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  2. Welcome to the page dedicated to Universal Hall and the resulting live album Karma To Burn.

    This Page contains some background to the creation of the Universal Hall album, a round-up of various CD pressings, promos, tour merchandise and memorabilia relating to the Universal Hall and Karma To Burn albums and tours.

    Thank you to Marion Black, Peter Vallance, David Lappin, Cor Radix, Donato Morganella, Joanna Donoghue, Dominic Lake, Javi Morant, Dag Reinert Johansen, Mary Barrett, Audrey Bridgeman and Crispin Thomas for contributing items to this web page.

    * If you happen to have a piece of Universal Hall or Karma To Burn memorabilia that is not shown here, please send a photo on and it shall be added. *

    *To see some fabulous photos, show posters and to read about the Findhorn Foundation please see the following Page on this Fan Site.*


    ☄ Mike Walking In Snow At Findhorn ☄

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  4. This Page is split into several sections for quick and easy access.

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    Album Origins

    A brief overview on the album's creation.

    Universal Hall CD Albums

    Here you will find the standard release and promo CD's.

    Universal Hall Vinyl LP

    Released for the first time on vinyl on 28th July 2023.

    Karma To Burn CD Albums

    Here you will find the standard release and a pre-release CD.

    CD Singles

    CD single release and promo.

    Memorabilia - Merchandise

    A selection of Universal Hall - Karma To Burn merchandise and memorabilia.

    ☄ Mike Outside Universal Hall ☄

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  6. Universal Hall - Origins and Tour

    The album was recorded in Findhorn in Scotland and many of the songs were premiered within Universal Hall itself, over the many concerts Mike played there, whether solo, as a duo with Richard Naiff and with the Waterboys. Universal Hall is packed to the brim with majestic sweeping songs, richly textured and with lyrics that conjure up vivid imagery in the listener's mind's eye.

    The Universal Hall album was released in Ireland and elsewhere in June 2003.

    ☄ Findhorn Studio Entrance ☄

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  8. ☄ Steve & Richard At Work In The Studio At Findhorn ☄

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  10. ☄ Richard, Mike & Steve At Work On Stage ☄

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  12. The resulting tour over the next couple of years was a combination of acoustic and electric shows. Some shows were all acoustic with the trio of Mike, Steve and the great Richard Naiff on keyboards. Other shows were a half-and-half affair; the first set would be the trio of Mike, Steve and Richard while the second set would be all electric with the addition of Geoff Dugmore on drums and Braid Waissman on bass.

    ☄ Carlos Hercules and Steve Walters In Action ☄

    For the big Autumn 2003 tour the rhythm section was Carlos Hercules on drums and Steve Walters on bass. They were a very powerful and very brilliant duo and they brought a funkier sound into the band, as anyone who saw a show on this tour, or who saw the band between Autumn 2003 and 2006 on the Universal Hall and the Karma To Burn tours will testify.

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  14. The acoustic / electric shows in 2003-2004 also saw the mighty trio dust off some classic Waterboys songs including jaw-dropping, roof-raising versions of The Pan Within* and The Return Of Jimi Hendrix.*

    * The Karma To Burn live album was recorded in the UK and Ireland between October 2003 and November 2004.

    * You can check out each and every one of these individual setlists from 2003 and 2004, on the official Mike Scott and The Waterboys site...mikescottwaterboys/archive/setlists/2003

    ☄ Universal Hall Press Promotion ☄

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  16. A full page press promotion for Universal Hall in a music magazine.

    Universal Hall CD Albums

    ☄ Original Release ☄

    Universal Hall was released in June 2003. The album cover art features the doors to Universal Hall in Findhorn.

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  20. ☄ 5 Track Sampler CD ☄

    A scarce sampler CD to promote the album release on 9th June 2003. Thank you David Lappin.

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  22. ☄ Promo Album CD ☄

    A promo album disc in a wraparound paper sleeve.

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  24. ☄ Advance Promo Album ☄

    An advance album promo with altered artwork on back sleeve and on disc.

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  27. Universal Hall Vinyl LP

    Universal Hall on Seville Orange wax, for the very first time on vinyl! Released on 28th July 2023.

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  29. Karma To Burn

    ☄ Karma To Burn Album Release - Press Promotion ☄

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  31. Press promotion for the Karma To Burn album release.

    Karma To Burn is a live album that was released on September 26th 2005. It was compiled from a number of shows in Ireland and the UK between October 2003 and November 2004. It gives a great cross-section of just some of the wide variety of songs played throughout the Universal Hall tour. This release is an essential acquisition.

    The Songs were recorded in the following venues:

    Long Way To The Light - Warwick October 16 2003.

    Peace Of Iona - Belfast October 18 2003.

    Glastonbury Song - Plymouth October 29 2003.

    Medicine Bow - Basingstoke October 15 2003.

    The Pan Within - Dublin October 21 2003.

    Open - Liverpool October 26 & Galway November 23 2004.

    The Return Of Jimi Hendrix - Cork November 25 2004.

    My Dark Side - Cheltenham October 30 2003.

    A Song For The Life - Athlone November 27 2004.

    Bring 'Em All In - Belfast October 18 2003.

    The Whole Of the Moon - Belfast October 18 2003.

    Fisherman's Blues - Cheltenham October 30 2003.

    Come Live With Me - Galway November 23 & Cork November 25 2004.

    * You can check out the setlists from the Karma To Burn 2006 tour on the official Mike Scott and The Waterboys site...mikescottwaterboys/archive/setlists/2006

    ☄ Karma To Burn ☄

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    ☄ Karma To Burn - Pre-Release Copy ☄

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  35. This is a pre-release copy of the album in a paper sleeve.

    ☄ Karma To Burn Press Promotion ☄

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  37. Press promotion for Karma To Burn in a music magazine.

    Thank you Javi.

    ☄ Karma To Burn UK Dates - Press Promotion ☄

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  39. Press promotion for some Karma To Burn tour dates in the UK in January 2006.

    ☄ Universal Hall In Snow ☄

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  41. CD Singles

    ☄ 'This Light Is For The World' ☄

    This was the only single released from Universal Hall. It was released on July 7th 2003 and it contains three tracks, the title track This Light Is For The World and two others which were unreleased, Winter Blows and a cover of the Bruce Springsteen song Independence Day. It is not difficult to find and is well worth getting for these two extra songs.

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  44. ☄ 'This Light Is For The World' One-Track Promo ☄

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  46. This is a one-track promo issued to radio stations.

    ☄ 'This Light Is For The World' Promo ☄

    A one-track promo issued in a colour wraparound sleeve.

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  48. ☄ 'Universal Hall' - One-Track Caduceus CD ☄

    The Universal Hall title track was given away with an issue of the Caduceus Magazine. This publication is "is a healing, spiritual magazine focusing on psychological, emotional, spiritual, ecological and environmental health, therapy and growth, including natural, holistic, energy and complementary medicine".

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  52. Merchandise & Memorabilia

    ☄ Tour Laminate 2003 ☄

  53. wbs_uh_tour_laminate_2003
  54. A Universal Hall tour laminate issued to band and crew from October 2003.

    ☄ Univeral Hall Tour Programme 2003: ☄

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  56. ☄ Univeral Hall Logo & Tour Dates Tee 2003: ☄

    A much-loved album logo t-shirt with dates from the Tour in 2003.

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  58. ☄ Univeral Hall / Karm To Burn Navy Ladies Tee: ☄

    A Ladies t-shirt acquired in the Olympia Theatre, Dublin in 2006. Thank you Mary.

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  60. ☄ Univeral Hall / Karm To Burn Pink Ladies Tee: ☄

  61. wbs_universal_hall_ladies_tee.jpg

  62. ☄ Univeral Hall Tour Tee 2003: ☄

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  64. ☄ 2003 Tour Tee with Dates: ☄

    T-shirt with dates from the Tour in 2003. Thank you Dag.

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  66. ☄ Universal Hall, Findhorn - June 2003 ☄

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  68. Universal Hall poster from June 22nd 2003. By popular demand the band played two shows that evening.

    Thank you Peter.

    ☄ Universal Hall, Findhorn - June 2003 ☄

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  70. Another poster from the two shows on June 22nd 2003 in Universal Hall, Findhorn.

    The band played a huge number of shows in 2003, including several appearances in Ireland, with extensive dates across the UK and Europe and the USA.

    Thank you Peter.

    ☄ Universal Hall Tour Flyers ☄

    Birmingham Symphony Hall flyer from June 2003 and an October 2003 flyer with UK dates listed.

    Thank you Donato.

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  73. ☄ Univeral Hall Tour Programme 2004: ☄

  74. wbs_tour_programme_2004.jpg

  75. ☄ A Special Edition Findhorn Tee 2004 ☄

    A lovely special edition Tee-Shirt to commemorate the two Midsummer's Eve Stramash concerts in Universal Hall, Findhorn in June 2004. Thank you David Lappin.

  76. findhorn_tee.jpg
  77. findhorn_tee_back.jpg

  78. ☄ Promo Postcard, Backstage Pass & Ticket 2004 ☄

    A promo postcard, a backstage pass and ticket for a London show in October 2004. Thank you Crispin.

  79. wbs_promo_postcard_backstage_pass_and_ticket_oct_2004.jpg

  80. ☄ Autumn Tour 2004: ☄

    T-shirt with dates from the Autumn Tour in 2004. Thank you Cor.

  81. wbs_uni_tour_2004.jpg

  82. ☄ Irish and UK October Tour 2004 ☄

    Large signed poster listing the Irish and UK dates from the October Tour in 2004.

  83. signed_2004.jpg

  84. ☄ Karma To Burn Tour Laminate 2006 ☄

  85. wbs_karma_laminate_2006
  86. A Karma To Burn tour laminate issued to band and crew from 2006. Thank you Audrey.

    ☄ Karma To Burn UK Tour - 2006 ☄

    Karma To Burn UK Tour flyer from January 2006. Thank you Joanna.

  87. wbs_karma_jan_2006_flyer.jpg

  88. ☄ Karma To Burn UK Tour - 2006 ☄

    Karma To Burn UK Tour flyer for two UK dates in January/February 2006.

  89. wbs_jan_2006_flyer.jpg

  90. ☄ Karma To Burn T-Shirt 2006 ☄

    A t-shirt from the Karma To Burn tour with Irish and European tour dates.

  91. wbs_karma_tee_2006.jpg

  92. ☄ Karma To Burn Polo Shirt ☄

    A polo shirt from the Karma To Burn tour.

  93. wbs_karma_polo.jpg

  94. ☄ A Midsummer's Eve Stramash - Findhorn 2006 ☄

  95. find13b.jpg
  96. Findhorn poster for a two-night stand in Universal Hall in Findhorn, Scotland on June 24th and 25th 2006.

    You can read about the Findhorn Foundation Here

    Thank you Peter.

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