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  2. Welcome to the Mike Scott Recordings - Solo and More Page.

    This Page contains a round-up of Mike's earlier pre-Waterboys output. Also included are all of his Solo releases, memorabilia and various other pieces, and lastly, his numerous guest appearances on other Artists' singles and albums.

    Thank you to Mike Scott, Ali Wilson, Iain Thow, Chris Coleman, Simon Pope, Flattop, Andy Darlington, Dave Furneaux, Dag Reinert Johansen, Peter Vallance, Jack Vervoort, Harry Schetts, Takako Saito, Andy Pritchatt, Glenn Gibson and Laurie Evans for contributing items to this web page.

    * If you happen to have a piece of memorabilia that is not included here, please send a photo on and it shall be added. *

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    Mike writes: "Patreon is a way for us to share with fans the music that might not make it onto the records: jams, demos, strange songs, experiments. We also have a lot of great live recordings that have never been made public. We'll be posting these too. I also have ideas for video content and other stuff. It's gonna be a lot of fun."

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    ☄ Mike Scott Recordings - Solo and More ☄

    This extensive Page is split into six main sections for quick and easy access.

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    Early Singles

    Before he formed The Waterboys in the autumn of 1982, Mike had released several singles (and a cassette) with Another Pretty Face, one DNV single and one single (in two formats) with Funhouse respectively. All of these early releases are documented below.

    Another Pretty Face

    All you need to know.

    Another Pretty Face - Cassette Variations

    This section features a studio demos cassette and the five variations of the APF cassette release which contains studio and live recordings.

    Solo Years

    Mike released two solo albums in the 1990s and both of these spawned numerous single releases and various promo items. These solo releases and more are all documented here on this page.

    Bring 'Em All In

    Vinyl and CD Releases, promos and memorabilia surrounding the Bring 'Em All In album.

    Bring 'Em All In - Single

    Building the City of Light

    Still Burning

    Releases, promos and memorabilia surrounding the Still Burning album.

    Love Anyway

    Rare, Precious and Gone

    Guest Appearances

    Mike also made numerous appearances on other Artists' singles and albums. Many of these releases are documented in the 'Guest Appearances' section located further down this page.

    Early Single Releases

    ☄ DNV - Mafia - 1979 ☄

  3. bootlegs_second_gig_tkt
  4. This single was issued under the band name DNV. It contains three songs and released in September 1979. The first two songs were culled from a one day recording session by The Bootlegs on September 4th 1978 at Taybank Studios in Ayr.
    The Bootlegs were Mike: guitar & vocals, Norman Rodger: bass & vocals, Allan McConnell: guitar and Ian Walter Greig (Crigg): drums. They only played two gigs (second gig ticket shown) before they split and Mike and John Caldwell then formed APF.

    This is a rather special copy of the DNV single, with the scarce inner printed sleeve, that is shown here.

    Mike has anotated the front cover with Patti Smith 'Easter' lyrics, made a note on the back of sleeve and he has also written a line from Death in Venice on the record label.

    On the inside of the poster sleeve are the handwritten verses to Heaven Gets Closer Everyday albeit with more profound lyrics and he has signed it 'MS 79'.

  5. dnv_cover
  6. dnv_reverse

  7. dnv_side_1
  8. dnv_side_2b

  9. dnv_inner_1
  10. dnv_inner_2

  11. dnv_lyric_sleeve_inner

  12. Another Pretty Face

  13. apf_kingdom_come_fanzine_may_79
  14. After the demise of The Bootlegs, Mike and John Caldwell formed Another Pretty Face who were very active from 1978 to 1981.

    The band name was inspired by a line from the book 'The Boy Looked at Johnny: The Obituary of Rock and Roll' by Julie Burchill and Tony Parsons.

    They were a hardworking band and built up a good fanbase across Scotland and in London on the live circuit.

    Photo: Kingdom Come - Edinburgh Music Fanzine - May 1979.

    Mike writes: 'This photo of APF with me in striped t-shirt under jacket is our first gig at Chambers Street Students Union, Edinburgh in March 1979. The cat with the leather jacket looking upwards is Jim Geddes the bass player. Crigg is the drummer and John Caldwell the other guitarist. I don't remember who took the photo. Jim, Crigg and John were all from Ayr. Crigg is also the drummer in The Bootlegs (aka DNV so he is on Death In Venice).'

    Eyewitness accounts (Thank you Iain and Ali) say the APF gigs were wild fantastic affairs and the band had a real power on stage.

    During the years 1978 to 1981 the band went through numerous lineup changes and they released four individual singles plus one cassette.

    ☄ Limitedition - Ayr Fan Magazine 1979 ☄

  15. apf_ayr_fan_mag_79

  16. A very scarce A5 sized LIMITEDITION Fan magazine from Ayer, dated August 1979 with Another Pretty Face on the cover and an article and interview within.

    Thank you Chris.

    ☄ Another Pretty Face - Promo Photo and Two APF Badges ☄

    Another Pretty Face in January 1980. Photo: Virginia Turbett.

    L to R: Willie Kirkwood (bass), Mike, Steve 'Chik' McLaughlin (drums) and John Caldwell (guitar).

    Thank you Ali, Iain and Chris.

  17. apf_photo_and_two_apf_badges

  18. ☄ Another Pretty Face - The Astoria, Edinburgh 1980 ☄

  19. apf_laurie_poster
  20. Another Pretty Face rare gig poster, designed by Laurie Evans, for a show in The Astoria, Edinburgh on 30th June 1980. Laurie did a number of photo shoots with the band in 1979 and 1980.

    You can check out her work here: Laurie Evans Photo Archive - Instagram. and here: Laurie Evans Photography - Facebook.

    Thank you Laurie.

    ☄ Another Pretty Face - All You Need To Know ☄

    Thank you Chris.

  21. apf_the_remodelling_of_2

  22. ☄ APF Button Badge ☄

  23. apf_band_badge

  24. A rare APF button badge measuring 38mm approx. with what is almost certainly a Virginia Turbett band photo image. This badge was most likely sold at gigs.

    Thank you Paul Sheehan.

    ☄ Another Pretty Face - Gig Flyer and Poster ☄

    A rare original handmade A4 sized APF gig flyer. Thank you Simon.

    Also pictured on right, a scarce gig poster for the 'Hope 'N' Anchor' and single promo.

  25. apf_flyer
  26. apf_hope_n_anchor_single_promo_poster

  27. ☄ All The Boys Love Carrie - Green: - 1979 ☄

    Only 1000 copies of All The Boys Love Carrie on a green label and with a green foldout poster sleeve were pressed and released on the New Pleasures record label in May 1979.

    The striking design for the sleeve was influenced by an 1950's album cover 'Cha Cha Cha Vol.1' by Pedro Garcia And His Del Prado Orchestra. This limited press single is a rare item now and commands a high price. Sometimes, one will appear for sale with a green sleeve and a red label vinyl within. Do not be fooled. This is a mix-and-match.

  28. carrie_green_cover
  29. carrie_green_reverse

  30. dnv_side_1
  31. carrie_green_side_2

  32. ☄ Carrie - Poster Sleeve Inner ☄

  33. apf_carrie_inner
  34. The All The Boys love Carrie poster sleeve features a fold out photo of the band taken at the Scott Monument on Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh.

    Photo taken by Pete McDonough.

    ☄ All The Boys Love Carrie - Green with Inner Sleeve ☄

    All The Boys Love Carrie on a green label with a green foldout poster sleeve and with extremely rare inner sleeve.

  35. carrie_green_with_inner

  36. ☄ All The Boys Love Carrie - Red: - 1979 ☄

    There were 5000 copies of All The Boys Love Carrie released on a red label and in a standard style red sleeve on the New Pleasures record label. This is a vintage signed copy.

  37. carrie_red_7_cover
  38. carrie_red_7_reverse

  39. carrie_red_7_side_1
  40. carrie_red_7_side_2

  41. ☄ Goodbye 1970's - Whatever Happened To the West? - NME - 1980 ☄

    Two press adverts for the new APF single on Virgin Records from the NME music magazine.

  42. apf_goodbye_1970s_press_ad_x_2

  43. ☄ Whatever Happened To The West? / Goodbye 1970's + Press Release ☄

    The second single by APF, Whatever Happened To The West? / Goodbye 1970's in a standard style sleeve and a Virgin Press Release.

  44. apf_west_7_press_release

  45. apf_west_side_1
  46. apf_west_side_2

  47. ☄ Signed Copy - Whatever Happened To The West? ☄

    A vintage signed copy of Whatever Happened To The West? single with 'Goodbye Virgin' signed on the reverse. Thank you Flattop.

  48. apf_signed_west_cover
  49. apf_signed_west_reverse

  50. ☄ Heaven Gets Closer Every Day - 1980 ☄

    The third single by APF, Heaven Gets Closer Every Day / Only Heroes Live Forever in a foldout poster sleeve which was issued on the Chicken Jazz record label. The inner sleeve on this copy has APF contact details handwritten by Mike.

  51. apf_heaven_cover

  52. apf_heaven_side_1
  53. apf_heaven_side_2

  54. ☄ Heaven Gets Closer Everyday - Poster Sleeve Inner ☄

  55. apf_heaven_gets_closer_inner
  56. The Heaven Gets Closer Everyday poster sleeve features a fold out photo on a stylized background with lyrics to Only Heroes live Forever on the inside.

    ☄ Soul To Soul - 1981 ☄

    The final single by APF, Soul To Soul was an E.P. containing three songs. It came in a foldout poster sleeve which was issued on the Chicken Jazz record label. This is a vintage signed copy that is shown here. Thank you Dave.

  57. apf_soul_to_soul_front
  58. apf_soul_to_soul_back

  59. apf_soul_side_1
  60. apf_soul_side_2

  61. ☄ Soul To Soul - Poster Sleeve Inner ☄

  62. apf_soul_to_soul_inner
  63. The Soul To Soul poster sleeve features a fold out photo with cut and paste handwritten lyrics on a black background to God On The Screen and the third track A Woman's Place.

    The Noise! The Jazz!

    Another Pretty Face - Studio Demo Cassette

    An extremely rare APF studio demos cassette with a personal note from Mike. Thank you Glenn.

  64. apf_demo_tape_glenn

  65. ☄ Another Pretty Face - Demo Cassette ☄

    Another APF demo cassette with a handwritten tracklisting by Mike. Thank you Glenn.

  66. apf_demo_cassette

  67. ☄ Another Pretty Face - "I'm Sorry" Tape Variations ☄

    This very rare and wonderfully crafted set numbers 'about 500'. The Minizine booklet was designed and put together by John Caldwell and Mike. John also did the cover illustration and all of the tape labels were cut out by hand and attached to each individual cassette by Mike.

    The cassette itself contains eight songs, both live and studio recordings, as well as a miniature booklet (Minizine). It was released in February 1981 and sold at APF gigs. There are five cover variations, with five different colours, coming in Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green and Beige sleeves. Each tape has different splash markings which makes each and every one a unique piece of art. This cassette is a very scarce item to find these days and usually commands a high price.

    Thank You Mike for the background information on the creation of this little gem.

    • Cassette Tracklisting:

    • A1. This Could Be Hell*

    • A2. My Darkest Hour*

    • A3. Lightning That Strikes Twice**

    • A4. Graduation Day**

    • B1. Another Kind Of Circus***

    • B2. Out Of Control***

    • B3. Only Heroes Live Forever***

    • B4. All The Boys Love Carrie*

    * Tracks A1, A2 and B4 recorded live at Ayr Pavilion on October 1st 1980.

    ** Tracks A3 and A4 live at Cumbernauld Theatre on October 6th 1980.

    *** Tracks B1, B2 and B3 recorded in February / March 1980 at Brittania Row Studios, London.

    ☄ I'm Sorry That I Beat You... Cassette - Pink ☄

    Pink sleeve edition with a pink minizine and it contains a beige coloured tape. Thank you Ali.

  68. apf_pink_cassette

  69. ☄ I'm Sorry That I Beat You... Cassette - Blue ☄

    Blue edition with the extremely rare 16-page Fanzine. This version is housed in a blue sleeve and contains a pink coloured tape. Thank you Dag.

  70. apf_blue_tape

  71. ☄ I'm Sorry That I Beat You... Cassette - Yellow ☄

    Yellow sleeve edition with a yellow minizine coming with a green coloured tape.

  72. apf_yellow_cassette_green_tape

  73. ☄ I'm Sorry That I Beat You... Cassette - Green ☄

    Green sleeve edition with a green minizine coming with a green coloured tape. Thank you Glenn.

  74. apf_green_tape_glenn

  75. ☄ Sounds Music Magazine + Compilation LP ☄

    Another Pretty Face appeared on the cover of Sounds magazine on the December 2nd 1979 issue, which featured a two page spread within. Also included is the Scottish Kultchur compilation LP which features APF: All the Boys Love Carrie.

  76. apf_sounds_mag_kultchur_comp

  77. ☄ Kick It Over - Ludds Mill Fanzine - January 1981 ☄

  78. kick_it_over_ludds_mill_1981

  79. The rarely seen poem 'Kick It Over' that Mike submitted to Ludds Mill Fanzine issue no. 16/17 and which was published in January 1981 by Andy Darlington.

    Thank you Andy.

    ☄ Funhouse ☄

    Funhouse featuring Mike and John Caldwell played a grand total of five gigs in the early part of 1982. The sets were were made up of APF songs and several (as then) unreleased Waterboys songs. Funhouse did release one single on 7-inch and 12-inch. A 7-inch of this single was also released in Australia.

    ☄ Funhouse - Promo Photo ☄

    Thank you Chris.

  80. funhouse_photo

  81. ☄ Funhouse Poster - January/February 1982 ☄

  82. funhouse_poster_marquee_1982
  83. A very rare Funhouse show poster (The Ghost of Another Pretty Face) advertising a four gig residency from January and February 1982. The band only played five concerts in total.

    Thank you Andy Pritchatt.

    ☄ Out of Control 7-inch - 1981 ☄

    The first and only single Out of Control contains two songs. It came in a standard colour sleeve which was issued on the Ensign record label.

  84. funhouse_7_cover
  85. funhouse_7_reverse

  86. funhouse_7_side_1
  87. funhouse_7_side_2

  88. ☄ Out of Control 12-inch - 1981 ☄

    The 12-inch single contains Out of Control (Full Version) which is a longer version than the 7-inch. And the B-side is It Must Be Hell. Like the 7-inch it came in a standard colour sleeve and was issued on the Ensign record label.

  89. funhouse_12_cover
  90. funhouse_12_reverse

  91. funhouse_12_side_1
  92. funhouse_12_side_2

  93. ☄ Out of Control - Australia 7-inch - 1981 ☄

    This is the Australian release of Out of Control. It came in a standard generic sleeve and was again issued on the Ensign record label.

  94. funhouse_aus_7_side_1
  95. funhouse_aus_7_side_2

  96. The Red And The Black

    The Red And The Black were the band formed by Mike after Anthony came on board in early spring 1982. Kevin Wilkinson would also join the band in June.

    Although they did not release any singles, they played a grand total of nine gigs in and around London from April to July 1982 and built up a loyal audience.

    Apart from some Another Pretty Face songs and a few covers, the spine of the set was made up of songs that would appear on The Waterboys self-titled debut album the following year and the A Pagan Place record two years later in 1984. Apparently, and unsurprisingly 'Red Army Blues', which received its public debut at a show in The Embassy Club on the 10th May 1982, was a real audience favourite.

    ☄ Original The Red And The Black Advert - July 1982 ☄

    A lovely original The Red And The Black show advert advertising a show in the Hope and Anchor, Islington on July 15th 1982.

    Thank you Mike.

  97. the_red_and_the_black_july_1982_advert

  98. ☄ Original The Red And The Black Poster - May 1982 ☄

    An original The Red And The Black show poster advertising two gigs from May 1982.

    Mike writes: "The art is by John Caldwell, copied from a photo, possibly of Bill Wyman".

  99. red_and_the_black_may_1982

  100. ☄ Original The Red And The Black Poster - July 1982 ☄

    Another original The Red And The Black gig poster from July 1982.

  101. red_and_the_black_july_1982

  102. You can check out each and every one of these individual setlists from 1982 (and a lot more), on the official Mike Scott and The Waterboys site...mikescottwaterboys/archive/setlists/1982

    Solo Years

    ☄ Exclusive Stand Alone Releases ☄

    ☄ Waves Magazine Collection ☄

    Complete collection of all seven Waves magazines and exclusive poster.

  103. wbs_mike_waves_mags_collection

  104. ☄ Sunflowers - 1994 ☄

    Limited to only 250 copies the Sunflowers contains demo versions of some songs from the Dream Harder album, including a number of cuts and different versions that did not make the record release. Originally only available to members of The Waterboys Information Society this very scarce CD now commands a sky-high price. This album release is an essential must-have!

  105. sunflowers_cd_cover
  106. sunflowers_cd_inner

  107. ☄ Lion Of Love - 1996 ☄

    Limited to only 250 copies the Lion of Love is a gem of an album. It contains demo versions of some songs from Bring 'Em all In, including a couple that did not make the album, as well as three songs from radio sessions recorded on the album tour. Originally only available to members of the Mike Scott Information Society this rare CD now commands a very high price. Again this album is an essential acquisition!

  108. lion_of_love_cd_cover
  109. lion_of_love_cd_reverse

  110. ☄ Die Mjuke Hendene (The Soft Hands) - 1998 ☄

    A film soundtrack promo CD for the Norwegian film 'Die Mjuke Hendene' (The Soft Hands) from 1998. This film soundtrack album was only issued in very small numbers as a promotional CD and was not on general sale. It features three Mike solo songs: 'Bring 'Em All In', 'She Is So Beautiful' and 'What Do You Want Me To Do?'. It also features one Waterboys song: 'Strange Boat'. A rare thing.

  111. hands_cover
  112. hands_reverse

  113. ☄ Open To Spirit - 2002 ☄

    One of the rarest of all Waterboys CDs and perhaps the hardest one of all to find, this compilation 'Open To Spirit: The Transformational Music of Mike Scott and The Waterboys' album was released in very limited numbers in 2002.

    The CD booklet contains a 'Shadow Dancer' photograph by Mike and it also contains the song lyrics.

    This collection is a very unique combination of both Mike's solo songs and Waterboys material. The song selection was compiled by Janette.

    Mike writes: 'This was a promotional CD created in 2002 and manufactured in small quantities for our American new age publicist of the time to distribute to new age / holistic / spiritual publications and radio stations.'

    This album is a real jewel in any Waterboys collection!

  114. open_to_spirit_cover.jpg
  115. open_to_spirit_reverse.jpg

  116. ☄ Cloud of Sound - 2012 ☄

    The Sound of Cloud album was a limited edition release of 5000 copies when it was issued in 2012, with each copy numbered and signed by the man himself. (Copy shown also signed by Steve).

    It features many studio recordings made between 2002-2012, and four live songs culled from a handful of shows between 2000 and 2009 including a wild 'Savage Earth Heart' from the (then) recently relaunched band at the Glastonbury Festival 2000.

    A good many of these songs have appeared on the Mick Puck Soundcloud page but none of these song titles appear on any other Waterboys release to date. Absolutely essential!

  117. cloud_of_sound_gatefold.jpg

  118. ☄ Universal Hall, Findhorn Concert Poster - 1994 ☄

    A two-night stand poster from Findhorn in June 1994.

    Thank you Peter.

  119. mike_uni_hall_1994

  120. Bring 'Em All In - 1995 ☄

  121. mike_sepia_1995
  122. The first solo album by Mike Bring 'Em All In was released in the UK and Europe 0n September 18th 1995. Many of the songs were already familar to those who attended his solo shows from 1994 onwards.

    Bring 'Em All In was recorded in Findhorn where Mike road-tested the songs over his numerous appearances in Universal Hall before taking them to a worldwide audience.

    Mike's solo tour, from 1994 and 1996, took in many performances around the world with tours of Europe, the USA and Japan.

    ☄ Bring 'Em all In - Press Release and Photos ☄

    A Bring 'Em All In Press Release with promo photos.

  123. bring_em_pr_photos.jpg

  124. ☄ Signed Promo Photo ☄

    A signed promo photo from 1995 taken by Jill Furmanovsky.

  125. wbs_mike_signed_promo_photo_1995.jpg

  126. ☄ Vinyl Album ☄

  127. bring_em_all_in_lp_cover

  128. bring_em_all_in_lp_gatefold

  129. bring_em_all_in_side_1
  130. bring_em_all_in_side_2

  131. ☄ Bring 'Em All In - T-Shirt 1995 ☄

    A Bring 'Em All In 'Pan' T-Shirt from 1995.

  132. mike_pan_tee_1995.jpg

  133. ☄ Paradiso, Amsterdam Poster - February 1995 ☄

  134. amdam_poster_95
  135. A signed solo show poster from the Paradiso, Amsterdam on 9th February 1995.

    Thank you Harry.

    ☄ Flying Solo - T-Shirt 1995 ☄

    A 'Flying Solo' T-Shirt from 1995 with a beautiful golden back print.

  136. mike_flying_solo_1995_tee.jpg

  137. ☄ Bring 'Em All In - CD Album ☄

    Two signed copies of the album shown.

  138. mike_beai_signed
  139. wbs_mike_beai_cd_signedmessage

  140. ☄ Bring 'Em All In - US Advance Listening Promo ☄

    A US Advance Listening album CD for promotion only.

  141. bring_em_us_album_promo_cover
  142. bring_em_us_album_promo_reverse

  143. ☄ Bring 'Em All In - USA Press Release and Photo ☄

    A Bring 'Em All In US album press release and photo.

  144. bring_em_pr_release_photo.jpg

  145. ☄ Bring 'Em All In - US Album Promo ☄

  146. bring_em_us_album_promo_cd_cover
  147. bring_em_us_album_promo_cd

    ☄ Sweat Shirt - Bring 'em All in Tour 1995: ☄

    Thank you Dag.

  148. mike_sweatshirt_95.jpg

  149. ☄ 1995 Tour T-Shirt ☄

    Thank you Dag.

  150. mike_tee_1995f.jpg

  151. ☄ Album Cassettes ☄

    ☄ Bring 'Em All In - Chrysalis Promo Cassette ☄

  152. bring_em_all_in_promo_album_cassette

  153. ☄ Bring 'Em All In - EMI One-Sided Promo Cassette ☄

  154. bring_em_all_in_one_sided_promo_album_cassette

  155. ☄ Bring 'Em All In - Original Release Cassette ☄

  156. bring_em_all_in_album_cassette

  157. ☄ UK Tour - October 1995 ☄

  158. mike_tour_dates_1995
  159. Press listing for UK tour in October 1995.

    Bring 'Em All In - Single ☄

    ☄ Bring 'Em All In - VHS Video Tape ☄

    A scarce promotional VHS video tape of Bring 'Em All In in a plain sleeve.

  160. mike_bring_em_all_in_vhs_promo

  161. ☄ 7-inch Vinyl ☄

    ☄ Bring 'Em all In - 7-inch ☄

  162. bring_em_7_cover_1
  163. bring_em_7_reverse

  164. bring_em_7_side_1
  165. bring_em_7_side_2

  166. ☄ CD Singles - E.P.'s - Promo's ☄

  167. mike_beai_1995

  168. All of the CD singles released from the Bring 'Em All In album release contain non-album tracks and are well worth seeking out.

    ☄ Bring 'Em All In - CD Promo, Press Release and Photo ☄

    A Bring 'Em All In press release, promo CD and photo.

  169. bring_em_single_pr_photo.jpg

  170. ☄ Bring 'Em All In ☄

    Four-track Bring 'Em All In single.

  171. bring_em_4_trk_cd_cover
  172. bring_em_4_trk_cd_reverse

  173. ☄ USA - Bring 'Em All In - E.P. ☄

    Five-track E.P. of Bring 'Em All In from the USA.

  174. bring_em_us_5_trk_ep_cd_cover
  175. bring_em_us_5_trk_ep_cd

  176. ☄ USA - Bring 'Em All In - E.P. Promo ☄

    A Promo Five-track E.P. of Bring 'Em All In from the US.

  177. bring_em_us_5_trk_ep_promo_cd_cover
  178. bring_em_us_5_trk_ep_promo_cd

  179. ☄ Bring 'Em All In - Promo Album Preview E.P. ☄

    A five-track promo Bring 'Em All In Album Preview E.P.

  180. bring_em_5-trk_album_preview_cd_cover
  181. bring_em_5-trk_album_preview_cd_reverse

  182. bring_em_5-trk_album_preview_cd_inner

  183. ☄ USA - Bring 'Em All In - Promo ☄

    A one-track Promo of Bring 'Em All In from the USA.

  184. bring_em_us_1_trk_promo_cd_cover
  185. bring_em_us_1_trk_promo_cd_reverse

  186. Building The City of Light

    ☄ Building The City of Light - Promo Display Flat ☄

    A 12 x 12 inch Promo Display Flat intended for the single's promotion in record shops.

  187. building_the_city_promo_display_flat_3

  188. ☄ Building The City of Light - VHS Video Tape ☄

    A scarce VHS video tape of the Building The City of Light promo with UK tour dates on the back of a full colour sleeve. This video was directed by Mike and David Anderson.

  189. building_the_city_video

  190. ☄ 7-inch Vinyl ☄

    ☄ Building The City Of Light - 7-inch ☄

  191. building_the_city_7_cover_1
  192. building_the_city_7_reverse

  193. building_the_city_7_side_1
  194. building_the_city_7_side_2

  195. ☄ CD Singles - E.P.'s - Promo's ☄

    ☄ Building the City of Light - CD Promo, Press Release and Photo ☄

    A Building the City of Light press release, promo CD and photo.

  196. building_single_pr_photo.jpg

  197. ☄ Building The City of Light - CD 1 ☄

    CD 1 of Building The City of Light.

  198. building_the_city_cd1_cover
  199. building_the_city_cd1_reverse

  200. ☄ Building The City of Light - CD 2 ☄

    CD 2 of Building The City of Light.

  201. building_the_city_cd2_cover
  202. building_the_city_cd2_reverse

  203. ☄ USA - Building The City of Light - E.P. Promo ☄

    A Promo Five-track E.P. of Building The City of Light from the US.

  204. building_the_city_us_5_trk_promo_cd
  205. building_the_city_us_5_trk_promo_reverse

  206. ☄ Building The City of Light - One-Track Promo ☄

    A one-track promo of Building The City of Light in a white title sleeve.

  207. building_the_city_1_trk_promo_cover
  208. building_the_city_1_trk_promo_reverse

  209. ☄ Mike Scott - Japan Tour Flyer - January 1996 ☄

  210. japan_1996
  211. A Japanese Tour flyer from January 1996.

    Thank you Takako.

    ☄ Promo Postcards ☄

    A pair of album and tour promotional postcards from 1995 and 1997.

  212. mike_promo_postcard

  213. Still Burning ☄

    ☄ Mike Annoucement - January 1st 1997 ☄

  214. mike_press_pre_release 1997
  215. An announcement from Mike dating from January 1st 1997, talking about the new and as yet untitled album and his plans for the year ahead.

    Thank you Dag.

    ☄ Still Burning - Origins: ☄

    Still Burning was recorded at Olympic Studios in London with some heavyweight musicians drafted in for the recording sessions. These included Pino Palladino on bass, Chris Bruce on lead, Ian McNabb and Jim Keltner on drums. The Still Burning album was released on September 29th 1997 and it was very well received.

    The resulting tour was an absolute triumph as anyone who was lucky enough to see a show, will testify. The touring band consisted of James Hallawell, Geoff Dugmore, Ian McNabb and the late Gavin 'Fingers' Ralston.

    Still Burning standard CD album with ten songs.

  216. still_burning_standard_cover1
  217. still_burning_standard_reverse

  218. ☄ Mike Scott - Advance Listening Promo CD ☄

    An Advance Listening CD simply named Mike Scott for promotion.

  219. mike_scott_album_promo_cd_cover
  220. mike_scott_album_promo_cd_reverse

  221. ☄ Still Burning - US Promo CD ☄

    Released in the USA with a whopping fourteen songs, this is the version to seek out. This is a promo version.

  222. still_burning_us_promo_album_cd
  223. still_burning_us_promo_album_reverse

  224. ☄ Still Burning UK Tour - Press Promotion ☄

    Press advert for the Still Burning autumn tour in the UK.

  225. wbs_mike_still_burning_uk_tour_press_promotion

  226. ☄ UK and European Tour Itineraries - 1997 ☄

    Scarce UK 24-page and 22-page European Tour Itineraries given to the band and crew, listing travel, hotel and venue details along with soundcheck and stage times. Both are A5 size.

  227. mike_tour_itineraries_1997

  228. ☄ Still Burning Tour Laminates ☄

    Original Tour Laminate for the band and crew only and a VIP Laminate from the opening night of the five-night stand at The Garage, London in August 1997.

  229. still_burning_laminates

  230. ☄ Gig Ticket and Passes - Still Burning Tour ☄

    A nicely printed concert ticket and two backstage passes from the European Tour in 1997.

  231. mike_scott_tkt_passes_97

  232. ☄ Still Burning Cassettes ☄

    ☄ Mike Scott - Promo Cassette ☄

    A four track one-sided Still Burning promo tape.

  233. mike_scott _still_burning_ 4_track_cassette1

  234. ☄ Still Burning - Original Cassette ☄

  235. still_burning_cassette

  236. ☄ Still Burning - Polo Shirt 1997 ☄

    A polo shirt from the Still Burning Tour in 1997. The polo shirt features some embroidery on the chest along with the album title on the left sleeve.

  237. still_burning_polo.jpg

  238. ☄ The Mike Scott Band - Stavanger, Norway 1997 ☄

    A concert poster from the Stavanger show in Norway on the Still Burning tour.

    Thank you Dag.

  239. msb97.jpg

  240. mike_scott_nippon

  241. ☄ Mike Scott Band - Japan Tour - November 1997 ☄

  242. mike_japan_1997
  243. A Japanese Tour poster listing the Still Burning shows from November 1997.

    ☄ Japan CD ☄

    Released in Japan (and Canada) with twelve songs, Mike bookended the Still Burning album with tours in January 1996 and again in November 1997.

  244. jap_still_burning_1
  245. jap_still_burning_2

  246. ☄ Japan - Still Burning - Sample Promo ☄

    A scarce sample promo CD of the Still Burning album with promo tag and Sample printed on disc.

  247. jap_still_burning_promo_2
  248. jap_still_burning

  249. ☄ Japan Tour Itinerary Book - 1997 ☄

    A very scarce ten-page A5 size Japanese Tour Itinerary booklet given to the band and crew, listing travel, hotel, venue details, sound check and stage times with a personal note from Mike.

  250. still_burning_japan_itinerary

  251. ☄ Still Burning - CD Singles - E.P.'s - Promo's ☄

    Again all of the CD singles released from the Still Burning CD album contain several non-album tracks and are well worth seeking out. The cassette single of Love Anyway contains an exclusive song King of Stars which is not on any other format.

    Love Anyway

    ☄ Love Anyway - Promo Display Flat ☄

    A 12 x 12 inch Promo Display Flat intended for the single's promotion in record shops.

  252. love_anyway_promo_display_flat

  253. ☄ The Waterboys / Mike - Five Track Promo Video ☄

    This is a rare promotional video containing all four video clips of Mike's single releases from his two solo albums: Bring 'Em All In, Building the City of Light, Love Anyway, and Rare, Precious and Gone and also The Whole of the Moon video clip. Thank you Dag.

  254. mike_scott_5_track_promo_video

  255. ☄ Love Anyway - Cassette Single ☄

    This cassette single has an exclusive song 'King of Stars' which is only available on this tape.

  256. love_anyway_cassette

  257. ☄ Love Anyway - CD 1 ☄

    CD 1 of Love Anyway.

  258. love_anyway_cd1_cover
  259. love_anyway_cd1_reverse

  260. ☄ Love Anyway - CD 2 ☄

    CD 2 of Love Anyway.

  261. love_anyway_cd2_cover
  262. love_anyway_cd2_reverse

  263. ☄ Love Anyway - 4 Track Single ☄

    A four-track Love Anyway released in Europe.

  264. love_anyway_cd_cover
  265. love_anyway_4_trk_euro_cd_reverse

  266. ☄ Love Anyway - 2 Track Promo ☄

    A two-track promo of Love Anyway.

  267. love_anyway_2_trk_promo_cd_cover
  268. love_anyway_2_trk_promo_cd_reverse

  269. Rare, Precious and Gone

    ☄ Rare, Precious and Gone - Promo Display Flat ☄

    A scarce 12 x 12 inch Promo Display Flat intended for the single's promotion in record shops.

  270. rare_display_flat_display_flat

  271. ☄ Rare, Precious and Gone - Promo Video ☄

    A scarce promotional video for Rare, Precious and Gone. Thank you Dag.

  272. mike_scott_rare_precious_and_gone_promo_video

  273. ☄ Mike: Signed Flyer 1997 ☄

    A signed flyer for the forthcoming Rare, Precious and Gone single with an application form for the Mike Scott Information Society on the reverse.

  274. mike_flyer_1997_signed_1
  275. mike_flyer_1997_signed_2

  276. ☄ Rare, Precious and Gone - CD 1 ☄

    CD 1 of Rare, Precious and Gone.

  277. rare_precious_cd1_cover
  278. rare_precious_cd1_reverse

  279. ☄ Rare, Precious and Gone - CD 2 ☄

    CD 2 of Rare, Precious and Gone.

  280. rare_precious_cd2_cover
  281. rare_precious_cd2_reverse

  282. ☄ Rare, Precious and Gone - Promo E.P. ☄

    A 7-track mini-album Promo of Rare, Precious and Gone containing all the songs from the two-part CD singles set. Well worth seeking out.

  283. rare_precious_cd_promo_cover1
  284. rare_precious_cd_promo_reverse

  285. ☄ Rare, Precious and Gone - one-track promo CD ☄

    A promo one-track CD of Rare, Precious and Gone in a card sleeve.

  286. rpag_card_1
  287. rpag_card_2

  288. ☄ Questions - One-Track Promo - USA ☄

    A USA promo one-track CD of Questions with a back sleeve.

  289. questions_cd_promo_cover
  290. questions_cd_promo_reverse

  291. Guest Appearances

    Over the years Mike has made numerous guest appearances on other Artists' singles and albums, under his own name or using the Waterboys moniker. He has also written a number songs for other artists. Listed below is a comprehensive selection of these releases.

    Are all of his guest appearances listed here? Most probably not.

    If you happen to have something not shown below, please send a photo on and it shall be added. Many Thanks.

    ☄ TV21 - 1980 ☄

    This TV21 single E.P. released on the band's own Powbeat label, features Mike on piano on Ticking Away. TV21 were formed by Norman Rodger who is an old friend of Mike since his days in Ayr. TV21 also supported Another Pretty Face on many concert dates.

    Norman also played bass on It Should Have Been You which is included on The Waterboys debut self-titled LP, and also on the US/Canada 'mini' LP.

    Shown here is the TV21 'Ambition' E.P. in a fold-out sleeve, a four page band bio and a signed letter from Norman to prospective record labels.

  292. tv21_1

  293. tv21_2

  294. ☄ The Last Chant - Run of the Dove - 1981 ☄

    The Last Chant single the Run of the Dove which was released on the Chicken Jazz label was produced by Mike and he also plays piano and sings backing vocals on the A-side.

  295. last_chant_1
  296. last_chant_2

  297. ☄ What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen #2 - 1983 ☄

    What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen was a series of LP records or 7-inch E.P's that were released from 1983 to 1986, which featured local bands and solo artists. This 7-inch E.P. contains a song by Rag Dolls titled Sparrows which features Mike on piano.

  298. rag_dolls_cover
  299. rag_dolls_side_1

  300. ☄ Nikki Sudden - Bible Belt - 1983 ☄

    The LP Bible Belt was released in 1983 with a vinyl reissue in 2014. It features Mike on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano and backing vocals on three songs Chelsea Embankment, The Road Of Broken Dreams and The Only Boy In Heaven. Anto and Kevin Wilkinson also feature on most of the other songs.

  301. bible_belt_nikki_1
  302. bible_belt_nikki_2

  303. ☄ Nikki Sudden - Chelsea Embankment 7-inch - 1983 ☄

    This Limited Edition green vinyl 7-inch of Chelsea Embankment was released in 2017 by the Easy Action record label. It features Mike on piano.

  304. nikki_green_1
  305. nikki_green_2

  306. ☄ What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen #6 - 1986 ☄

    This album contains a song by Mike and Nikki Sudden titled Mister Fox. Also of interest here is another song written by Anto Thistlethwaite titled Siberian Mines, performed by The Wild Things with Anto and Kevin Wilkinson on the drums.

  307. 17_cover

  308. 17_ms_ns
  309. 17_at

  310. 17_side_1
  311. 17_side_2

  312. Tomás MacEoin: Down By The Sally Gardens / Blean Na Bó

    This version of the very hard-to-find double A-side single of Down By The Sally Gardens b/w Blean Na Bó (Hey Rock N Roll) is notable for the misspelling of . The number that were pressed with this error is not known.

    Released in 1989, it features all of the (then) Waterboys: Mike, Anto, Steve, Trevor, Noel Bridgeman, Colin Blakey and John Dunford. Liam O'Maonlái also appears on backing vocals. This single was also produced by Mike. If you happen to come across one of these, do not hesitate.

  313. tomas_cover
  314. tomas_reverse

  315. tomas_side_1
  316. tomas_side_2

  317. ☄ Tomás MacEoin Single with Correct Spelling ☄

    This is the Tomás single with the correct spelling on a slightly different label. The number of this corrected version that were pressed is not known. Both versions of the single were pressed in the Carlton Productions Record Plant in Dublin, notable by the Double Dip at centre of label and the gripper teeth surrounding the label rim. Both of these identifying characteristics are unique to the Irish Record Plant.

  318. tomas_side_a
  319. tomas_side_aa

  320. ☄ The Saw Doctors - N17 - 1990 ☄

    This Saw Doctors iconic single N17 which was released on the Solid Records label was produced by Mike and he also sings backing vocals on the title track. Anto Thistlethwaite also features here on saxophone on the N17.

  321. n17_cover
  322. n17_reverse

  323. ☄ The Saw Doctors - The Trip to Tipp - 1991 ☄

    The Trip to Tipp is the b-side of Hay Wrap and it is a co-write by Mike with Leo Moran and Davey Carton from the Saw Doctors.

  324. sd_trip_to_tipp_1
  325. sd_trip_to_tipp_2

  326. ☄ The Mike Scott Interview - 1991 ☄

    A promo 55-minute interview and music with Dave Fanning (Irish DJ) from 1991.

    Also available as a double-disc digipak with the 'Best Of'compilation.

  327. mike_interview_cd_cover
  328. mike_interview_cd_reverse

  329. ☄ 'Ode To A Black Man' - 1991 ☄

    Ode To A Black Man - Remembering Philip P. Lynott is a concept album of sorts. It originally appeared on cassette in Ireland in 1989 and it was subsequently released on CD in 1991. It features Mike singing a verse on the last track 'Epilogue' and the album also features Vinnie Kilduff.

  330. ode_cover
  331. ode_reverse

  332. ☄ Bring It All Back Home - 1991 - 1999 ☄

    The 2-CD soundtrack album from the excellent BBC series of the same name, with a host of Irish and international artists contains the wonderful 'A Song For The Life.' by The Waterboys. The second single CD is a U.S. release from 1999 which also includes 'A Song For The Life.'

  333. s19
  334. s20

  335. ☄ Mike Scott - The Dream Harder Interview - 1993 ☄

    A promo interview/music excerpt CD. A great companion piece to the Dream Harder release and the elusive Sunflowers album.

  336. dream_harder_interview_cover
  337. dream_harder_interview_reverse

  338. ☄ Hothouse Flowers - The Seasons Wheels - 1993 ☄

    The Seasons Wheels is co-written by Mike with the Hothouse Flowers and appears as the second track on the An Emotional Time single from 1993. The Japanese 3-inch CD is shown here.

  339. hf_m_scott_seasons_wheels

  340. ☄ Sweet Relief - A Benefit For Victoria Williams - 1993 ☄

    A benefit album for Victoria Williams, this CD features many artists including Lou Reed, Lucinda Williams, Giant Sand and many others covering Victoria's songs. The Waterboys perform the heavily reggae infused 'Why Look At The Moon.'

  341. sweet_relief_cover
  342. sweet_relief_reverse

  343. ☄ There's A Wild Thing In The House - Pal Shazar - 1994 ☄

    Pal Shazar was a founding member of the New Wave band Slow Children in the early 80's. Pal is also an accomplished painter and she painted the wonderful cover for the Dream Harder LP.This is the second solo album by the US Singer/Songwriter.

    It features Mike sharing vocals with her on the song 'Penny For Your Thoughts'.

  344. s21
  345. pal_shazar_2

  346. ☄ Jackie Leven ‎– 'The Mystery of Love....' 1994 ☄

    This Jackie Leven The Mystery of Love is Greater than the Mystery of Death album from 1994 features Mike, Anto and James Hallawell. Mike shares vocals on the spoken word 15th century poem 'Clay Jug' written by Kabir.

  347. jackie_leven_cover
  348. jackie_leven_reverse

  349. ☄ BBC Transcription CD - Concert #607 - Glasto 1994 ☄

    This is a BBC transcription CD of the full performance of Ian McNabb and Crazy Horse at Glastonnbury 1994 and features Mike guesting for two songs: 'Glastonbury Song' and 'Preparing to Fly'.

    Thank you Flattop.

  350. ian_bbc_transcription_1
  351. ian_bbc_transcription_2

  352. ☄ Live Like A Rock - Ian McNabb - Glasto 1994 ☄

    Released by Ian through his own website in circa 2010 Live Like A Rock is the full Glastonbury 1994 performance with Crazy Horse and Mike joining them for two songs 'Glastonbury Song' and 'Preparing to Fly'.

    Thank you Flattop.

  353. ian_glasto_94_a
  354. ian_glasto_94_b

  355. ☄ Glastonbury 25th Anniversary - A Celebration - 1995 ☄

    A compilation with many Artists commemorating 25 years of the Glastonbury Festival. It features Mike with a studio version of 'Goin' Back To Glasters' which differs from the live version that appears on CD1 of the 'Building The City Of Light' single. This song is not available elsewhere.

  356. glasto_25_cover
  357. glasto_25_reverse

  358. ☄ 'Disagreement Of The People'- 1995 ☄

  359. s8.jpg
  360. This compilation is from 1995 and it features a collaboration of Jackie Leven, Robert Bly and Mike on the song 'Clay Jug'.

    This album is long since deleted but it is worth seeking out for this song.

    ☄ Wire Train - Compassion - 1996 ☄

    This is a 7-inch by folkrock blues band 'Wire Train', who were based in San Francisco. Mike, Steve and Anto all feature on the song 'Compassion'. The CD of 'Last Perfect Thing - A Retrospective' album is long since deleted and it commands a strong price whenever it appears for sale.

  361. wiretrain_1
  362. wiretrain_2

  363. ☄ Come Again - Various - 1997 ☄

    This is another 2-CD compilation to celebrate 100 years of EMI Records.

    It contains a fabulous Mike cover of the Kate Bush song 'Why Should I Love You?'.

    Mike quote (abridged)..."This song was the soundtrack to six tumultuous months in my life...It's a song to fall in or out of love to, and terrific music for cooking stir-fry!"

    This album is now deleted but it is relatively easy to find at a reasonable price.

  364. come_again_cover
  365. come_again_reverse

  366. ☄ Now And In Time To Be - A Celebration of W.B. Yeats - 1997 ☄

    This album from 1997 is a real musical treat for Waterboys fans. Apart from fabulous interpretations by a plethora of other Artists (including Van, Shane and even Mr Yeats himself!), it contains 'Song Of The Rosey Cross' by Mike Scott and Sharon Shannon and also 'The Stolen Child' by The Waterboys and Tomas MacEoin and this is a remix.

    It also contains 'Politics' by Karl Wallinger, and 'The Four Ages of Man' by World Party.

    Essential? Yes, most definitely!

  367. s9
  368. time_to_be_reverse

  369. ☄ 'The Whole Of the Moon' - 1998 ☄

    ☄ 'The Music of Mike Scott and The Waterboys ☄

  370. wbs_mike_best_of_1998.jpg
  371. This excellent compilation CD from 1998 features a varied selection of Mike's solo work as well several Waterboys songs. It is the only release that features this selection of solo and band work to date. This copy is signed by Mike and Karl.

    ☄ 'Indieworld' - 1998 ☄

  372. s17.jpg
  373. This compilation album from 1998 contains the rare and hard to find song 'Clay Jug'.

    ☄ A Party Political Broadcast On Behalf.... - Ian McNabb - 1998 ☄

    Released in 1998 this Ian McNabb acoustic-based 'A Party Political Broadcast On Behalf Of The Emotional Party' album features Mike on guitar and backing vocals on two songs, firstly 'Loveless Age' and secondly, 'You Only Get What You Deserve' with Anto on mandolin. Anto also features on sax and mandolin on two other songs. The album was reissued in 2001.

  374. a_party_mcnabb_1
  375. a_party_mcnabb_2

  376. ☄ Beggars Banquet 21 - Various - 1998 ☄

    This is a limited promo CD release, housed in a vinyl album-sized gatefold sleeve, celebrating 21 years since the release of The Rolling Stones classic album Beggars Banquet. It features a wide array of musicians playing covers of each of the songs on the Stones record.

    It contains 'Salt Of The Earth' by Ian McNabb with Mike Scott and Anto Thistlethwaite.

    However, this album is quite scarce as it was limited to only 500 copies.

  377. 21_beggars

  378. ☄ 'Sharon Shannon'- Sharon Shannon - 1999 ☄

    This album was recorded between 1989 and 1991 but it was not released until 1999. During this time Sharon became a Watergirl herself and toured with the band.

    The guest list that features on this album would choke a Shire horse!

    Mike, Steve, Anto, Trevor and Noel Bridgeman all feature as does Eoin O'Neill, Liam O Maonlai, Donal Lunny, Philip King, Adam Clayton and many more.

  379. sharon_shannon_cover
  380. sharon_shannon_reverse

  381. ☄ Raggle Taggle Gypsy- Carlos Nunez and Mike - 1999 ☄

    This is a song from 'Os Amores Libres', an album by Carlos Nunez. A fine version of Raggle Taggle Gypsy with Mike. This is the promo 2 track CD that is shown here.

  382. carlos_mike_raggle_promo_cd_cover
  383. carlos_mike_raggle_promo_cd_reverse

  384. ☄ 'Green Indians' - Celebrating the Life of Kevin Wilkinson (2000) ☄

  385. green_indians.jpg
  386. This Celebrating the Life and Works of Kevin Wilkinson 2CD compilation is from 2000 and all proceeds go to the Kevin Wilkinson Trust, set up on behalf of Kevin's children. Kevin was a member of the Waterboys from 1982 - 1985.

    The band appear on this 2-CD set with 'Sleek White Schooner'.

    Thank you Harry.

    ☄ Mielaw - On My Way To The Big Light - 2000 ☄

    This is a promo two-track CD of 'On My Way To The Big Light' recorded by Mielaw and Mike, featuring and the original full version and a radio edit.

  387. mielaw_cover
  388. mielaw_reverse

  389. ☄ KGSR - Broadcasts Vol. 10 - 2002 ☄

    This double CD is a collection of on site radio sessions recorded throughout 2001. The album features a variety of artists such as Willie Nelson, Lucinda Williams, Billy Bragg and many more.

    What is of special interest to us here, is an exclusive live in the studio recording of 'Bring em all in' featuring both Mike and Steve which was recorded on September 25th 2001. This version is exclusive to this album and is unavailable elsewhere. So this is an album that is well worth tracking down.

  390. broadcasts_10_cover
  391. broadcasts_10_reverse

  392. ☄ Gimme Shelter - Vol 2 - 2002 ☄

    This is a compilation CD given away free with the Uncut Magazine in January 2002. (Vol 1 was also available separately). It also contains the elusive 'Salt Of The Earth' by Ian McNabb with Mike and Anto. It is not too difficult to find, if you do not have it already.

  393. s12
  394. uncut_reverse

  395. ☄ The Aran Lifeboat Collection - 2006 ☄

    Another benefit album, this time a 2-CD collection of music and poetry in aid of the Aran Lifeboats.

    The first CD contains the Waterboys song 'Woman Of Ireland' and the second CD contains a live instrumental of 'The Silver Spear/The High Reel' by Sean Watty Flaherty & Mairtin Flaherty with Mike & Vinnie Kilduff.

  396. s6
  397. aran_reverse

  398. ☄ 'Harpo's Ghost'- Thea Gilmore 2006 ☄

  399. thea_1.jpg
  400. This album, released in August 2006, features two songs written by Mike: 'We Built a Monster' and 'Whistle and Steam' although he does not appear on the album himself.

    This album is also notable for the appearance of ex-Watergirl Jo Wadeson on bass and Waterboy James Hallawell on hammond organ.

    ☄ Ceol '06 - 2006 ☄

    An Irish CD release of an album containing all songs in the Irish language which includes The Waterboys with the all Irish version of Peace of Iona: 'Siochain Iona'. This version later appeared on the (now long-since sold out) signed, numbered and limited 'Cloud of Sound' CD album in 2012.

  401. ceol_06_cover
  402. ceol_06_reverse

  403. ☄ In The Beginning Was Love - One People and Mike - 2007 ☄

    Another wonderful song with a great vocal by Mike. 'In The Beginning Was Love' was released as a single by One People in Norway in 2007. This is the two-track promo single that is shown here.

  404. in_the_beginning_promo_cd_cover
  405. in_the_beginning_promo_cd_reverse

  406. ☄ Cali - L'espoir - 2008 ☄

    L'espoir is the fourth album by French Singer/Songwriter Cali and it was his first #1 album in France. It features Mike Scott on two songs, 'Pas La Guerre' and also 'List Of Lies'. This is the Limited Edition version with a DVD that is shown here.

  407. cali_cover
  408. cali_reverse

  409. ☄ 'The Galway Girl - Sharon Shannon' (2008) ☄

  410. sharon_galway_gir.jpg
  411. This album is a 'Best Of' album from Sharon Shannon that is basically a collection of duets with various musical guests.

    It contains 'Song Of The Rosey Cross' with Mike.

    ☄ Strange Boat Charity Single 2008 ☄

    This 2-track CD was released in 2008 with all profits going to the Strange Boat Donation Foundation which was set up by Martina and Denis Goggin following a family bereavement.

    It features Mike, Eddi Reader, Sharon Shannon, (the late) Alec Finn and Charlie Lennon.

    You can read more about the Strange Boat Foundation Here.

  412. strange_boat_cd

  413. ☄ Ian McNabb - Great Things - 2009 ☄

    Great Things is a 2009 album from long time friend of the band, Ian McNabb and it features Mike on the song 'New Light'.

  414. s23
  415. great_things_ian_2

  416. ☄ Saints and Angels - 2009 ☄

    This 2-track promo CD featuring Sharon Shannon with Mike, Anto and Steve was released in 2009. It features an edit and a remix of Saints and Angels and it was also produced by Mike.

    Thank you Sharon.

  417. saints_cd

  418. ☄ Quarter Notes: Live at the World Cafe -Vol.25 - 2009 ☄

    A 'Live at the World Cafe' Album that features the Waterboys performing the song 'She Tried to Hold Me'. This track is exclusive to this release and not available elsewhere.

  419. quarter_notes_25_cover
  420. quarter_notes_25_reverse

  421. ☄ Spellbound - Sharon Shannon - 2009 ☄

    Another compilation from Sharon that features Mike on two songs. Firstly he sings vocals the song 'Song of the Rosey Cross' and secondly he appears on the song 'Munster Hop'. This latter song is unavailable elsewhere.

  422. sharon_best_cover
  423. sharon_best_reverse

  424. ☄ Saints And Scoundrels - Sharon Shannon - 2009 ☄

    Another excellent album from Sharon Shannon, and this CD contains two songs of interest to the Waterboys fan.

    First up is 'Saints and Angels' then the lively instrumental 'Hillbilly Lilly and Buffalo Benji', both featuring The Waterboys.

  425. sharon_saints_cover
  426. sharon_saints_reverse

  427. ☄ Sarah Calderwood - As Night Falls - 2011 ☄

  428. s26
  429. This album by Sarah Calderwood was released in 2011.

    It contains a very powerful song called 'The Blue Cockade' with a really great vocal by Mike.

    ☄ Old Grey Whistle Test - Live - 2011 ☄

    A fantastic triple CD collection of live performances from the long running and legendary OGWT TV show.

    Also included here on CD2 is a live version of 'This is the Sea' from The Waterboys.

    This Live version was originally broadcast on November 19th 1985.

  430. s31.jpg
  431. old_grey_live_2

  432. ☄ Music that Changes the World - Various - 2012 ☄

  433. changes.jpg
  434. A four LP compilation album with an exclusive Waterboys song. This compilation, with liner notes by David Lynch, also features a host of artists such as Tom Waits, Iggy Pop and many more.

    It contains a version of 'In the Beginning was Love' that is different to the Mike and One People 2007 release.

    ☄ New Gold Dreams -Post Punk & New Romantic '79 - '83 - 2013 ☄

  435. s30.jpg
  436. A triple CD compilation released in 2013. Very notable for the inclusion of the song 'Whatever Happened To The West' by Another Pretty Face.

    One of the few APF songs to appear officially in CD form thus far.

    ☄ Larry Kirwin's Celtic Invasion - 2013 ☄

    This album contains 'Savage Earth Heart' by the Waterboys. This version is live from Glastonbury 2000.

    Although it is the same version that appeared on the limited edition and signed album Cloud of Sound in 2012, this album is long since sold out.

  437. larry_1
  438. larry_2

  439. ☄ Blankass - Je Me Souviens De Tout - 2014 ☄

    Another wonderful song with a great vocal by Mike. 'Changing of the Guard' was released as a duet with Blankass on a promo compilation.

    Mike reworked the lyrics from this song for 'In My Time on Earth' from the Where The Action Is album.

  440. blankass_cover
  441. blankass_reverse

  442. ☄ 'Ghosts and Graffiti - Thea Gilmore' (2015) ☄

  443. s29.jpg
  444. This album was released by Thea Gilmore in May of 2015.

    And it features The Waterboys on the song 'Glistening Bay'.

    ☄ Rising Against Homelessness - 16 For '16 - 2016 ☄

    This is a charity album for Focus Ireland, and it was launched at a Benefit Gig in Dublin on April 24th 2016.

    It contains a fantastic rendition of 'The Wild Mountain Time' (intentional spelling by Mike) by the Waterboys, which was recorded at Puck Towers.

    This song is exclusive to this release and is not available elsewhere.

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