 2017.

    • hot_press

    • ☄ Waterboys Tour Jacket 1988-1989 ☄

      A beautiful and very rare authentic leather Band members tour jacket from the 1988-1989 Tours.

      This jacket is more than likely one of a kind now.

      The jacket is embroidered with 'The Waterboys Ireland 88 - 89' and it has 'MCD' logo embroidered on the lapel.

      And Sharon Shannon wore this very jacket on the cover of her 'Out the Gap' album.

      This is a genuine piece of Waterboys history and a very unique artifact.

      Thank you Sharon Shannon.

    • wbs_tour_jacket_89.jpg

    • ☄ Signed Green Alliance Booklet ☄

      A signed Green Alliance booklet from the two Waterboys concerts in the Olympic Ballroom, Dublin in October 1987.

      Thank you Dave Furneaux.

    • green_alliance_1987

    • ☄ Vintage Newspaper Collage ☄

      An A1 sized collage created from vintage Irish, Scottish and English newspapers.

      Thank you Peter Merrigan.

    • wbs_vintage_newsprint_collage

    • ☄Scottish Solo Tour Poster 1995 ☄

      A Scottish solo tour poster with unique Artwork from 1995. Thank you Alan Pattullo.

    • mike_scotland_poster_95

    • ☄ Mike Tour Flyer 1995 ☄

      A UK Solo Tour flyer from 1995. Thank you Alan Pattullo.

    • mike_flyer_95

    • ☄ Bookermarker and Promo Card 2001 ☄

      A Bookmarker with tour dates on reverse and a promo postcard sized card from the 'Too Close To Heaven' Tour in 2001.

      Thank you Joanna Donoghue.

    • bookmarker.jpg
    • card_front.jpg
    • card_back.jpg

    • ☄ Olympic Ballroom, Dublin Poster 1987 ☄

      Thank you Pauline Bewick. A very rare and hard to find Olympic Ballroom poster for the Green Alliance shows on October 6th and 7th 1987 by the renowned Artist Pauline Bewick.

      The poster is signed by Mike to Pauline's daughter Poppy.

      You can view more of Pauline's excellent artworks Here.

    • bewick.jpg

    • ☄ Green Alliance Booklet, October 1987 ☄

      A rare and hard to find booklet that was only available at the Olympic ballroom shows on the 6th and 7th of October 1987.

      Thank you John Trautt.

    • ga_1.jpg
    • ga_2.jpg

    • ☄ Waterboys Interview Pic Disc circa 1986 ☄

      This Picture Disc Interview was released on the Baktobak UK label around about 1986 (possibly 1987) and it is about 20 minutes in duration.

      The sound quality is 'of it's time' but Mike chats about the 'This Is The Sea' LP, Van, Religion, Politics and more.

      There is no information about where the actual interview took place or the actual date (possibly the summer of 1985).

      Thank you Karen Devine Farrell.

    • int_a_1.jpg
    • int_b_2.jpg

    • ☄ Rare Italian/English Lyrics Book (1991) ☄

      A hard to find (and longsince out of print) Italian/English Lyric book. This book contains all of the song lyrics in Italian and English from the Debut 'The Waterboys' LP to the 'Room To Roam' LP. And it also contains all of the lyrics to the B-Sides!

      Thank you Dag Reinert Johansen.

    • wbs_italian_lyric_book

    • ☄ Vintage Drawings by Karen Devine Farrell ☄

      Some pencil drawings of Mike and Steve by Karen Devine Farrell that she drew 'many many years ago'.

      Thank you Karen.

    • 1_mike_x_2a
    • 1_mike_x_2a

    • ☄ 'Hosting Of The Shee' Signed Manuscript ☄

      This Limited Edition Manuscript, with each copy individually signed by Mike and Steve, was only available for a very short time with advance orders of the excellent 'An Appointment With Mr Yeats' album from Townsend Records. Initially, it sold out in about an hour and the Dynamic Duo kindly hand signed more copies which also completely sold out within a couple of hours. The manuscript which shows the violin part from the album's opening track The Hosting Of The Shee, and rendered in the Wickham hand, is printed on 135 gram Matt Art Paper. It is a lovely addition to the album.

    • hosting

    • ☄ Queen Elizabeth Hall 2002 Press Advert ☄

      A Press Advert for an Acoustic show in the Queen Elizabeth Hall , London on June 16th 2002. Thank You Dag Reinert Johansen.

    • advert_02

    • ☄ Alcheringa in Blues ☄

      A phantasmagorical portrait in oils of Mike in full flight by the artist Veronique Castellanos in a painting titled 'Alcheringa in Blues' measuring 50 cm X 76 cm.

      Thank you Veronique Castellanos.

    • alcheringa1.jpg

    • ☄ A Portrait of Steve Wickham ☄

      A vibrant capture of Steve in oils by the artist Veronique Castellanos in a painting measuring 45 cm X 60 cm. The 'Dream Coat' was regular stage wear for Mr Wickham for a few years.

      Thank you Veronique Castellanos.

    • vee_1.jpg

    • ☄ De Roma, Antwerp Tour Flyer 2015 ☄

      A Tour flyer for the Antwerp show at De Roma on October 7th 2015. Thank you Patrice Sintzen and Carolina.

    • roma.jpg

    • ☄ Artwork for Concert Poster, Paris 2012 ☄

      A very striking poster for The Waterboys show at Rock en Seine, Paris on August 26th 2012 by Bendik Kaltenborn.

      To order a high quality Giclee Print directly from Bendik please...Click Here

    • seine_bendik_kaltenborn.jpg

    • ☄ 'Caricature' Drawing By Mike Scott - 1987 ☄

      A drawing of Joe Kingman by Mike Scott. Mike drew this caricature of Joe in Windmill Lane Studios Dublin in the spring of 1987 for an 'in studio' fanzine. Thank you Joe Kingman for this image.

    • mikedrawing.jpg

    • ☄ 'Another Pretty Face' Gig Poster - 1979 ☄

      A very rare Another Pretty Face (APF were Mike's pre-Waterboys band who had considerable success) poster for a gig at Aberdeen, Queen's Cross Youth Club in the summer of 1980. The term "Kick It Over" was an APF slogan of the day. The support act on the day was TV 21. Thank you Joe Kingman .

    • apf.jpg