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This is a page of photos taken from the road on The Waterboys Modern Blues 2015 World Tour. Thank you to everyone who has contributed images to this page.

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Last Modern Blues Show - Apollo London Dec 6th

An incredible end of Tour Show in the Apollo in Hammersmith, London on December 6th 2015. The Band played as if their very lives depended on it, reaching new heights throughout the two hour plus show.

And Mike us treated to a brand new and very special one-off song with the charming title 'Me and David Hood', which was a narrative of the 13 month long tour.

  1. The Band Let Rip....


  2. The Band Go Deep....


  3. Zach Takes a Solo....


  4. Mike Sings Out....


  5. Zach Hits a Happy Note....


  6. Brother Paul Floats....


  7. A Mirthful Mike....


  8. Quite A Song Finale!....


  9. The Final Farewell #108....


  10. With a joyful Willem Watercrows at the Apollo....


  11. Vicar St Four Night Stand! - Nov 4th - 7th...

  12. WOW!

  13. wow.jpg

  14. Opening Night - November 4th

  15. nov4.jpg

  16. November 4th

  17. nov4a.jpg

  18. November 5th

  19. nov5.jpg

  20. November 5th

  21. mnov5.jpg

  22. November 6th

  23. (Thank You Ann Kristin Kartveit Tharaldsen)
  24. mznov6.jpg

  25. November 6th

  26. (Thank You Ann Kristin Kartveit Tharaldsen)
  27. stanmi.jpg

  28. November 6th

  29. (Thank You Ann Kristin Kartveit Tharaldsen)
  30. smnov6.jpg

  31. November 6th

  32. (Thank You Ann Kristin Kartveit Tharaldsen)
  33. mnov6.jpg

  34. November 7th

  35. nov6a.jpg

  36. November 7th

  37. sanm7th.jpg

  38. November 7th

  39. nov6.jpg

  40. November 7th - Steve with Special 'Tee-Shirt'

  41. (Thank You Ann Kristin Kartveit Tharaldsen)
  42. steveann.jpg

  43. <

  44. Final Farewells After A Triumphant 4 Night Stand!

  45. (Thank You Dag Reinert Johansen)
  46. bowsvicst.jpg

  47. ...With Dag And His Rare Vicar St Poster

  48. withdag.jpg

  49. Some Water People From Far And Wide

  50. groupshotfoggy1.jpg

  51. Post Gig Shot With Some Water Folk After Last Show

  52. waterfolka.jpg

  53. Cork Opera House - Oct. 31st 2015....

  54. Shifty Caesar III Band Intro!

  55. corkoh.jpg

  56. Shifty Caesar III!


  57. Cork Opera House Farewells!


  58. Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan - Oct. 25th 2015....

  59. Castleblayney Poster

  60. gh.jpg

  61. In Full Voice!


  62. Don't Bang The Drum!


  63. Brother Paul Gives His All!

  64. gh4.jpg

  65. In The Zone!


  66. Mike Sings Out!


  67. The Blues Brothers!

  68. gh7.jpg

  69. Mike lets Rip!


  70. Get Out Before He Snaps Your Wings!


  71. Steve Floats!


  72. A Focused Man!


  73. The Band Say Farewell!


  74. Some Oslo Photos - October 17th 2015....

  75. The Band Take Flight!

  76. (Thank You Ann Kristin Kartveit Tharaldsen)
  77. ann.jpg

  78. Like Dogs For A Share!

  79. (Thank You Ann Kristin Kartveit Tharaldsen)
  80. ann1.jpg

  81. The Big Push!

  82. (Thank You Ann Kristin Kartveit Tharaldsen)
  83. ann2.jpg

    Mike in Barcelona Photo - 2015....

    (Thank you Christophe Van Rompaey)

  84. Mike on Piano....


Milan Photos - September 26th 2015....

(Thank you Andrea Orlandi)

  1. Mike in silhouette....


  2. Mike in full flow!...


  3. Steve cuts loose!...


  4. The Dynamic duo in action!...


  5. A dapper Brother Paul in another place...


  6. An epic finish!...


  7. >

    Farewell!...until next time...


  8. (Thank you Andrea Orlandi)

Some Cork Photos - June 28th 2015....

  1. The Band Go For The Jugular!


  2. Steve in full flight!


  3. Steve chases that elusive note while Mike and Brother Paul await the Zach onslaught!


  4. The Resulting Guitar and Fiddle Duel


  5. Kicking Out The Jams in Cork!


  6. A crowd and band singalong!


  7. A Beaming Fiddle Droog!


  8. Sharing the Mic with Mike!


Victoria B.C. May 20th - Photos: Kevin O'Reilly

(Thank you Kevin O reilly)
  1. Steve and Mike Jam


  2. The Band Rock Out!


  3. Steve and Brother Paul


  4. Steve In Another Realm


  5. Brother Paul


  6. Mr Hood & Mr Ernst


  7. Farewell Victoria B.C.


  8. Steve and Kirk in the USA

  9. (Thank You Pat McHugh)
  10. steveandkirk.jpg

  11. Drawing: On the Road to Chicago

  12. (Thank You Pat McHugh)
  13. chicagodrawing.jpg

  14. Brother Paul Flying

  15. (Thank You Pat McHugh)
  16. bropaulflying.jpg

  17. Blaize - Trombonist on Mr Yeats Tour

  18. (Thank You Pat McHugh)
  19. blaize.jpg

  20. Mike From Side Stage

  21. (Thank You Pat McHugh)
  22. mikeus.jpg

  23. Ralph - Getting Ready for the Show!

  24. (Thank You Pat McHugh)
  25. ralphbw.jpg

  26. The view from the back! - Tipitina's New Orleans

  27. (Thank You Pat McHugh)
  28. wbstips.jpg

  29. A Flyer for the Shibuya Club, Tokyo Gig

  30. (Thank You Takako Saito)
  31. tokyo.jpg

  32. A Ralph's-eye view on the Chris Evans Show - 30th January 2015

  33. (Thank You Pat McHugh)
  34. ces.jpg

  35. Onstage in Tokyo (photo by Shuichi) - 06th April

  36. (Thank You Pat McHugh)
  37. takako.jpg

  38. Onstage at the ASB Theatre Auckland, New Zealand - 31st March

  39. (Thank You Warren Jones)
  40. wj1.jpg

  41. Mike onstage in Auckland, NZ - 31st March

  42. (Thank You Warren Jones)
  43. wj1.jpg

  44. Steve onstage in Auckland, New Zealand

  45. (Thank You Warren Jones)
  46. wj2.jpg

  47. An enflamed Brother Paul onstage in Auckland, NZ

  48. (Thank You Warren Jones)
  49. wj5.jpg

  50. Mike lets them have it! - Auckland, New Zealand

  51. (Thank You Warren Jones)
  52. wj3.jpg

  53. A Typhoon On The Rise! Auckland, NZ -31st March

  54. (Thank You Warren Jones)
  55. wj6.jpg

  56. Quite A Concert Venue!

  57. (Thank You Pat McHugh)
  58. mchugh1.jpg

  59. Wickham On His Way To The Gig In Auckland,NZ

  60. (Thank You Pat McHugh)
  61. mchugh2.jpg

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