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This album page features a chronological listing of The Waterboys major albums, from their radical self-titled debut album to the latest album released in 2022, called All Souls Hill.

Also included are the Mike Scott solo albums plus The Waterboys' live albums and the various compilations, along with the two solo albums from Steve Wickham.

Over the years Mike Scott and The Waterboys have contributed unique songs to various compilations and projects, and also have guested on other Artists albums. So included here are a good many of these CDs.

For any fan of the music of Mike Scott and The Waterboys, these songs are well worth hunting down!

Lastly, there is a comprehensive listing of some of these hard to find and rare songs that are still available to buy as a digital download. A big thank you to Nick Ferguson for sending me several of these links.

    ☄ 'The Waterboys' (1983) ☄

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  2. The debut album from The Waterboys arrived just when the music world needed a good shot of fresh blood and adrenaline.

    It sounded unlike anything I heard before, songs that had meaning and depth, and even I knew back then, that a new force had arrived. A force to be reckoned with!

    Several songs on this album would become Waterboys anthems, 'A Girl Called Johnny', 'Girl In The Swing', 'Savage Earth Heart' and most recently 'Three Day Man' which Mike sang live for the first time in years, quite recently. A remastered version with extra songs was released in 2002.

    ☄ 'A Pagan Place' (1984) ☄

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  4. A Pagan Place catapulted The Waterboys onto the world stage, as all the big boys of the music world sat up and began to take notice.

    I still look at the song titles on this magnificent record, and shake my head in wonder as to how someone could write so many brilliant songs on a single album.

    It is without any doubt, a long time favorite LP of mine, and I would love to hear Mike resurrect more of these classic songs again onstage, especially the title track 'A Pagan Place'. A remastered version with extra tracks and unedited songs was released in 2002.

    ☄ 'This Is The Sea' (1985) ☄

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  6. This was the record that saw The Waterboys consolidate their position on the world stage, with all of the great bands of the day.

    Every single song on this astonishing LP is a classic in its own right which is an incredible achievement in itself.

    Many so called 'giants' of the music world would give anything to be able to write and record songs of this calibre

    A 2CD version of the This Is The Sea album was released in 2004, where the second disc actually contains more songs than the original album.

    ☄ 'Fisherman's Blues' (1988) ☄

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  8. An album that needs little or nothing more to be said about it because of its pedigree.

    It was subject to many delays in getting released, mainly because Mike was still recording and chasing down tunes and songs.

    We heard that it might be a triple vinyl album, and then possibly a double album but finally it was released as a single album. The vast quantity of songs recorded in Windmill Lane and Spiddal House began to trickle out on later releases, including a 2CD version of Fisherman's Blues in 2006.

    It is probably their biggest-selling album to this day.

    ☄ 'Room To Roam' (1990) ☄

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  10. This album follows on from the Fisherman's Blues sound but it is even more Trad based. It got a lukewarm reception from the press at the time but sure isn't hindsight a great thing, as now it is regarded as a great album in its own right.

    It was recorded in Spiddal House Galway and it features some high-calibre guest musicians such as Seamus Begley and Roddy Lorimer. It has a real live sound, the listener feels that they are actually in the room with the Band.

    A 2CD version was released in 2013.

    ☄ 'Dream Harder' (1993) ☄

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  12. Although Dream Harder was released as a Waterboys album, it is pretty much a Mike Scott solo album, as the band had already separated at this stage, and Mike took a couple of years off from the road himself.

    However, it remains one of my favorite albums from the Mike Scott canon to this day.

    The songs have a timeless quality and it is a very uplifting experience to listen to it.

    "I've burned my bridges, And I'm free at last, All my chains are in the past, The new life starts here!"

    ☄ 'A Rock In A Weary Land' (2000) ☄

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  14. After a seven-year hiatus, Mike reconvened The Waterboys moniker with the release of a throbbing, pulsating album of epic ('Sonic') rock songs.

    The recording band featured two notable luminaries in the form of Anthony Thistlethwaite and Richard Naiff.

    The resulting 'Weary Land' Tour was a full on assault on the senses!

    When the Band reached the Olympia Theatre Dublin in December 2000, it saw the return of Steve 'The Wick' Wickham to the fold, and we all knew that The Waterboys were back!

    ☄ 'Universal Hall' (2003) ☄

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  16. This album was recorded in Findhorn Scotland and is sometimes referred to as the 'quiet' album. But whatever way it's classified (Seek The Light is a Drum and Bass/Synth tune that would go down well in any Dance Club!), Universal Hall is packed to the brim with majestic sweeping songs, richedly-textured and with lyrics that conjure up vivid imagery in the listener's mind's eye.

    The resulting Tour over the next couple of years was an acoustic affair and it was a trio of Mike, Steve and the great Richard Naiff on keyboards. These shows also saw the mighty trio dust off some classic Waterboys songs including jaw-dropping, roof-raising versions of Red Army Blues and The Return Of Jimi Hendrix.

    ☄ 'The Book Of Lightning' (2007) ☄

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  18. The Book Of Lightning album is the last album of original songs before Modern Blues, by Mike and The Waterboys. It is a blend of good old fashioned rockers and sweeping ballads, with a mix of that 'raggle taggle' sound thrown in for good measure.

    The resulting 'Lightning' tour saw all of the album songs performed with gusto at various shows.

    Initial copies of the album also included a one hour DVD titled 'The Travels Of The Waterboys' which is an excellent compilation of the Band's on-tour home movies.

    ☄ 'Kiss The Wind' (Download Only Album) (2008) ☄

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  20. Kiss The Wind is a very special collection of rare and unreleased (at this time) Waterboys songs assembled from various recording sessions between 1991 and 2006, covering the Room To Roam, Dream Harder, Rock In The Weary Land and Universal Hall eras.

    With the exception of the cover songs, all of the material is penned by, and personally compiled by Mike. Many of the titles contained herein, will be unfamiliar as they have not appeared in any other form elsewhere.

    Also, there is a formidable version of Bruce Springteen's 'Independence Day' along with a terrific live cover of the Rolling Stones' 'Wild Horses', and a live outing of 'The Stolen Child'.

    The great news for anyone who does not have this phenomenal collection already, this album is available to download from Townsend Records for a mere £7.99 and you can order it.. Here!

    ☄ 'An Appointment With Mr Yeats' (2011) ☄

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  22. It may have been over twenty years in gestation but 2011 finally saw Mike release the fantastic 'An appointment With Mr Yeats' album. Mike mentioned the possibility of an album like this in numerous interviews over the years, and it was certainly worth waiting for as it is a tour de force from Mike and the 'Mr Yeats' band. These songs are very powerful indeed both vocally and especially with the rich tapestry of the Waterboys Mr Yeats ensemble.

    The live shows took the album songs to a whole new level. The shows were extraordinary in performance and energy as anyone who was present will testify.

    ☄ 'Modern Blues' (2015) ☄

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  24. The Waterboys latest album 'Modern Blues' was released in Ireland on January 16 2015 in Ireland, and was greeted with great applause and plaudits from fans and critics alike.

    The recording sessions for this album occurred in Nashville, with three new 'Waterboys' on board. Brother Paul Brown on Keyboards, Zach Ernst on Guitar and Muscle Shoals legend David Hood on bass.

    It is a very warm-sounding album with a wonderful soulful (and very live) feel to it. And it is comprised of a raft of very well written songs, and fabulous full-on rock songs. Some of these songs Mike has been singing live on occasion (and in various forms) since 2009.

    The album release in Japan saw the inclusion of two extra songs, firstly, a real gem of a 'story' song called 'Louie's Dead Body (Is Lying Right There)', which is a prime reason for seeking out the Japanese CD. And lastly, a very powerful short instrumental titled 'Colonel Parker's Ascent Into Heaven'.

    ☄ 'Out Of All This Blue' (2017) ☄


    The 'Out Of All This Blue' album was released worldwide on September 8th 2017.

    It features 23 songs on 2 CDs or as a double vinyl album and with the initial release there was an option to buy a 3 CD (or a triple vinyl) version which contains various remixes and music mash-ups.

    This album contains intense songs of love and compassion along with other wonderful 'story' songs and several have an irresistible dance beat.

    The Japanese album release saw the inclusion of a lovely extra song called 'Cuddle Up' so it is well worth seeking out the Japanese double CD.

    ☄ 'Where The Action Is' (2019) ☄


    The 'Where The Action Is' album was released worldwide on May 24th 2019.

    It was released in various vinyl and CD formats including a 2 CD version which contains various remixes and mash-ups.

    The Japanese album release contains two extra songs 'In Yoyogi Park' and I Like Shimokita so it is well worth seeking out.

    ☄ 'Good Luck, Seeker' (2020) ☄


    The 'Good Luck, Seeker' album was released worldwide in August 2020.

    It was released in black vinyl and Blue Splatter vinyl, a Limited Edition cassette and two CD formats including a 2 CD version which contains demo's, different versions and instrumentals.

    The Japanese album release contains one extra track, 'Independence Day' a cover of the Springsteen song.

    ☄ 'All Souls Hill' (2022) ☄


    The latest album 'All Souls Hill' was released in 2022.

    It was released on blue and black vinyl editions as well as a HMV exclusive on red vinyl and also as a Limited Edition cassette and on CD.

    The Japanese album release contains two extra tracks, 'Painting America White' and Jumpin' Jack Flash, a cover of the Stones song.

    ☀ Mike Scott Solo Albums ☀

    ☄ 'Sunflowers' (Fanclub Only Release)(1994) ☄


    The Sunflowers album is a superb collection of songs that were recorded mainly in Dublin in 1991, apart from two numbers which were recorded at a Virgin radio session in London in July 1993.

    Included are several different versions of songs that would later appear on the Dream Harder record, notably a marvellous acoustic version of 'The Return Of Pan' and an extended 'The New Life' with different verses and with an outro that did not appear on the commercially released song.

    Some of the other songs such as 'Sympathy For David Icke' would eventually become B-sides to later CD singles. The album closes with Mike's interpretation of the Robert Burns poem 'Ever To Be Near Ye'.

    This album was only available through the Mike Scott/Waterboys Fan Club and is now quite hard to find but this collection is an essential acquisition.

    ☄ 'Bring Em All In' (1995) ☄

  25. bringem.jpg
  26. After The Waterboys disbanded and Mike took a little time out from touring, he arrived back with his first official solo album.

    It is a record of soulful ballads and driving full on songs that make you want to leap up to shout and roar along!

    It is also the LP that Mike toured solo with for three years, playing a very varied and huge amount of songs on any given night, drawing from BEAI and the deep well of Waterboys songs, not to mention several unreleased songs.

    We were just thankful to see Mike play live again, as he was badly missed by gig goers and music fans alike.

    ☄ 'Lion Of Love' (Fanclub Only Release) (1996) ☄

  27. lion_of_love_cd_cover.jpg
  28. Lion Of Love comprises of ten songs of which many of the titles would be very familiar to anyone who purchased the BEAI album, and one other song 'Everlasting Arms' which would turn up on the Still Burning album the following year. However, these are different versions of the songs that feature on both solo albums.

    The title song and the album closer 'Experience Week Song' are not available in any form elsewhere.

    There are four songs on this album that were recorded live for unknown radio sessions including a splendid acoustic-based outing of the song 'All The Things She Gave Me' from the classic A Pagan Place album.

    Like Sunflowers, this album was also only available through the Mike Scott/Waterboys Information Society. And not surprisingly, it is now a rare album to come across but well worth obtaining.

    ☄ 'Still Burning' (1997) ☄

  29. burning.jpg
  30. The second solo album from Mike is (with the exception of two songs) a guitar blazing, synth pounding, trumpet blasting, affair with excellent lyrics and is full of excellent riffs and melodies.

    There are some heavy weights in the studio too including James Hallawell (yes him!), Ian McNabb and Jim Keltner.

    The shows on the 'Burning' Tour were a blast and we spoke in hushed tones wondering if Mike might reform The Waterboys again, but that was still a few years away.

    The U.S. version contains four extra songs, two of these 'King Electric' & 'Since I Found My School' found their way onto the 2 CD 'Love Anyway' single set. But 'Man on The Mountain' and 'One of Many Rescuers' are unavailable elsewhere and are exclusive to this release.

    ☀ Steve Wickham Solo Albums ☀

    ☄ 'Geronimo' (2004) ☄

  31. g1.jpg
  32. Steve released his first solo album Geronimo back in 2004, and it is a real treasure trove of excellent music and excellent songs.

    It is an album of consisting of many musical styles, from Irish trad to Russian folk, and Steve sings lead vocals on four of the songs and apart from the fiddle, he also plays guitar and penny whistle. Ex-Waterboy Richard Naiff also guests on several tracks.

    So, without putting too fine a point on it, this album is absolutely essential for any Waterboys fan or indeed any music lover.

    ☄ 'Beekeeper' (2017) ☄

  33. beekeeper1.jpg
  34. The second solo album from Steve and it is a thing of profound beauty.

    Consisting of twelve perfectly tailored songs and featuring a plethora of musical friends guesting on vocals including Katie Kim, Camille O'Sullivan, Mike Scott, The Lost Brothers, Ger Wolfe, French singer Cali and Joe Chester.

    It also features David Hood, Brother Paul Brown, Binzer Brennan and James Hallawell as well as his No Crows comrades Anna Houston, Oleg Ponomarov and Eddie Lee and several other Irish musicians.

    In a nutshell it is a must-have album!

    ☀ Live Albums and Compilations ☀

    ☄ 'The Best Of The Waterboys' (1991) ☄

  35. best.jpg
  36. This is an excellent introduction to The Waterboys music for any new or casual fan as it culls songs from the first five albums

    Although it only features one song from the 'A Pagan Place' album, it does feature a rare (at that time) song from the Fisherman's Blues sessions called 'Killing My Heart' and a live rendition of 'Old England'..

    It also includes some of the best known Waterboys songs from the 80s, 'A Girl Called Johnny', 'The Whole Of The Moon' and 'Fisherman's Blues'.

    It is an album that found its way into many a music fans CD collection.

    ☄ 'The Secret Life Of The Waterboys' (1994) ☄

  37. secret.jpg

    Released in 1994 and only a year after the fabulous 'Dream Harder' album, 'The Secret Life' was (and still is) an absolute treat for Waterboys fans as it is filled with rare outtakes, live radio sessions, different versions and unreleased song titles.

    Uniquely it features a song called 'Out Of Control' by Mike's previous band Another Pretty Face.

    It also contains the oldest known Waterboys song 'Going To Paris'.

    Unfortunately this treasure trove of an album is long since deleted but it is not too difficult to seek out for those who may not have it already.

  38. ☄ 'The Live Adventures Of The Waterboys' (1998) ☄


    This, on 2 CD and 3 LP, the first full live album by The Waterboys is an incredible live collection culled from a handful of shows in Dublin, The Royal Albert Hall and Europe in 1986.

    It captures the band along 'new member' Steve Wickham, all playing as if their very lives depended on it!

    It also features several covers by Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Patti Smith/Bruce Springsteen and Prince. This album is now deleted and whenever it appears for sale it carries a decent price tag. This is an essential album for any fan to have in their collection.

    ☄ 'The Whole Of The Moon' (1998) ☄

  39. moon.jpg

    This is another 'Best Of' type of compilation, but it also contains some of Mike's solo songs.

    It also features live versions of 'Rare, Precious And Gone' and 'A Girl Called Johnny' and also the quite brilliant song 'Higher In Time'.

    It makes an excellent companion piece to the earlier 'Best Of' compilation album (see above).

    Again, this album is deleted but it is relatively easy to find at a reasonable price.

    ☄ 'Too Close To Heaven' (2001) ☄

  40. heaven.jpg

    This album is one that we (as fans) waited with baited breath to get our clammy hands on as it contains ten outstanding songs from the Fisherman's Blues sessions. It is an album filled with such majestic and epic songs that it could easily stand alone as an album proper, and not just be regarded in some quarters as an 'Outtakes' album.

    There are so many highlights on this album that I shall only mention 'Too Close To Heaven', a soaring twelve minute epic (that was a real highlight of the 2001-2004 shows whenever it was performed) and the haunting masterpiece 'Higher In Time'. All in all an essential acquisition!

    ☄ 'Fisherman's Blues Part Two' - US & Canada (2001) ☄

  41. s27.jpg

    This 2CD set of Fisherman's Blues outtakes was released in the USA and Canada only.

    It differs from the European release of Too Close To Heaven album in that it includes a second disc of an extra five songs including a live version of the epic song 'Too Close To Heaven'.

    This album is essential and is worth seeking out for this extra 5 song E.P.

    ☄ Open To Spirit - 2002 ☄

    One of the rarest of all Waterboys CD's and perhaps the hardest one of all to find, this compilation 'Open To Spirit: The Transformational Music of Mike Scott and The Waterboys' album was released in very limited numbers in 2002.

    The CD booklet contains a 'Shadow Dancer' photograph by Mike and it also contains the song lyrics.

    This collection is a very unique combination of both Mike's solo songs and Waterboys material. The song selection was compiled by Janette.

    Mike writes: 'This was a promotional CD created in 2002 and manufactured in small quantities for our American new age publicist of the time to distribute to new age / holistic / spiritual publications and radio stations.'

    This album is a real jewel in any Waterboys collection!

  42. open_to_spirit_cover.jpg
  43. open_to_spirit_reverse.jpg

  44. ☄ 'The Essential Waterboys' (2003) ☄

  45. te.jpg

    This is the same Album of the 'Best Of' CD that was issued in 1991, repackaged with a new title and new artwork for the European market.

    Like it's predecessor, it is an excellent introduction to The Waterboys music for any new or casual fan as it culls songs from the first five albums

    Although it only features one song from the 'A Pagan Place' album, it does feature a rare (at that time) song from the Fisherman's Blues sessions called 'Killing My Heart' and a live rendition of 'Old England'..

    This album is long since deleted but it is not too difficult to find.

    ☄ 'Karma To Burn' (2005) ☄

  46. karma.jpg

    This is the second live album from The Waterboys which is culled from various 2003/2004 shows in Dublin and the UK.

    It features very fine renditions of career-spanning Waterboys songs as well as some of Mike's solo compositions. It is worth having just to hear that thirteen minute soaring epic rendition of 'The Pan Within' and the driving force of 'The Return Of Jimi Hendrix'.

    The band at that time was the fantastic five piece of Mike, Steve and Richard Naiff with Steve Walters on Bass and Carlos Hercules on Drums, and Sharon Shannon guests on 'A Song For The Life'.

    ☄ 'In A Special Place' (2011) ☄

  47. special.jpg

    In A Special Place is a very interesting album as it gives the listener a chance to hear how a great many of Mikes' songs begin.

    It is (mainly) just Mike on the piano singing various earlier versions of songs that would later become the majestic songs that are found on the sublime This Is The Sea album.

    There are also many other fine songs here, that for some unknown reason did not make the 'cut' on the original LP.

    But at least we have them now, and this collection is an excellent companion piece to the wonderful This Is The Sea record.

    ☄ 'Cloud Of Sound' (2012) ☄

  48. cloud_of_sound_cover.jpg

    The Sound of Cloud album was a limited edition release of 5000 copies when it was issued in 2012. Each copy is numbered and is signed by the man himself.

    It features many studio recordings made between 2002-2012, and four live songs culled from a handful of shows between 2000 and 2009 including a wild 'Savage Earth Heart' from the (then) recently relaunched band in Glastonbury 2000.

    A good many of these songs have appeared on Mick Pucks' Soundcloud page but none of these song titles appear on any other Waterboys release to date.

    ☄ 'Fisherman's Box' (2013) ☄

  49. fishbox.jpg
  50. The box set is the 'Holy Grail' of releases for many Waterboys fans. Although there are several bootlegs available of various 'Fisherman' sessions (in varying quality) floating about, none of us were prepared for this mammoth six CD collection of songs.

    It is packed with unknown gems and wonderful (radically) different versions of songs that we all know and cherish.

    Initial copies were snapped up and it sold out in a flash, but is is still available in a new packaging format. This box set is absolutely essential to anyone with a passing interest in The Waterboys!

    ☀ Guest Appearances on Other Albums ☀

    ☄ 'Ode To A Black Man' (1991) ☄

  51. s1.jpg
  52. Ode To A Blackman - Remembering Philip P. Lynott is a concept album of sorts.

    It originally appeared on cassette in Ireland in 1989 and it was subsequently released on CD in 1991. It features Mike Scott singing a verse on the last track 'Epilogue' and the album also features Vinnie Kilduff and Anto Drennan.

    ☄ 'Bring It All Back Home' (1991) ☄

  53. s19.jpg
  54. The 2 CD soundtrack album from the excellent BBC series of the same name, with a host of Irish and international artists contains the wonderful 'A Song For The Life.' by The Waterboys.

    ☄ 'Bring It All Back Home - Volume 2' (1999) ☄

  55. s20.jpg
  56. This is a single CD and a U.S. release from 1999 which includes The Waterboys with the excellent 'A Song For The Life.'

    ☄ 'Sweet Relief - A Benefit For Victoria Williams' (1993) ☄

  57. s2.jpg
  58. A benefit album for Victoria Williams, this CD features many artists including Lou Reed, Lucinda williams, Giant Sand and many others covering Victoria's songs.

    The Waterboys perform the heavily reggae infused 'Why Look At The Moon.'

    ☄ 'Jackie Leven ‎– The Mystery of Love....' (1994) ☄

  59. jackie_leven.jpg
  60. This Jackie Leven The Mystery of Love is Greater than the Mystery of Death album from 1994 features Mike Scott, Anto Thisthethwaite and James Hallawell.

    Mike shares vocals on the spoken word 15th century poem 'Clay Jug' written by Kabir.

    ☄ 'Glastonbury 25th Anniversary - A Celebration' (1995) ☄

  61. s3.jpg
  62. A compilation with a host of Artists commemorating 25 years of the Glastonbury Festival.

    It features Mike Scott with a studio version of 'Goin' Back To Glasters' which differs from the live version that appears on CD1 of the 'Building The City Of Light' single.

    To the best of my knowledge this song is unavailable elsewhere.

    ☄ 'There's A Wild Thing In The House - Pal Shazar' (1995) ☄

  63. s21.jpg
  64. Pal Shazar was a founding member of the New Wave band Slow Children in the early 80's.

    Pal is also an accomplished painter and she painted the wonderful cover for the Dream Harder LP.

    This is the second solo album by the US Singer/Songwriter.

    It features Mike Scott sharing vocals with her on the song 'Penny For Your Thoughts'.

    ☄ 'Disagreement Of The People' (1995) ☄

  65. s8.jpg
  66. This compilation is from 1995 and it features a collaboration of Jackie Leven, Robert Bly and Mike Scott on the song 'Clay Jug'.

    This album is long since deleted but it is worth seeking out for this song.

    ☄ 'Last Perfect Thing - A Retrospective'- Wire Train (1996) ☄

  67. wire.jpg
  68. This is a compilation by folkrock blues band 'Wire Train', who were based in San Francisco. And Mike and Anto both feature on the (great) song 'Compassion'.

    This album is long since deleted and it commands a strong price whenever it appears for sale.

    ☄ 'Come Again' - Various (1997) ☄

  69. s4.jpg
  70. This is another 2 CD compilation to celebrate 100 years of EMI Records.

    It contains a fantastic Mike Scott cover of the Kate Bush song 'Why Should I Love You?'.

    Mike quote (abridged)..."This song was the soundtrack to six tumultuous months in my life...It's a song to fall in or out of love to, and terrific music for cooking stir-fry!"

    Again, this album is deleted but it is relatively easy to find at a reasonable price.

    ☄ 'Now And In Time To Be'- A Celebration of W.B. Yeats (1997) ☄

  71. s9.jpg
  72. This album from 1997 is a real musical treat for Waterboys fans. Apart from fabulous interpretations by a host of other Artists (including Van, Shane and even Mr Yeats himself!), it contains 'Song Of The Rosey Cross' by Mike Scott and Sharon Shannon and also 'The Stolen Child' by The Waterboys and Tomas MacEoin and this is a remix.

    It also contains 'Politics' by Karl Wallinger, and 'The Four Ages of Man' by World Party.

    Essential? Yes, most definitely!

    ☄ 'Indieworld' (1998) ☄

  73. s17.jpg
  74. Like the compilation above, this album from 1998 also contains the rare and hard to find song 'Clay Jug'.

    ☄ 'Beggars Banquet 21' (1998) ☄

  75. s10.jpg
  76. This is an album celebrating 30 years since the release of The Rolling Stones classic album Beggars Banquet featuring a wide array of musicians playing covers of each of the songs on the Stones record.

    It contains 'Salt Of The Earth' by Ian McNabb with Mike Scott and Anto Thistlethwaite.

    However, this album is quite scarce as it was limited to 500 copies.

    ☄ 'Sharon Shannon'- Sharon Shannon (1999) ☄

  77. sharon_1999.jpg
  78. This album was recorded between 1989 and 1991 but it was not released until 1999.

    During this time Sharon became a Watergirl herself and toured with the band.

    The guest list that feature on this album would choke a Shire horse!

    Mike, Steve, Anto, Trevor and Noel Bridgeman all feature as does Eoin O'Neill, Liam O Maonlai, Donal Lunny, Philip King, Adam Clayton and many more.

    ☄ 'Raggle Taggle Gypsy'- Carlos Nunez & Mike Scott (1999) ☄

  79. s5.jpg
  80. This is a song from 'Os Amores Libres', an album by Carlos Nunez.

    It is a fine version of 'Raggle Taggle Gypsy' with Mike Scott.

    The two track promo CD is shown here.

    ☄ 'Green Indians' - Celebrating the Life of Kevin Wilkinson (2000) ☄

  81. s25.jpg
  82. This Celebrating the Life and Works of Kevin Wilkinson 2CD compilation is from 2000 and all proceeds go to the Kevin Wilkinson Trust, set up on behalf of Kevin's children. Kevin was a member of the Waterboys.

    The band appear on this 2CD set with 'Sleek White Schooner'.

    ☄ 'KGSR - Broadcasts Vol. 10' (2002) ☄

  83. broadcasts.jpg
  84. This double CD is a collection of on site radio sessions recorded throughout 2001. The album features a host of artists such as Willie Nelson, Lucinda Williams, Billy Bragg and many more.

    What is of special interest to us here, is an exclusive live in the studio recording of 'Bring em all in' featuring both Mike and Steve which was recorded on September 25th 2001.

    This version is exclusive to this album and is unavailable elsewhere. So this is an album that is well worth tracking down.

    ☄ 'Gimme Shelter - Vol 2' (2002) ☄

  85. s12.jpg
  86. This is a compilation CD given away free with the Uncut Magazine in January 2002. (Vol 1 was also available separately.)

    It also contains 'Salt Of The Earth' by Ian McNabb with Mike Scott and Anto Thistlethwaite. And it is not too difficult to find, if you do not have it already.

    ☄ 'The Aran Lifeboat Collection' (2006) ☄

  87. s6.jpg
  88. Another benefit album, this time a 2 CD collection of music and poetry in aid of the Aran Lifeboats.

    The first CD contains the Waterboys song 'Woman Of Ireland' and the second CD contains a live instrumental of 'The Silver Spear/The High Reel' by Sean Watty Flaherty & Mairtin Flaherty with Mike Scott & Vinnie Kilduff.

    ☄ 'Ceol '06' (2006) ☄

  89. s18.jpg
  90. An Irish CD release of an album containing all songs in the Irish language which includes The Waterboys with the all Irish version of Peace of Iona 'Siochain Iona.'

    This version later appeared on the (now long-since sold out) signed, numbered and limited 'Cloud of Sound' CD album in 2012.

    ☄ 'In The Beginning Was Love'- One People & Mike Scott (2007) ☄

  91. s7.jpg
  92. Another wonderful song with a guest appearance by Mike Scott.

    'In The Beginning Was Love' was released as a single by One People in Norway in 2007.

    This is the two track single that is shown here.

    ☄ 'L'espoir - Cali' (2008) ☄

  93. s22.jpg
  94. L'espoir is the fourth album by French Singer/Songwriter Cali and it was his first #1 album in France.

    It features Mike Scott on two songs, 'Pas La Guerre' and also 'List Of Lies'.

    ☄ 'Galway Girl - Sharon Shannon' (2008) ☄

  95. s16.jpg
  96. This album is a 'Best Of' album from Sharon Shannon that basically is an album of duets with various musical guests.

    It contains 'Song Of The Rosey Cross' with Mike Scott.

    ☄ 'Great Things - Ian McNabb' (2009) ☄

  97. s23.jpg
  98. Great Things is a 2009 album from long time friend of the band, Ian McNabb and it features Mike Scott on the song 'New Light'.

    ☄ 'Quarter Notes: Live at the World Cafe -Vol.25' (2009) ☄

  99. quarter_08.jpg
  100. A 'Live at the World Cafe' Album that features the Waterboys performing the song 'She Tried to Hold Me'.

    This track is exclusive to this release and not available elsewhere.

    ☄ 'Spellbound - Sharon Shannon' (2009) ☄

  101. s24.jpg
  102. Another compilation from Sharon that features Mike on two songs.

    Firstly he sings vocals the song 'Song of the Rosey Cross' and secondly he appears on the song 'Munster Hop'.

    To the best of my knowledge this latter song is unavailable elsewhere.

    ☄ 'Saints And Scoundrels - Sharon Shannon' (2009) ☄

  103. s15.jpg
  104. Another excellent album from Sharon Shannon, and this CD contains two songs of interest to the Waterboys fan.

    First up is 'Saints and Angels' then the lively instrumental 'Hillbilly Lilly & Buffalo Benji', both featuring The Waterboys.

    ☄ 'As Night Falls - Sarah Calderwood' (2011) ☄

  105. s26.jpg
  106. This album by Sarah Calderwood was released in 2011.

    It contains a very powerful song called 'The Blue Cockade' with a really great vocal by Mike Scott.

    ☄ 'Music that Changes the World - Various' (2012) ☄

  107. changes.jpg
  108. A four LP compilation album with an exclusive Waterboys song and which features a host of artists such as Tom Waits, Iggy Pop and many more.

    It contains a version of 'In the Beginning was Love' that is different to the version that Mike recorded with One People.

    ☄ 'Old Grey Whistle Test - Live' (2013) ☄

  109. s31.jpg
  110. A fantastic triple CD collection of live performances from the long running and legendary OGWT TV show.

    Included here on the second disc is a live version of 'This is the Sea' from The Waterboys.

    This Live version was originally broadcast on November 19th 1985.

    ☄ 'New Gold Dreams' - Post Punk & New Romantic '79 - '83 (2013) ☄

  111. s30.jpg
  112. A triple CD compilation released in 2013. Very notable for the inclusion of the song 'Whatever Happened To The West' by Another Pretty Face.

    As far as I am aware it is the only APF song to appear in CD form thus far.

    ☄ 'Larry Kirwin's Celtic Invasion' (2013) ☄

  113. s14.jpg
  114. This album contains 'Savage Earth Heart' by the Waterboys. This version is live from Glastonbury 2000.

    Although it is the same version that appeared on the limited edition and signed album Cloud of Sound in 2012, this album is long since sold out.

    ☄ 'Ghosts and Graffiti - Thea Gilmore' (2015) ☄

  115. s29.jpg
  116. This album was released by Thea Gilmore in May of 2015.

    It features The Waterboys on the song 'Glistening Bay'.

    ☄ 'Rising Against Homelessness' - 16 For '16 (2016) ☄

  117. s28.jpg
  118. This is a charity album for Focus Ireland, and it was launched at a Benefit Gig in Dublin on April 24th 2016.

    It a fabulous rendition of 'The Wild Mountain Time' (intentional spelling by Mike) by the Waterboys.

    This version was recorded at Puck Towers.

☀ Rare Songs - Digital Downlads ☀

Over the years both Mike and The Waterboys have contributed unique songs to various compilations and have also guested on albums by other artists.

These songs may not be familiar to some of you, but they are all well worth tracking down.

A big thank you to Nick Ferguson for sending me a lot of these links.

So here are a number of rare songs that are still available to buy as a digital download.


There are a number of 'exclusive' downloads that are only available through iTunes. Firstly, there are two Bonus songs available to download that are associated with the 'Book of Lightning' album.

These are 'The Player' and a fine rendition of 'Red Army Blues' (Live).

Secondly, there are two more songs available with the download of the 'An Appointment With Mr Yeats' album.

These are 'Love Song' and 'The Four Ages Of Man'.

Digital Downloads:

  • 'Mr Fox' is a song from 1986 and is on a 6 CD Nikki Sudden compilation titled 'The Boy From Nowhere Who Fell Out Of The Sky'. To download and buy it as a stand alone track please Click Here

  • 'On My Way To The Big light' features Mike Scott and is on the 2003 Dazadi Izpilditaj album titled 'The Best Of Latvia'. To download and buy it as a stand alone track please Click Here

  • 'The Raggle Taggle Gypsy' is on the 'Os Amores Libres' album by Carlos Nunez from 1999 and features Mike Scott. To download and buy this song as a stand alone track please Click Here

  • 'Crash Of Angels Wings' is a remix of the 2007 song and therefore differs from the 'Book Of Lightning' album version. There is also a Demo version available. To download and buy either version as a stand alone track please Click Here

  • 'In The Beginning Was Love' is a song from One People featuring Mike Scott and Noora Door from 2007. To download and buy it as a stand alone track please Click Here

  • 'Kiss The Wind' is a download only Waterboys live album from 2008. To download and buy this wonderful album please Click Here

  • 'A Song Of The Rosey Cross' is a song from the 'Galway Girl' Best Of album by Sharon Shannon from 2008 and features Mike Scott. To download and buy this song as a stand alone track please Click Here

  • 'Saints and Angels' is a song from the 'Saints And Scoundrels' album by Sharon Shannon from 2009 and features The Waterboys . To download and buy this song as a stand alone track please Click Here

  • 'Hillbilly Lilly & Buffalo Benji'' is an instrumental song from the 'Saints And Scoundrels' album by Sharon Shannon from 2009 and features The Waterboys. To download and buy this song as a stand alone track Click Here

  • 'The Blue Cockade' is a great song from the 'As Night Falls' by Sarah Calderwood album that was issued in 2011. To download and buy this wonderful track please Click Here

  • 'Love Song' is a download only song that was not included on the 'An Appointment With Mr Yeats' album from 2011. To download and buy this wonderful 'Bonus' track please Click Here

  • 'Fisherman's Blues Part Two' This (US & Canada) album is not the easiest to find, but luckily it is almost fully available in digital form. To download and buy the album or to buy any individual track please Click Here

  • 'Geronimo - Steve Wickham' This album is not the easiest to locate, but luckily it is readily available in digital form. To download and buy the full album or to buy any as a stand alone track please Click Here

  • 'A Song For Arthur's Day E.P.' is a three song E.P. released digitally in 2013. To download and buy all three songs or to buy any as a stand alone track please Click Here

  • 'Glistening Bay' is a song that features The Waterboys as guests, from 'Ghosts & Graffiti' the 2015 album from Thea Gilmore. To download and buy this song as a stand alone track please Click Here

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