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  2. Welcome to the Fisherman's Blues Page. This Page contains some background of the recording in Spiddal, some eyewitness stories, a Tomás MacEoin interview, a round-up of various record/CD pressings, cassettes, memorabilia and other pieces relating to  the Fisherman's Blues album.

    Fisherman's Blues was released (after some delay) in October 1988 to great acclaim and ecstatic reviews in Ireland, Europe and beyond. It saw the band embark on one their longest ever tours worldwide (only surpassed by the 'Modern Blues' tour) and the album sold by the truckload.

    This album is still as relevant and vital today as it was on the day it was released.

    A heartfelt thank you to Tomás MacEoin for the invitation to his home some unforgettable chat, stories and songs.

    Sincere thanks to Breda Hughes for opening Tígh Hughes Pub to the Fan Site, Martina Goggin, Véronique Castellanos, Micheál Ó Flaithearta and his parents Anne and Séan Tim Flaherty.

    Thank you to Takako Saito, Andy Pritchatt, Dag Reinert Johansen, Richard Dowling, Flattop, Enrico Parco, Paul Murphy, Javi Morant, Harry Schets and Stefano Bugnoni for contributing various items to this web page.

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    This extensive Page is split into several sections for quick and easy access.

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    Tígh Hughes Pub

    Stories and photos from Hughes Pub in Spiddal.

    Tomás MacEoin

    An interview with Tomás MacEoin.

    Acetates - Vinyl Albums

    Here you will acetates, find worldwide releases and test pressings.


    A selection original Fisherman's Blues memorabilia.

    7-Inch Singles

    A varied selection of worldwide releases, promos and acetates.

    Fisherman's Blues

    And A Bang On The Ear

    Tomás MacEoin & The Waterboys 7-Inch

    12-Inch Singles

    Various releases, test pressings and promo singles.

    CD Albums and More

    Worldwide releases, promos and related releases.

    CD Singles and More

    Worldwide releases, promos releases.

    Album Cassettes

    A selection of worldwide releases.

    Cassette Singles

    A number of original worldwide cassette singles.

    Legacy Releases

    Related releases, compilations and expanded versions.

    ☄ Rarely Seen Windmill Lane Photos ☄

    These photos (and the photo above) were taken at a photo shoot at Windmill Lane Studios during the Fisherman's Blues recording sessions, after Mike had given an interview to Irish music magazine 'Rhythm & Bitch Review'. This magazine was produced by the Art students of University College Dublin.

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  5. Spiddal Beach Art created by Micheál Ó Flaithearta on a beautiful day in Spiddal.                              - Sunday 14th October 2018.

    Tígh Hughes Pub

    Tígh Hughes Pub in Spiddal was the beating heart of the village and a hub for the band where they would relax and socialise with locals after all-day recording sessions in Spiddal House.

  6. hughes

  7. Breda Hughes the owner of this very fine public house, has many stories to tell and recalls all   the local people of the village having a great fondness for the band and crew and being very protective towards them.

    Breda says: 'They all had bicycles and they used to cycle all over the village. And they bought Tomás a bicycle too.'

    'There were musicians that would arrive and who would pop up to them in Spiddal House and when they had finished, it would ten or eleven o'clock, they would come down here. Or sometimes when they were very busy recording they would ring down on the house phone and ask for drinks. And we would sit in the car with a full tray of pints of Guinness resting on our knees and head off up the driveway.'

    Martina Goggin remembers: 'We used to have the set dancing above there (points to floor in front of the fireplace) and come ten o'clock the boys would come in. And they would usually watch us dance although I don't think they ever joined in. Mike was always interested in listening to the music.'

    Breda continues: 'And we would get phone calls here in the pub from people looking to talk to someone in the band about something, they thought they were ringing Spiddal House and I'd say "They are above recording but I'll pass the message on when they come in later." '

    'They were a great bunch of lads and they gave a huge boost to the economy of the area, between renting accommodation, buying fuel and groceries and socialising in the pub.'

    'And if say, tourists were asking "Are the Waterboys staying here?" we would say "They are busy recording but they might be around tomorrow". The locals were very protective of them and wouldn't have anyone wandering up uninvited to see them. And sure there was no security or anything like that in those days, they were different times. So we would make sure that they were left alone.'

    Séan Tim Flaherty remembers the band and Mike very fondly. He says: 'Mike Scott was a gentleman, a pure gentleman, that is how I would describe him.'

    ☄ Album Cover Photo in Tígh Hughes Pub ☄

  8. fb_hughes_photo

  9. ☄ 'Busk' Photo in Tígh Hughes Pub ☄

    There is a lovely story behind this photo. Breda recalls: 'There was a group of school children who wanted to see the band play in the pub but as it was evening time it was too late for them  to go inside, so the band came outside and played a little concert just for them'.

  10. fb_busk_hughes

  11. ☄ Team Waterboys Football Photo ☄

    The famous football match that took place in the grounds of the Irish College in Spiddal. The teams included many members of The Waterboys, The Saw Doctors (in the opposing team) the crew and many locals. This team photo was taken on the day and proudly hangs in Tígh Hughes Pub. It also features on the inner sleeve of the Room to Roam album which was also recorded   in Spiddal House. According to Micheál Ó Flaithearta, who was  at the game: "They were only playing for a laugh and it was brilliant fun and the final score of the match was a draw at 2-2!"

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  13. Tomás MacEoin: Fisherman Memories

  14. tomas_mac_eoin
  15. Tomás MacEoin hardly needs any introduction here on this Fan Site. His sublime vocal on The Stolen Child is something that will have future generations in awe.

    He is a very well respected poet, a singer and a sheanachaí (Story Teller). He has lived in the same   house for his whole life and is held in the highest regard by musicians, poets and writers alike, including our President Michael D. Higgins.

    In a nutshell, he is nothing less than a national treasure.

    It was an enormous honour for this web author to spend a couple of hours in the company of this truly estimable man and to listen to him tell a few tales, to hear him    sing some of his songs and recite some poetry including the aforementioned The Stolen Child in his own very distinctive voice.

    (Photo: Tomás relaxing at his home with the Fisherman's Blues gold disc hanging behind him.)

    Tomás is a man who has lived a full life and to see him you quickly realise that he just   resonates with wisdom and he has a wonderful sense of humour. The conversation veered in    all directions covering many subjects but of interest to us here is his own recollection of his association with the band.

    J: So Tomás have you lived here in this house for long?

    Tomás: 'I'm here all my life. It used to be a thatched house as far back as I can remember. My father's name was James too, Jimmy MacEoin and my mother came from over beyond, (he points) there across the way. It was matchmaking back in those days. But the one thing that they had in common, which was strange, they were both mad for music, singing and dancing.   My father was fairly good at dancing but he wasn't as good as me though!' (laughs)

    J: And how did the Waterboys get a hold of you?

    Tomás: 'I don't know. I had a habit of going, you know, where concerts were on or where a session might be happening. I had a habit of going amongst them and I would pretend I could sing better than them. I was a chancer.'

    J: But you were well known as a great singer?

    Tomás: 'Ah I suppose, or you talking about sewing machines? (laughs) Singer sewing   machines! Ah no sure it was great! The first time I heard about them [the WBs] was on the   radio but it didn't mean anything to me. I didn't know who they were when they were in  Spiddal. Anyway, they came to the door one night and I was only after coming in from the bog and I knew they were around. So they were knocking on the door. "Who's there?" says I and they said "The Waterboys". I could see these two men outside with long hair. Anton.. and    Trevor I think. "Go away" I said "I'm not paying for any more water!"' (laughs)

    J: So you went off with them to Spiddal?

    Tomás: 'I did. All the great musicians used to come to Spiddal village. And Spiddal House was where the recording was done, the old way. Mrs Buckley lived there and I met her a few times,  a lovely woman. There was very little done to the house when the Waterboys were there. Big empty rooms.'

    J: And when the record was finished and came out you went out on tour with them as well?

    Tomás: 'Oh I did. I met the band in Spiddal, did the recording and I thought that was the end of it. But then Jimmy Hickey called in to me and said "We are going on a tour" and I said "Jimmy what are you talking about?" Jimmy says "We are going to see Mike, he wants to talk to you about it". So I went anyway, and I really enjoyed it.'

    J: Do you remember where you started, the first concerts?

    Tomás: 'We started off in Galway, in Seapoint, we did two nights and the roars and the cheers! Then we went to Dublin and to Sligo and Cork too I think. A crowd of young people there. Sure   I couldn't believe it! It was great.'

    J: And you went abroad too?

    Tomás: 'We did. we went over to England and Scotland and Cardiff in Wales. And we went to France too. In Brittany. The local people would say [about me] "Where is he gone now?"    "What has happened to him?" "He has gone mad!"' (laughs)

    J: Thank you Tomás for seeing me and for the great chat.

    Tomás: 'Not at all, thank you for visiting. They were great times. Life was wonderful then.   Thank you for the memories.'

    ☄ Fisherman's Blues Irish Gold Discs ☄

    Two authentic Gold Discs for sales of the Fisherman's Blues album in Ireland.

  16. fb_irish_gold_disc_a.jpg
  17. fb_irish_gold_disc_tme.jpg

  18. ☄ Outtake from the Photo Shoot at Spiddal House ☄

    An outtake from the album cover photo shoot at Spiddal House. Note the extra instruments in the shot.

  19. fb_pic_outtake

  20. Acetates, Vinyl Albums and Test Pressings

    ☄ Fisherman's Blues - Acetates ☄

    ☄ Fisherman's Blues - Three Track Acetate ☄

    This is a three track one- sided acetate that contains three songs: Twa' Recruiting Sergents, When Will We Be Married and Strange Boat. It is believed to be the first acetate cut and most likely it is one of a kind. Thank you Richard.

  21. wbs_fb_3_trk_acetate

  22. ☄ Fisherman's Blues Acetate - Different Track Listing ☄

    Probably the rarest of all the pieces on display here on this page, this is a full LP acetate of Fisherman's Blues with a different track listing and with all information on the sleeve and   record labels handwritten by Mike. 'THIS IS THE ALBUM' was cut on September 3 1988.

    This acetate is a true one-off and a unique artefact. Thank you Dag.

  23. dag_fb3

  24. dag_fb_1_2

  25. ☄ Fisherman's Blues Acetate - August 1988 ☄

    This full album acetate has a standard track listing and has all titles handwritten by Mike. It is dated Aug 88.

    Thank you Andy.

  26. wbs_fb_acetate_1

  27. wbs_fb_acetate_2
  28. wbs_fb_acetate_3

  29. ☄ Set of Fisherman's Blues Record Labels ☄

    A rare set of unused record labels printed in September 1988 for the 'Fisherman's Blues' vinyl album.

    These labels were left over from the manufacture of the original first pressing of the vinyl LP for CBS Records - Ireland in the Carlton Productions plant in Dublin.

  30. fishermans_blues_labels

  31. ☄ Fisherman's Blues Original Vinyls ☄

    The original album which was released in October 1988.

    This one is signed by the Fantastic Four. Thank you Enrico.

  32. fb_lp_signed

  33. ☄ Fisherman's Blues South Africa ☄

    A rare South African pressing in a unique sleeve with gold font and an off-white background.

    None of the band had ever seen a copy of this South African LP before.

  34. fb_sth_africa

  35. ☄ Fisherman's Blues Zimbabwe Pressing ☄

    A rare Zimbabwe pressing of Fisherman's Blues again with a unique sleeve. Thank you Flattop.

  36. fb_zim_cover
  37. fb_zim_2

  38. fb_zim_3
  39. fb_zim_4

  40. ☄ Fisherman's Blues Argentina Pressing

    Original Argentina issue of Fisherman's Blues. with a black and white photo on back sleeve   (with cover photo insert) and all titles on sleeve and labels in Spanish and English.

    This album (along with the Argentinian cassette listed below) is the only worldwide release by The Waterboys with primary non-English songtitles on the sleeve and record labels.

  41. arg_5

  42. arg_4
  43. arg_3

  44. ☄ Fisherman's Blues Brazil Pressing ☄

    A pressing from Brazil on the Chrysalis label.

  45. fb_brazil_side_1
  46. fb_brazil_side_2

  47. ☄ Fisherman's Blues White Label LP Test Pressing ☄

    Thank you Dag.

  48. fb_test_press_lp

  49. ☄ Fisherman's Blues Swedish Test Pressing ☄

    A rare Swedish test pressing for Fisherman's Blues. Thank you Flattop.

  50. f20

  51. ☄ German Sonopress Test Pressing ☄

  52. wbs_fb_album_german_test_press
  53. A Sonopress test pressing of the Fisherman's Blues album from Germany.

    Fisherman's Blues Memorabilia

    ☄ Fisherman's Blues Tour Laminates 1988 - 1989 ☄

    Four original band and crew Tour Laminates from 1988 and 1989.

  54. fb_lam_1
  55. fb_lam_2

    ☄ Fisherman's Blues Tour 1989 - Aftershow Passes ☄

    Thank you Paul.

  56. passes_1
  57. passes_2

    ☄ Fisherman's Blues Press Release ☄

    Press release in a gatefold cover. Thank you Harry.

  58. fb_press_release

  59. ☄ Promo Record Shop Display ☄

    A promo record shop display poster sent out to record stores in 1988. Thank you Dag.

  60. fb_display_poster1

  61. ☄ The Fisherman's Blues Promo Postcard ☄

    This promotional postcard was inserted into some copies of the gold stamped promo only LP.

  62. card_2

  63. The description on the reverse of the card is: 'The Waterboys and their friends enjoying a beautiful spring day on the front porch of Spiddal House in County Galway, Ireland'.

  64. card_1
  65. fb_promo_stamp

    ☄ Second Fisherman's Blues Promo Postcard ☄

    This is a different promo card as it has band name and album title on the front and does not     have the photo description on the reverse.

  66. pc_3

  67. ☄ Original Promo Photo and Tour Flyer ☄

    Promo photo for the album, taken in the Brazen Head Pub in Dublin and an original tour flyer.

  68. fb_promo_photo
  69. fb_flyer

    ☄ Fisherman's Blues Tour Programme ☄

    A very scarce and beautifully printed Tour programme which was made for, and only on sale at the Olympia Theatre shows in Dublin. This Tour programme is highly sought after.

  70. fb_programme.jpg

  71. ☄ Fisherman's Blues Tour Poster ☄

    A rare poster for the Fisherman's Blues tour with all of the UK dates listed. Thank you Dag.

  72. fb89.jpg

  73. ☄ Fisherman's Blues 'On Tour' Poster ☄

    An original and scarce 'On Record - On Tour' poster for the Fisherman's Blues Tour with two 1988 gig tickets, two different promo postcards and backstage pass.

  74. fb_on_tour1.jpg

  75. ☄ Nijmegen 1989 Tour Poster ☄

    An original poster for the show in Nijmegen, Holland. Thank you Harry.

  76. nijmegen_poster_1989.jpg

  77. ☄ Barrowland Ballroom - Backstage Passes 1989 ☄

    The band waved farewell to the 1980's by playing two shows in the Barrowland Ballroom Glasgow on December 30th and 31st 1989. These are two backstage passes from these gigs.

  78. barrowland_89_passes.jpg

  79. 7-Inch Singles and More

    Press Advert - Thank you Javi.

  80. fisherman_advert

  81. ☄ Standard 7-Inch Singles ☄

    Standard releases 'Fisherman's Blues' and the 'And A Bang on The Ear' singles in generic sleeves.

  82. fb_fb_7_single
  83. fb_bang_single

  84. Fisherman's Blues 7-Inch

    ☄ Irish Pressing - ENY 620 ☄

    This is an Irish pressing of the single with a unique catalogue number of ENY 620. This 7-inch single was pressed in the Carlton Productions Record Plant in Dublin, notable by the Double Dip at centre of label and the gripper teeth surrounding the label rim. Both of these identifying characteristics are exclusive to the Irish Record Plant.

  85. irish_fisherman_single_a1
  86. irish_fisherman_single_b2

  87. ☄ Fisherman's Blues - French 7-Inch Promo ☄

    Thank you Dag.

  88. dag_42

  89. ☄ Fisherman's Blues Australian 7 - Inch Promo ☄

    Australian 'Limited Edition' promo single of Fisherman's Blues in a picture sleeve.

  90. fb_aus_1
  91. fb_aus_2

  92. ☄ Fisherman's Blues Canadian 7-Inch Promo ☄

    Canadian promo 7-inch single of 'Fisherman's Blues' backed with 'Lost Highway'.

  93. canada_fb_promo_7_a
  94. canada_fb_promo_7_b

  95. ☄ Fisherman's Blues South African 7-Inch Promo ☄

    A South African promo 7-inch single of 'Fisherman's Blues' uniquely b/w 'Strange Boat' and also a mention of the once mooted but discarded album title 'The Fisherman's Blues Band'. This single did not get a commercial release in South Africa so it is an extremely rare record.

  96. fb_s_africa_7_promo_1a
  97. fb_s_africa_7_promo_2b

  98. ☄ Fisherman's Blues German 7-Inch Promo ☄

    Thank you Harry.

  99. fb_german_promo_7a
  100. fb_german_promo_7b

  101. ☄ Sweet Thing - Fisherman's Blues Jukebox Only 7-Inch ☄

    Thank you Dag.

  102. dag_33.jpg

  103. And A Bang On The Ear 7-Inch

    ☄ And A Bang On The Ear 7-Inch Acetate ☄

    Thank you Dag.

  104. dag_01

  105. ☄ And A Bang On The Ear - DJ Promo 7-inch ☄

    This is a rare UK DJ promotional single of And A Bang On The Ear with the ENY DJ 624 identifier on the labels.

  106. wbs_bang_dj_7_a
  107. wbs_bang_dj_7_b

  108. ☄ And A Bang On The Ear - South Africa Promo 7-inch ☄

    This is a very scarce South African promotional single And A Bang On The Ear with the PROMO 7 identifier on the label rim. Uniquely this single is backed with Has Anybody Here Seen Hank? This single never got a commercial release in South Africa so it is an incredibly rare item.

  109. wbs_bang_south_africa_7_promo_a
  110. wbs_bang_south_africa_7_promo_b

  111. Tomás MacEoin: Down By The Sally Gardens / Blean Na Bó

    This version of the very hard-to-find double A-side single of Down By The Sally Gardens b/w Blean Na Bó (Hey Rock N Roll) is notable for the misspelling of . The number that were pressed with this error is not known.

    Released in 1989, it features all of the (then) Waterboys: Mike, Anto, Steve, Trevor, Noel Bridgeman, Colin Blakey and John Dunford. Liam O'Maonlái also appears on backing vocals. This single was also produced by Mike. If you happen to come across one of these, do not hesitate.

  112. tomas_cover
  113. tomas_reverse

  114. tomas_side_1
  115. tomas_side_2

  116. ☄ Tomás MacEoin Single with Correct Spelling ☄

    This is the Tomás single with the correct spelling on a slightly different label. The number of this corrected version that were pressed is not known. Both versions of the single were pressed in the Carlton Productions Record Plant in Dublin, notable by the Double Dip at centre of label and the gripper teeth surrounding the label rim. Both of these identifying characteristics are unique to the Irish Record Plant.

  117. tomas_side_a
  118. tomas_side_aa

  119. ☄ Hot Press Covers 1986 - 1989 ☄

    Irish music magazine Hot Press covers from 1986 and 1989 with extensive interviews and concert reviews within.

  120. hot_press_86
  121. hot_press_89

    12-Inch Singles and More

    ☄ 12-Inch Singles with Different Sleeves ☄

    Fisherman's Blues with two different sleeves.

  122. fb_12
  123. fb_12_inch

  124. ☄ Fisherman's Blues - Spanish 12-Inch ☄

    Signed by the Fantastic Four. Thank you Javi.

  125. fb_spanish_12

  126. ☄ Promo 12-Inch Singles ☄

    12-inch promo singles of a Canadian 'Fisherman's Blues' and a UK 'And A Bang on The Ear'.

  127. fb_12_promo
  128. bang_12_promo1

  129. ☄ Australian Promo 12-Inch Single ☄

    Australian 12-inch promo single of 'Fisherman's Blues'. Thank you Harry.

  130. aus_promo_12_a
  131. aus_promo_12_b

  132. ☄ Fisherman's Blues 12-Inch Acetate ☄

    A 12-inch Fisherman's Blues Acetate backed with Lost Highway (photo insert) and signed by Mike, Steve and Anto. Thank you Dag.

  133. fb_12_inch_acetate

  134. ☄ Another Outtake from Spiddal House Photo Shoot ☄

    Another outtake from the album cover photo shoot at Spiddal House.

  135. fb_pic_outtake_1a

  136. CD Albums and More

    ☄ 'Fisherman's Blues' 1988 ☄

    A scarce original 1988 issue of Fisherman's Blues with lyric booklet and OBI strips included. Thank you Takako.

  137. japan_fisherman_orig_1
  138. japan_fisherman_orig_2

  139. ☄ 'Fisherman's Blues 1988' - Sample Promo ☄

    A scarce original sample promo CD of Fisherman's Blues with Promo tag, Lyric booklet, OBI and Sample Not For Sale printed on disc.

  140. fb_sample_promo
  141. fb_sample_promo_2

  142. ☄ 'Fisherman's Blues' 1999 ☄

    A 1999 reissue of Fisherman's Blues with lyric booklet and OBI strips included.
    Thank you Takako.

  143. japan_fisherman_1999_1
  144. japan_fisherman_1999_2

  145. CD Singles and More

    Two CD singles were released from Fisherman's Blues, the title track and And A Bang On The Ear. Both of these contain exclusive B-sides.

    The Fisherman's Blues single was released as a two-track and a three-track and each with unique artwork.

  146. fb_cd_singles1

  147. Press Advert with Colin Blakey - Thank you Javi.

  148. bang_advert

  149. The And A Bang On The Ear single is backed with a live Raggle Taggle Gypsy and this was released as both a 5-inch and a 3-inch CD.

  150. bang_cd_singles

  151. ☄ And A Bang on The Ear 3-Track Promo CD ☄

  152. bang_promo_disc

  153. ☄ And A Bang on The Ear UK and US Promo CDs ☄

    The And A Bang On The Ear promo one-track UK CD and a US promo with tour dates sticker. Thank you Harry.

  154. bang_uk_promo_1_trk
  155. bang_us_promo

    Cassette Albums

    ☄ Promo Album Cassette ☄

    A promotional cassette of the Fisherman's Blues album in a text only sleeve. Thank you Andy.

  156. fb_promo_album_cassette

  157. fb_album_tape_promo_sleeve

  158. ☄ Promo 'Soap Dish' Cassette ☄

    A promo cassette of the Fisherman's Blues album from the Netherlands in a soap dish style case.

  159. wbs_f.blues_soapdish_promo_tape

  160. ☄ Standard Album Cassette ☄

  161. fb_album_cass

  162. Argentina Cassette

    This Argentinian Fisherman's Blues album cassette (and the Argentinian LP record listed above) is the only worldwide release by The Waterboys with primary non-English song titles on sleeve and cassette.

  163. wbs_arg_fb_tape_1

  164. wbs_arg_fb_tape_2

  165. ☄ Australia Cassette ☄

    The Australian cassette has an all over green sleeve and black text.

  166. wbs_fb_oz_tape

  167. ☄ Greece Cassette ☄

    The Greek cassette has it's own stylish artwork with a paper seal. This is a still sealed copy.

  168. wbs_fb_greek_tape

  169. ☄ Portugal Cassette ☄

    The Portuguese cassette has a very distinctive and unique grey sleeve.

  170. wbs_fb_port_tape

  171. ☄ South African Cassette ☄

    The cassette from South Africa has the same striking album art as the vinyl.

    And uniquely it has 'Fisherman's Blues Band' as the album name on the cassette. This was once mooted as the actual album title.

  172. wbs_fb_sth_africa_tape

  173. ☄ United Arab Emirates - Thomsun Original ☄

    A cassette manufactured in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with superb sound. These Thomsun tapes are highly sought after.

  174. fisherman_thomsun_tape

  175. Cassette Singles

    A three track promo cassette of the 7-inch and 12-inch single. Thank you Andy.

  176. fb_3_trk_12_tape_promo

  177. Standard release cassette singles with same songs as vinyl and CD single releases.

  178. fb_cass_single
  179. bang_cass

    ☄ Australia - Cassette Single ☄

    A very hard to find Australian cassette single of Fisherman's Blues released through Festival Records in distinctive yellow colouring.

  180. aus_fb_cassette_single

  181. aus_fb_cassette_single_sleeve

  182. ☄ Promo Photo from The Brazen Head Pub Dublin ☄

    Another promotional photo taken in The Brazen Head Pub off Usher's Quay, Dublin.

  183. fb_promo_photo2

  184. ☄ The Fisherman's Blues Songbook ☄

    Original songbook released in 1989 containing music and lyrics from the album.

  185. fb_songbook1
  186. fb_songbook2

    ☄ 'And A Bang On The Ear' Sheet Music ☄

    Rare Sheet Music for 'And A Bang On The Ear', housed in a triple gatefold printed wallet, and Quarto (slightly larger than A4) sized.

  187. ear_sheet_music.jpg

  188. ☄ Fisherman's Blues Scarf (Unofficial) ☄

    This unofficial but colourful scarf was on sale outside of the Irish shows in 1988 and 1989. Scarves like these were not made to be worn but to be waved aloft. It is added here as a    novelty piece.

  189. fb_scarf.jpg

  190. Fisherman's Blues: Legacy Releases

    ☄ Too Close To Heaven ☄

    The 'Too Close To Heaven' album containing outtakes from the 'Fisherman's Blues' sessions     was released in 2001.

    Shown below are the album sleeve and a promo only CD single for 'A Home in the Meadow'.

  191. too_close

  192. ☄ Too Close To Heaven/Higher In Time Promo CDs ☄

    Promo CD of 'Too Close To Heaven'. Thank you Harry.

    And a one-track promo of 'Higher in Time' both in paper sleeves.

  193. too_close_promo_cd_cover
  194. higher

    ☄ Fisherman's Blues Part 2 ☄

    In the USA the 'Too Close To Heaven' album was released as 'Fisherman's Blues Part 2'.

    And it also contains the same outtakes from the 'Fisherman's Blues' sessions, but it also contains an extra bonus disc of five songs not on the conventional release.

    Among these extra songs is a live version of 'Too Close To Heaven' from the Paradiso, Amsterdam in 2001.

  195. fb_part_2

  196. ☄ Fisherman's Blues Part 2 Advance Promo CD ☄

  197. fb_part_2_promo

  198. ☄ Fisherman's Blues: Collectors Edition 2006 ☄

    The 2 CD Collectors Edition of Fisherman's Blues was released in 2006. Disc 2 contains a fabulous selection of more outtakes from the sessions.

  199. fb_col_1
  200. fb_col_2

    ☄ Fisherman's Blues: 2 CD Promo ☄

    A double CD promo of the 2006 Collector's Edition. Thank you Stefano.

  201. wbs_f.blues_2cd_promo_2006

  202. ☄ Strange Boat Charity Single 2008 ☄

    This 2-track CD was released in 2008 with all profits going to the Strange Boat Donation Foundation which was set up by Martina and Denis Goggin following a family bereavement.

    You can read more about the Strange Boat Foundation Here.

  203. strange_boat_cd

  204. ☄ Saints and Angels Single 2009 ☄

    This 2-track CD featuring Sharon Shannon with Mike, Anto and Steve was released in 2009. It features an edit and a remix of Saints and Angels and it was also produced by Mike Scott.

  205. saints_cd

  206. ☄ Mastertapes: BBC Radio CD ☄

    Broadcast CD, and cue sheet, of Mike & Steve from Maida Vale BBC Studios - June 3rd 2013.

  207. fbr_2013_mastertapes

  208. ☄ Fisherman's Blues Revisited Tour Laminate and Flyer ☄

    The Fisherman's Blues Revisted tour in 2013, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the original album release saw the return of Anto and Trevor to the fold and it was a triumph!

    An original band and crew FBR Tour Laminate and a FBR 2013 tour flyer.

  209. fb_lam_13
  210. fb_flyer_2013

    ☄ Fisherman's Blues: The Fisherman's Box 2013 ☄

    2013 saw the release of the holy grail of songs from the Fisherman's Blues sessions. An incredible 121 songs culled from the recording sessions between 1986 and 1988. This box set was released as a luxury vinyl/CD box set and as a CD box. Mike considers this wonderful collection to be the actual album.

    Vinyl/CD Box with the CD booklet signed by the Fantastic Four shown here.

  211. fb_box
  212. fb_box2

    ☄ The Fisherman's Box - 8 Disc Promo 2013 ☄

    A scarce eight disc promo of the Fisherman's Box. It includes all six discs from the standard release plus the Fisherman's Roots CD and also a five track Sampler disc. Each CD comes in a wraparound sleeve in a plastic wallet with 'FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE' printed on the reverse of every sleeve and also printed on each disc. There is no outer box or booklet with this set.

  213. wbs_fishermans_box_8_disc_promo_1

  214. wbs_fishermans_box_8_disc_promo_2

  215. wbs_fishermans_box_8_disc_promo_3

  216. The 5-track promo sampler 'Fisherman's Box' CD which can be picked up as a stand alone disc.

  217. fb_box_sampler