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  2. Welcome to the Dream Harder Page.
    This Page contains some light background on the creation of the album, a round-up of various vinyl, CD pressings, promos, cassettes and memorabilia relating to the Dream Harder album.

    Thank you to Dag Reinert Johansen, Inge Rieger and Andy Pritchatt for contributing items to this web page.

    * If you have a release or promo that is not shown here, please send photos on and they shall be added. *

    Vinyl Album

    CD Albums and More

    Worldwide releases and promo releases.

    Sunflowers - 1994

    Album Cassettes

    A selection of worldwide releases and a promo.

    CD Singles and More

    Worldwide and promos releases.

    7-Inch Singles

    Two vinyl releases.

    Cassette Singles

    A selection of original worldwide cassette singles and promos.

    12-Inch Singles

    Two vinyl releases.


    A selection original Dream Harder memorabilia.

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    ☄ Album Origins ☄

    Mike initially recorded some demos in Ringsend, Dublin in 1991 before he left Ireland for New York and some of these (re-recorded) track titles did end up of the record.

    But the main recording sessions took place in various studios around New York, plus at a studio in London and another studio in Los Angeles.

    Mike debuted a few of the album songs at a solo show in New York in 1991 and at two more solo shows in late 1992, he also played a few more on his solo tours in 1994-96 and we heard blistering full band versions of the songs for the first time on the Still Burning tour.

    The Dream Harder album, with colourful artwork by Pal Shazar, was released in Ireland and elsewhere on May 25th 1993.

    *To read some wonderful indepth stories about the writing and recording of the Dream Harder album, please see Mike's Patreon posts on 23rd and 24th May 2022*

    ☄ Promo Photo ☄

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  4. One of the promo shots that appeared in various publications for the album.

    ☄ US Press Release ☄

    A Dream Harder press release and photo from the USA.

  5. wbs_dh_us_press_release

  6. Vinyl Album

    ☄ Music Shop Display ☄

    A 40 cm x 40 cm standee used for promotion in some music shops. How many of these survive today is not known but it cannot be many! Thank you Dag.

  7. wbs_dh_standee

  8. ☄ Dream Harder ☄

    Dream Harder vinyl LP with striking cover artwork by Pal Shazar.

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  10. wbs_dh_vinyl_2

  11. wbs_dh_vinyl_3
  12. wbs_dh_vinyl_4

  13. ☄ German Press Promotion ☄

    An unusual double press promotion from Germany for both the The Return of Pan single release and the Dream Harder album release. Thank you Inge.

  14. wbs_pan_dream_harder_german_press_promotion

  15. ☄ English and French Press Promotions ☄

    Two full page press promotions from various music magazines of the day.

  16. wbs_dh_music_mag
  17. wbs_dh_french_music_mag

  18. CD Albums and More

    ☄ European CD ☄

    Standard album release from Europe.

  19. wbs_dream_harder_cd_cover
  20. wbs_dream_harder_cd_back_2

  21. ☄ Dream Harder US Promo ☄

    A promo album from the USA.

  22. wbs_dh_us_promo_cover
  23. wbs_dh_us_promo_disc

  24. ☄ Japan ☄

    ☄ A3 Poster ☄

  25. wbs_dh_a3_japan_poster
  26. A striking A3 size poster used for promotion in Japan music shops.

    ☄ Dream Harder ☄

    A CD of Dream Harder with Lyric booklet and OBI strip included.

  27. jap_dream_harder_1

  28. ☄ Dream Harder - Sample Promo ☄

    A scarce Japanese sample promo of Dream Harder with sample stamp, Lyric booklet and OBI strip.

  29. jap_dream_harder_promo_1
  30. jap_dream_harder_promo_2

  31. jap_dream_harder_promo_3
  32. jap_dream_harder_promo_4

  33. ☄ Dream Harder Interview Promo Disc ☄

    Another companion piece to the album is this Mike Scott Intervew CD from the USA.

  34. wbs_dream_harder_interview_cover
  35. wbs_dream_harder_interview_reverse

  36. ☄ Promo Photo ☄

  37. wbs_dh_promo_photo_bw
  38. Another of the promo shots that appeared in various publications for the album.

    Sunflowers - 1994

    Limited to only 250 copies the Sunflowers contains demo versions of some songs from the Dream Harder album, including a number of cuts and different versions that did not make the record release. Originally only available to members of The Waterboys Information Society this very scarce CD now commands a sky-high price. This album release is a perfect companion to the released CD and it is an essential must-have!

  39. sunflowers_cd_cover
  40. sunflowers_cd_inner

  41. ☄ Waves Magazine ☄

    Cover of the first issue of Waves magazine featuring Learning To Fly themed artwork. This beautifully produced and very informative magazine was only available to members of The Waterboys Information Society. The Sunflowers CD was issued with this first issue and it also included an A2 colour poster with all of the Dream Harder song lyrics printed in gold.

  42. wbs_waves_mag_1

  43. ☄ Dream Harder Lyric Poster - Waves Magazine ☄

    Detail of the beautiful A2 sized lyric poster that was included with the first issue of Waves magazine which was only available to members of The Waterboys Information Society.

  44. wbs_dh_ waves_mag_poster

  45. ☄ Spanish Press Release Pack with Lyrics ☄

    This is a four-page Spanish Press Release Pack with english song lyrics included housed in a colour cover folder.

  46. wbs_dh_spanish_press_release_pack

  47. Cassette Albums and More

    ☄ Promotional Window Decal ☄

    An A4 sized window decal sticker for Dream Harder used for promotion in music shops.

  48. wbs_mike_dh_window_decal

  49. ☄ Promo Cassette ☄

    A Dream Harder promotional cassette in a grey card sleeve.

  50. wbs_dream_harder_promo_tape

  51. ☄ USA Four-Track One-Sided Promo Cassette ☄

    A promotional four-track one-sided cassette from the USA.

  52. wbs_4trk_cassette_dh

  53. ☄ USA - Advance Promo Cassette ☄

    An advance promotional cassette album from the USA.

  54. wbs_dream_harder_usa_promo_cassette

  55. ☄ Canada ☄

  56. wbs_dream_harder_tape

  57. ☄ Denmark ☄

    A budget release from Denmark, for sale in Europe and Japan.

  58. wbs_dream_harder_tape_denmark

  59. ☄ Europe ☄

    Official European release in a foldout sleeve.

  60. wbs_dream_harder_europe_cassette

  61. ☄ Poland ☄

    Two Polish cassettes with different artwork.

  62. wbs_dh_tapes_x_2

  63. ☄ Saudi Arabia ☄

    An officially released Saudi Arabia cassette, under licence from BMG International / Geffen, put out on Stallions Records for the Expatriates. Uniquely, it is the only known release in a portrait foldout sleeve, as opposed to the normal landscape artwork used on the Dream Harder cassette releases from other countries.

  64. wbs_dream_harder_saudi_arabia_cassette

  65. ☄ Promo Photo ☄

  66. wbs_dh_promo_photo_dag_3
  67. Another of the promo shots that appeared in various publications for the album. Thank you Dag.

    CD Singles and More

    ☄ Glastonbury Song US CD E.P. ☄

    A US five-track E.P with four non album tracks.

  68. wbs_glasto_cd_us_cover
  69. wbs_glasto_cd_us_back

  70. ☄ Glastonbury Song UK Promo ☄

  71. wbs_glasto_one_trk_promo_uk
  72. A UK one-track promo in a plain sleeve. Thank you Andy.

    ☄ Glastonbury Song US Promo ☄

    A US one-track promo with full colour artwork. Thank you Andy.

  73. wbs_glasto_1_trk_us_promo

  74. ☄ Preparing To Fly - One-Track Promo - USA ☄

    A one-track promo CD of Preparing To Fly in a jewel case with full colour artwork.

  75. wbs_preparing_to_fly_promo_1.jpg
  76. wbs_preparing_to_fly_promo_2

  77. ☄ UK - The Return of Pan CDr Promo ☄

    A scarce Ferret & Spanner Plugging Company Limited CDr promo of The Return of Pan sent out to radio stations in the UK with a May 3rd [1993] release date sticker.

  78. wbs_return_of_pan_cdr_promo

  79. ☄ The Return of Pan ☄

    A CD single of The Return of Pan, backed with Karma and Mister Powers.

  80. wbs_pan_cd_sleeve_front
  81. wbs_pan_cd_sleeve_back

  82. ☄ Australia - The Return of Pan - Card Sleeve ☄

    A three-track CD of The Return of Pan from Australia in a card sleeve.

  83. wbs_pan_card_sleeve_front
  84. wbs_pan_card_sleeve_back

  85. ☄ USA - The Return of Pan - One-Track Promo ☄

    A one-track promo CD of The Return of Pan in a green jewel case with font printed in gold on front.

  86. wbs_pan_1_trk_promo_us_front.jpg
  87. wbs_pan_1_trk_promo_us_back

  88. ☄ Japan ☄

    The Return of Pan is the first and only Japanese single release KNOWN to be released by The Waterboys.

    ☄ The Return of Pan ☄

    A CD single of The Return of Pan, backed with Karma and Mister Powers with OBI strip included.

  89. jap_pan_cover_1
  90. jap_pan_disc

  91. ☄ The Return of Pan - Sample Promo ☄

    A scarce promotional sample CD single of The Return of Pan with Promo Tag, OBI and Sample printed on disc.

  92. jap_pan_promo_1a
  93. jap_pan_promo_2

  94. *** Is The Return of Pan the ONLY Japanese single release by The Waterboys? ***

    ☄ Pal Shazar - Penny For Your Thoughts ☄

    Originally released in 1994 Penny for Your Thoughts appears on the 'There's A Wild Thing In The House' album by Pal Shazar. This song features Mike on shared vocals and on guitar. This is the CD single and it it is well worth seeking out.

  95. pal_shazar_penny_1
  96. pal_shazar_penny_2

  97. ☄ TOP Magazine ☄

  98. wbs_tower_mag_cover
  99. Mike appears on the cover of TOP Magazine which was published by Tower Records.

    7-Inch Singles

    ☄ Glastonbury Song 7-inch ☄

    The first single release from the album.

  100. wbs_glasto_song_7_cover
  101. wbs_glasto_song_7_back

  102. ☄ The Return of Pan 7-inch ☄

    The second single release from the album.

  103. wbs_return_of_pan_7_cover
  104. wbs_return_of_pan_7_back

  105. ☄ Mike Promo Photo ☄

  106. wbs_mike_dh_promo_photo
  107. Promo Mike Scott photo for Dream Harder.

    Cassette Singles

    ☄ Glastonbury Song Cassette ☄

    Glastonbury Song Cassingle.

  108. wbs_glasto_song_cassingle_cover
  109. wbs_glasto_song_cassingle_back

  110. ☄ The Return of Pan Cassette ☄

    Cassette single of The Return of Pan.

  111. wbs_pan_cassingle_cover
  112. wbs_pan_cassingle_back

  113. ☄ Australia ☄

    ☄ The Return of Pan Cassette Single ☄

    Cassette single of The Return of Pan from Australia with a variation in the artwork.

  114. wbs_pan_aus_cassingle_cover
  115. wbs_pan_aus_cassingle_back

  116. ☄ USA ☄

    ☄ The Return of Pan Promo Cassette ☄

    A promo one-track cassette of The Return of Pan from the US in text-based red sleeve.

  117. wbs_return_of_pan_promo_tape

  118. ☄ Preparing To Fly Promo Cassette ☄

    A promo one-track cassette of Preparing To Fly from the US in text-based blue sleeve.

  119. wbs_preparing_to_fly_promo_tape

  120. ☄ The Return of Pan Promo Cassette ☄

    A promo one-track cassette of The Return of Pan from the US. Thank you Dag.

  121. wbs_pan_promo_tape

  122. ☄ Two Promo Photos ☄

    Two promo Mike Scott photos. Thank you Dag.

  123. wbs_dh_promo_photos_x_2

  124. 12-Inch Singles

    ☄ Glastonbury Song 12-inch ☄

    The first single release from the album.

  125. wbs_glasto_song_12_cover
  126. wbs_glasto_song_12_back

  127. ☄ The Return of Pan 12-inch ☄

    The second single release from the album.

  128. wbs_return_of_pan_12_cover
  129. wbs_return_of_pan_12_back

  130. Memorabilia

    ☄ Dream Harder Promotional Hammock ☄

    A full-size promotional Dream Harder hammock for relaxing in, on those long hot summer afternoons. This hammock is surely one of the most unusual (and largest) promotional items for any Waterboys release and it must be a very rare item.

  131. wbs_dream_harder_promo_hammock_a

  132. ☄ Dag with Album & Glastonbury Song Promo Poster ☄

    Supreme Waterboys Collector Dag holds a Glastonbury Song shop display promotional poster.

  133. dag_and_glasto_song_poster

  134. ☄ USA Promo Poster ☄

    A promo poster measuring 60 cm x 60 cm, from the USA.

  135. wbs_dream_harder_promo_poster_usa_1993

  136. ☄ Promo Tee Shirt ☄

    A grey promo tee shirt from the USA with album title printed in gold.

  137. wbs_dh_promo_tee

  138. ☄ Dream Harder Song Book ☄

    This book contains song lyrics with piano, voice and guitar arrangements for the album songs.

  139. wbs_dh_song_book_1
  140. wbs_dh_song_book_2

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